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VW Touareg SUV



  • People at antoher web site have reported this problem. They say the following:

    Post subject: water leak under mats / wet carpets

    Has anyone checked for wet carpets under mats? I have a big problem and need help.

    I heard someone say that they had a problem with water in the cargo area under that mat? Where is your water at?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    went to the Touareg, and just got my issue in the mail yesterday. I had mentioned this a few weeks back.

    These guys are hard-core off-roaders, so for me, this award makes the Touareg a "legit" off-roader.

  • This may well be related, but I read a car review and the reviewer noted a rushing air sound when on the highway comming from the driver's front door. He also noted that is strange to him since teh T-reg is supposed to ford wather deep enough to cover part of the door.

    I guess one way to test where the water is comming from is to ford some water at the maximum depth and see where the water is comming in.
  • Turning in my 4Runner (lease is up) and deciding between the Lexus GX470 and the T-reg. Have test driven both and enjoy both, though very different. Concerned about cargo space and general VW reliability in T-reg and rear barn-door and clunking knock in GX. Both dealers have a good rep. Will be driving in Buffalo snow in the winter and carting lots of sails around in the summer. Any thoughts?
  • a 100% reliable vehicle I would pass on the T-reg for at least a year (maybe longer). There just seem to be too many electrical issues reported on various boards that have left people stranded with dead batteries. I think it is a great car and along with its near sister, the Cayenne is on my short list for(a year or so) later purchase. That said, there are also many, many people out there who report no problems at all and love their T-regs, so I guess it is the luck of the draw. The service experience at most VW stores also needs upgrading IMHO before it approaches Lexus, or even Buick! FYI in today's paper a V6 T-reg was offered at $31,xxx at two dealers in the San Jose area so a bargain can be had. Good luck with your decision, and have a happy new year!
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    Any experience with a Touarey in snow?
  • what a "Cardan Shaft" is, what it does, and where it is located?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,978
    Google says it's a shaft with universal joints at each end. Apparently Cardan was the guy who came up with the universal joint concept.

    Steve, Host
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    A dealer has 13 new T-regs available for invoice. A good deal?
  • I guess any car could have several of those depending on how many things need turning by shaft with U-Joints on each end. I read on another board that some Cayenne owners had experienced problems that were resolved by replacing the cardan shaft and I was curious to learn what it was. Thanks again. Happy New Year!
  • okg0okg0 Posts: 7
    Carnaught- I'm in the market for a new Toureg, and a deaker who has 13 of these on sale at invoice is of interest to me.
  • The carpet only gets wet on the driver side near the door sil. I'll be taking the car in tomorrow so we'll see what the remedy is.
  • rme78rme78 Posts: 3
    Starting to look at the touareg and I have 2 questions...

    1. Is the V6 really as sluggish as it has been reviewed to be?

    2. For those who own both the V6 and V8 how do they rate their gas mileage? I've read reviews on how horrible this suv is but I believe most other suv's are close to the same mileage but it seems to be something that they can find wrong with this vehicle.

    Any CONSTRUCTIVE responses appreciated
  • You'll need to be constructive with the VW Toenail. Ever heard of MacGyver? Are you good with duct tape and an Ohm meter?
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    I have seen some Touareg's on VW lots with the inside of the windshield showing condensation on it, sometimes a side window would look that way as well. The outside wasn't wet however. The majority haven't looked this way but has anyone experienced this? One dealer a few months ago said he could tell me what to do with the climate control system to avoid that. I never went to that dealer as it was quite some distance away. So, I never got the answer to this problem. If this has happened to anyone please let me know what the remedy is. Thx.
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    Hi All-

    I am currently comparison shopping for my next vehicle, it will be either a Touareg or a Volvo XC90. I have stopped in one VW dealer in St Peters (neighbor city to St Louis) and was less than impressed with the salesman and the dealership in general.

    I am hoping that someone out there can point me to a decent dealership in the St Louis area? A bit of a drive is not a problem for me either, if you know of one in Missouri but not close to St Louis.

  • ok everyone..I have read the posts here for weeks on end...finally took the plunge and headed to a couple of vw dealers to settle on a price. test driven both the 6 and the 8-really loved the 8 and started the deal rolling. wanting to lease the 8-best offer that I have received is 577.00 per month lease. 04 blue silver-v8 with conv package and bi xen lights. Trading in a 02 nissan maxima-giving me 800 under what the loan payoff is. i realize that everyone's payment is decided upon their credit beacon...but I need some input with the monthly amount. I'm sure after I go back in the morning to sit with the finace person the payment may reach the high 5s (taxes and what not)

    really loved the suv-no problem with the payment-I'm just tired of feeling like i get a raw deal on my cars. I know I could get a better deal on the max if I privately sold...but not enough time due to the increase of 2000 next week.

    any thoughts? comments? ideas?

  • There won't be a price increase on anything he currently has on his lot, or that comes into the port before Jan 4th, If he says diferent, ask to see the original invoice; if he won't let you see it - take a walk!
  • brundogbrundog Posts: 13
    Sorry wanttour, but you need to provide more specifics.

    Your lease payment can be anything you want it to, from $1 to $1000 per month. It depends on other factors, such as how much $$ are you paying at inception (including cap cost reduction), how many months, how many miles per year (determines residual value), what is the money factor (APR), what is the exact MSRP, are you incuding sales tax, etc. In fact, your FICO score plays only a small role in the payment amount, as most of the lease cost is depreciation costs (these days).

    Keep in mind there is only ONE variable when buying a car - whether you are financing it or leasing it - and that is the dealer margin. Don't let the dealer play number games with you - the lease contract will say it all ultimately. Anyway, you give me the above, and I will tell you what kind of deal that is.

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