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VW Touareg SUV



  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    If you are tall, forget about folding the rear seats flat. The front seats have to no more than about 1/2 way from full front position. I am 6'3" and need to have the front seat at about 3/4 of the travel from the front. I suggest you try this at the dealership before you buy. It was not a deal breaker for me, but would be if I cared to put long, bulky objects into the car. I could put an entire quenn bed mattress in my old Trooper. No way, no how in the Touareg. When we go camping, we keep the rear seat up and put stuff on the seat and on the floor. Mountain bikes go on top, no exceptions (IMHO).


    Otherwise, the room and utility is about like a Jeep GC.


    As far as dealers, I've noticed a big turn-around in customer service at my dealership in the past year of Touareg ownership. Find a dealer that handles the Phaeton too. I think they are kept to a little higher standard by VWofA. I always have a loaner (at least a Passat, once a Phaeton), they always wash the car and they always have it done when they say they will. Yes, there have been some glitches in service quality and even replacement parts, but they've done all they could reasonably do to make up for VWofA not having something in stock.


    The dealers know very well about all of the problems with Touaregs. They just wont easily share that information with you. I'm sure there's some policy of never admitting anything. Try to be friendly with your service advisor, keep the same one so he/she knows you, be knowledgable and interested in your car. Maybe drop some basketball or show tickets on him/her to gain a little recognition/respect. I think most people that buy these cars are at least casual car/driving enthusiasts. As a BMW owner, you know what I mean. If they understand business at all, they'll do what it takes to keep you in the fold and buying from them for life. All of the problems I've had with my 2004 are stuff that were easily taken care of with recalls and updates issued by VW. I see no reason why a 2005 shouldnt be about perfect. I'm actually thinking of trading for a V8 Touareg to better tow a possible new boat.


    You'll probably get a feel for the kind of dealer you are working with when you shop for the car. I'm starting to see alot more on the road around Denver. The dealer stock has changed from a lot of lightly optioned V6 cars a year ago to fewer cars with way more options. There seem to be more V8 and V10 cars than V6's. It was opposite last year. The option packages have been carefully chosen to get you to spend more money to get the cool stuff like air suspension and xenons.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply. The fact that you are considering a 2nd Touareg says a,lot. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond.

    I have An "A" Plan pin # from Ford, spouse's brother works for Ford, which gets us an LR3 at dealer invoice, great deal, but the problems on the same web page at Edmunds are very scary especially for a vechile that just went on sale in the US market in late Nov 04, stalling out, suspension issues, people already selling their 2 month trucks, trying to exercise "lemon laws", etc.

    So I figured the problems associated with the 2003/2004 Touareg had hopeffuly been all resolved, and it sounds like form you they have.

    I'm in LA, so don't know if any dealers are offering any type deals, as you are seeing a lot more Touareg's on the road now in LA.

    Good luck on your 2nd. purchase.


  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    My past luck with Fords has not been good. I don't think I would buy one. Talk about crappy parts, recurring problems and dealers that don't care. The A plan is only a good deal on Ford cars that you have to pull nose hairs to get at invoice. My reading on the Land Rover (Car and Driver, Autoweek) implies it is a pretty good SUV, but I'm not surprised Ford missed a few things. Land Rover wouldn't have to go very far to improve on the old one, which is an ergonomic nightmare, in my opinion. You'll almost never find repair problems discussed in the car magazines, particularly the big ones, except maybe Autoweek. They have to be cheerleaders to keep the advertising bucks rolling in, regardless of what they claim. The items that VW missed are really no big deal and have been taken care of, as far as I know. As you may recall, BMW had a few problems with early production X5's, which were diligently fixed without a lot of fanfare.
  • Just saw a real nice 05 with V8, White, Teak interior, P83 package with DVD Nav, List price of $53K. I really need to be about $48K less my trade for the numbers to work for me vs a Lexus GX (which is where I was headed).

    The dealership is pretty small (Reydel in Edison, NJ), but has quite positive feedback on

    Think I got a shot..??? or should I begin putting it out to bid..??
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    "A specially prepared edition of the Touareg finished a respectable sixth in the 2004 rally from Paris to Dakar, a grueling race that runs nearly 7,000 miles from France to Senegal. So there's no question this baby can go off road."

    CBS Marketwatch

    Steve, Host
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    Has anyone added a disc changer? I went with the base and that's the only thing I can complain about not having. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    You may want to check out Aftermarket Audio Systems & OEM Upgrades while waiting for responses in here.

