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VW Touareg SUV



  • st4s03st4s03 Posts: 9
    All very interesting. 220 HP and torque is not under powered for a 5000 lb vehicle. I had a 94 Suburban for 6 years and would load it down with family and gear and tow a boat and have no problems going up the hills and passing on two lane highways and driving around town. Power was fine. Stopping that car was an adventure. It was a V8 engine, 200 HP 215 Fft/lb torque weighed 5600 lb empty and was 20 feet long. I think the V6 touareg will be great ( I sold the boat )
  • What do people think about buying a demo V8. Sold as new but already has 5k on the clock. Pricing is good.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Well, let's see, how do you think it was driven from the very first mile?

    What's VW's normal break in schedule look like?

    Some people are convinced that it doesn't matter how hard you drive a vehicle, that it just doesn't matter to the mechanical longevity of the machine (or it's parts).

    If your one of those, go for it!

    Lot's of other people believe that how a vehicle is driven for it's first 500-1000 miles is critical in determining just how long it will last and how much it will cost to keep it on the road.

    I'm one of these.

    Personally, I wouldn't even think about buying it unless I was certain that I'd be rid of it within the power train warranty so that anything that goes wrong is on the manufacturer's dime.

    I remember getting a test drive in a brand new Passat W8 with 26 miles on the odometer and having the salesman encourage me to bury the gas pedal and run it up to the red line just to experience the acceleration (in a $40k Passat).

    could you forward it to me as well

    Happy V6 owner
  • serranoserrano Posts: 107
    I guarantee that the V8 in your Suburban had more than 215 lb ft of torque. Probably closer to 315.

  • uga2uga2 Posts: 2
    Ready to purchase V-8, but dealer mentioned the V-10 TDI was on the way. I have seen other sites mention the V-10 will never make it to the states due to tough emissions standards. What is the "real" story behind this amazing engine?
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Some dealers already know what is coming to them already in the pipeline. I think they even have VIN numbers.
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    i dont know much about that new v10 tdi, but for sure the emissions standards reason is bogus. Todays rail tdi's are more efficient that Natural Gas! That is not a typo... The only question is how much sulfer is in the fuel to begin with. I hear it is more in the states than in europe. BTW the improved milage alone should cut down on emissions alone
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Happy to, but I need a FAX #....
  • The danger of reading and reading and reading is that you can't quickly cite your source when you want to pass along some information -- so, I can't tell you where I read this and a quick search hasn't helped:

    European Diesels will be coming to the US from several manufacturers -- we have not seen some of the recent generation TDI's here on this side of the Atlantic due to a fuel purity issue; and, the "fix" is in the pipeline (so to speak -- I crack myself up!)

    These new TDI's are torque rich, more efficient than their gasoline counterparts and are difficult to differentiate from gasoline powered engines either inside or outside the vehicles (assuming you don't see the TDI badges). These cars start "normally" in cold weather and are often engineered to provide great acceleration in the stop light dragstrips we call urban driving.

    While sometimes -- ok more than sometimes -- being rated with lower horsepower, the stump pulling torque from low RPM's is often seen as a reasonable trade since most people claim to buy horsepower but really love torque (that comes on early).

    The VW/Audi group produced several YEARS ago a 2.5LTDI rated at 180HP (big deal you say, when the 1.8T does the same thing, so what?)

    The difference was the 180HP engine has so much low end torque that it "feels" stronger even than the 3.0 gasoline V6.

    No wonder many of us -- and I have had the pleasure of driving an A4 2.5TDI with 6spd stick and sport package -- have been keenly interested in these engines. The fact that they achieve higher MPG's and the fuel, thus far, is generally less money than unleaded premium per gallon is just sweetening the deal.

    Now, there was a time when reliability, repairability and fuel availability were problematic. Apparently these attributes are history.

    There does appear, however, to be one hurdle remaining -- the cost: a Touareg with a V10 diesel will be significantly more $$ as people will, practically speaking, configure them.

    I have seen reports that show these vehicles will blow through the $50,000 price range and keep right on going until the first number begins with a "6."

    Perhaps VWguild can enlighten us with respect to the US MSRP.

    Price independent -- which is often used, in the motoring press, to evaluate cars -- it has been written that most people will choose the Touareg WITH the diesel.

    Of course, the reality of the MSRP will dampen that enthusiasm, I suspect, just as the V8's price point has helped sell many V6 Touaregs.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    MSRP: $57,800.00
    Dest.: $615.00

    This price includes 4 Corner Air Suspension, Bi-Xenons, and "OnStar" as Standard Equipment
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    What are people putting in theirs 6 cyl, premium or regular?
  • I use Premium in my V6
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    My VW dealer invited me to go on the V10 waiting list a couple weeks ago - she quoted the exact price and standard equipment as vwguide. She said the VW Rep told her that the V10 could be here as early as February, but she doubted that, she thinks April or May.

    At that point in time there wasn't anyone on the waiting list at my VW dealer.

    I have an 03 Jetta TDI wagon that is an amazing car. It's turned me into a diesel fan. I have an X5 that's about to go off lease - the Touareg is a possible replacement. I think I'll pass on the V10, I understand a V6 diesel Touareg may be coming over to the U.S. in a year or so. If I had something to tow I might be interested in the V10. I'm leaning toward buying my X5 at the end of the lease.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    How many gas stations here offer diesel? 70% of them?

    BTW, any news on the w12?
  • I think about 50% of the fueling stations in greater Cincinnati offer diesel. Yet, even though I don't have one, it is pretty easy to find stations that do offer it.

    On the interstates, it is very easy to find diesel.

    Like anything else, when the number of diesel engined cars grows, so will the places to buy the fuel.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    With a 26 gallon fuel tank and 22 to 24 mpg, you shouldn't need to refuel that often anyway. That would be every two weeks for the average 15k miles/year. Don't you think you could find diesel at least once every other week?
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    these vehicles will blow through the $50,000 price range...

    Well that is because it is a V10!!!! Rediculous imo. It the bring the 5 cylinder TDI to the us it will not be above $40k.

    I would buy a 4 cylinder TDI in a second from almost any suv producer in a heart beat.
  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    wish you had that post#1729 several weeks ago. Basically, you confirm (using the diesel engine issue) what the trend is in Europe for the past 6-10 Months; The sales (and production and waiting lists at VW dealers) of the V-6 petrol engine have dropped considerably as the European consumer is shifting more and more to the ather T-Reg versions(V-8, 2.5tdi and even the very costly v-10).
    Since the price of a v-8 in the u.s.a. is the same as the price of a v-6 in Europe i really dont see why ANY u. s. consumer who is shopping for a T-Reg that can MOVE would buy the v-6 petrol.
  • Hello people at VW, I was wondering how much would be lease for V8 and Premium plus package for 36 months and 12K milres pre year. Also I read in the magazine, that TR is more handycaped during high or low speeds.
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