    Steve, Host
  • ekrobekrob Posts: 4
    I'm considering an '05 Touareg and will often be towing a 5-6000 lb. trailer. Does anyone have an opinion of the v6 v. v8 for this task?
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I think the V6 might be lacking a bit on ramp acceleration and hills. I have a 05 V8 and pull a 4200# trailer with no problem.I have the air suspension which keeps everything level.
    I picked up my Touareg in mid Nov. and have not had a single problem. The only time I had service work done was the 5K oil change. I have 7500 miles on it now.I,m using Mobil 1 5W-40. Have not used a drop of oil.
  • Had an issue with the tranny in my Touareg today and I am researching for any inherent problems before taking it in. Any information would be much appreciated.

  • Does anyone have any information regarding any inherent issues with the tranny in the '04 Touareg? I experienced a very strange thud today and would really appreciate any news anyone can share.
  • don2004tdon2004t Posts: 1
    Just an FYI, I have a 2004 and it has had 9 recalls so far. I have a slowness in pick up that almost got me broadsided a couple of times. the tire indicator is still going off and the dealer says it is a major problem for them. Since I am real picky about the way the car handles I now let my wife drive. She loves it. She damaged an outside mirror and the dealer said it is a $1000,00 to replace it. Sounds like a whole door to me. Not all problems are corrected as yet, but it is a pleasure to drive. Big drawback is the need for premium gas. Opening up the rear door is not convenient however. Good luck if you buy one.
  • mopagreemopagree Posts: 9
    Thanks for your response, the 9 recalls have they been major or minor in nature, and the other outstanding repair issues , again the same question. I saw the truck in Naples Italy March 2003 and fell in love with it, then when the suv became available in US and then I saw all the postings on this web about all the problems and decided to wait until 2005 models came out and hopefully problems were all identified and corrected and VW dealers became aware of problems and how to correct as well as became more aware that VW now had a group of buyers spending $40-$50 k for a suv, and some increase in customer service, more than what was usual should be given to these buyers.
    For the same reasons on more serious problems I have backed away from the 2005 LR3 and still would like a T-reg if I can be convinced the current buyers are satisified and the previous 2004 owners problems have bee corrected. Why do we as buyers spending $40+ have to deal with problems that should of been detected in tests runs and corrected or at least been corrected in the first 6 months of production. Yes, I am frustrated on the whole buying experience.
    Thanks again for your response and to anyone else who relies.
  • One caution about european trannies that I got from my VW/Audi specialist private mechanic:
    Always come to a full stop before shifting from Drive to Reverse or vice-versa.
    He said most blown VW automatics that he encountered were from the person backing out and putting into drive while still moving backwards.
    American transmissions are designed to handle this, but if you asked a mechanic in Germany about this, he says they'll likely give you a puzzled look and ask: "Why would anyone with half a brain put the car in forward while its going backward?"

    Not sure if this is related to your "thud" but its something to be aware of. (and I don't know if this applies to the new vehicles, or only up through '90s)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    I've read this caution in the Caravan discussions, so I don't think domestic transmissions are designed to handle this either. There's probably something buried in every owner's manual about how to shift an automatic.

    But it's a common practice and I've been guilty of it myself from time to time.

    Steve, Host
  • wingalewingale Posts: 1
    After exhaustive research I have (finally)decided to purchase an '05 T-reg V6. My question is does anyone know why the base price of this vehicle in Canada is CAD $55,010 while it is US $37,140 in the States. This represents approx 48% more while the exchange rate is about half that.

    I wonder if I should consider driving to Buffalo NY and making my purchase there.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    You should search the Acura MDX forum. That subject was covered extensively. Overall...there did not seem to be any benefit to purchasing out of country. Warranty coverage problems, emissions conversions, speedometer, taxes, etc.
  • That price spread is a mystery. A few years back, when the V8-Passats came out (I mean W8), the ones in Bellingham WA were priced at $66k CDN after exchange while you could buy the same car in Canada for $54k.

    In fact, a local Audi dealer was selling over 1/2 their cars to Americans because of the price difference at the time!

    I suspect that VW sets their pricing well in advance, so back when the CDN dollar was falling relative to US the CDN price was better, but now that it has risen so much the US price is better.

    And check the warantee ... I'd be very surprised if VW in Canada didn't honour the warantee of a car purchased out of the country. (unlike Honda).
    VW of Canada is just a branch office of VW of America anyway....

    But for $10k I'd import the car. Just be sure you don't pay state taxes in NY. Since you are from out-of-state you are tax exempt on the purchase, but you'll have to pay full GST and Ontario PST when you bring it across the border.
  • ekrobekrob Posts: 4
    I'm considering a Touareg and will be occasionally towing a 6000 lb. trailer. Does anyone have an opinion of the v6 versus the v8 for this task?
  • kjw23kjw23 Posts: 2
    I just got off the phone with the service center and they are trying to charge me $180 oil/filter change, saying I need 8-9 qts of synthetic oil. This was suppose to be the first 5,000 mile tune up. Is this a rip off or what?? I have had nothing but problems with my 2004 Toureg. It's a lease vehicle and if I could return it, I would in a heartbeat....
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