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VW Touareg SUV



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Today's Car and Driver said the new engine V 6 for the 06 T Reg is supposed to have 276 hp and be 3.6 liters. The VW site is still listing 240.
  • How would you compare the V-6 to the V-8? Is there that much of a difference in the drive?
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I just dropped off my 2004 V6 Touareg for an oil change and the exhaust failure light this morning. The dealer had many 06's on the lot. No big motor (yet) in the V6. The only change I could see with the 06's was no roof rack, which I think is a good call. The rails are there, so you can fit the Thule stuff on it. Trailer hitch is now only $500. No new colors that I could see. Base price remains about the same.

    While I don't dispute Car and Driver, I'm guessing the 3.6 is a mid-year running change that will add some $ to the cost.

    To answer fmende, they are night and day. It depends on whether you can afford the approximately $5000 more to buy the car and ?% more for gas, which aint cheap to start with. The V6 is adequate, the V8 is more better. It sounds like the coming 3.6 might be the ticket.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    It all depends on the deal you can get on a closeout 05 V8. Getting $8,000 -9,000 off MSRP can be a better deal than paying closer to MSRP w/ no rebates on the 2006 V6 model.

    With gas prices nearing 4 bucks a gallon, I have no doubt that incentives are on the way for 2006 models.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I thought about that as I was walking the dealer's lot. They must have had about 30 Touaregs. Only about 8 were V6. They even had several new 2004 TDI's. If the incentive for a V8 is $5k more than a V6, I would certainly take the V8 and suffer on the gas. At the time I bought, the best deal was invoice for either car and, since I drive 25000 miles a year, feeding a V8 did not meet my financial objectives. At the time, I was hearing 12-13 mpg averages for V8's. That's kind of thirsty on premium gas.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,983
    Today's Wall Street Journal print edition said VW sales were down 19% in the US this year. There's a new US manager tasked with turning sales around (and getting more truck and SUV product to North America). In the meantime, it sounds like it's a buyer's market for a VW.

    Steve, Host
  • The website is still listing the 2005 specs for the V6. The 2006 model has the 276HP and is 3.6 compared to 2005's 3.2. Same motor block, just with a wider cylinder bore.
  • I drove both and took the V8. It all comes down to driving style. If you aren't an aggressive driver, then stay with the smaller motor and better mileage. If you like the feeling of hitting the accelerator on a highway on ramp, or on a pass, and go 40 to 80 in a heartbeat, then the V8 will make you very happy.

    The V8 is actually an Audi motor, and is rated by Wards Automotive as one of their top 10 engines.

    I look forward to driving to and from work again.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    If you go down to your local friendly VW dealer, you will find the V6's are indeed 3.2 liter, 240hp for 2006. You can expect the 3.6 to show up later for more money.
  • After reading all the posts I must be nuts to consider buying one of these ,,but..
    I wonder fi anyone out there has a driven the 2006 model enough to know if the problems encountered in the 2004/2005 models still exist? Some automakers actually "fix" problems when a new model year rolls around..
    I was going to just purchase the Lexus,but it wont fit in my garage. I am going to purchase an SUV,probablyly 6 cylinder.
    Thanks for any advice
  • Hey All,

    I am hoping to get people's experiences with T-Regs (V6) and Gas Mileage on Highways. It would ultimately be a commuter car for me and I am on a budget. I spend 95% of my time on the highway.

    Car anyone help me with real expectations for highways mileage.

  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    If you search this discussion, you'll find some mpg info. For 30,000 miles, I've averaged 17.9 mpg with a 2004 V6 Touareg in mixed suburban and highway driving. There is no better vehicle to burn highway miles than a Touareg. This is NOT a budget car, however. It uses tires like crazy. Oil changes are $100 each, and scheduled service visits are not cheap either. Depreciation is steep. Overall cost of ownership is in line with other luxury makes, though. I love the car.
  • Can't you go to jiffy lube? It's time for us to change the oil soon and I want to avoid the dealer at all costs.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I'd go to a dealer. Sometimes these cats at Jiffy Lube look like they're barely out of high school, and they can't have the tools and knowledge to look at other problems. Not to say that JL doesn't have a certain amount of value and do a good job most of the time. But why spend 45-55 grand a car, and be cheap about oil changes?

    The T Reg have a large oil capacity, and the filters may be rather expensive.

    I'd switch to synthetic and go 5 - 7,500 between oil changes. Buy a few cases of Mobil 1 and bring it to the dealer if you want to save a few bucks.
  • '"But why spend 45-55 grand a car, and be cheap about oil changes? "

    What kind of oil is in the crankcase when it's delivered? I will only own this thing for 36k miles. I don't plan to invest in Ferdinand's vacation home if I can help it.

    The filter alone may have me at the VW dealer as I doubt our one and only mechanic would have them on hand. I actually would never go to jiffy lube but wanted the spin on why I should HAVE to go to the dealer. Having someone yoru trust can save you headaches and money; for that we are fortunate to have one of the best.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    You can go to jiffy lube. I've had iffy luck with such places. They are likely to be a little cheaper than the dealer. When you look at the dealer charging $100, take the following into consideration:
    The car comes with and requires synthetic oil at say $6 a quart. You need 6.
    The filter cartridge at the dealer is $20 and the drain bolt with the washer they want you to replace is $3, I think. You have to remove about 8 or 10 screws to get the skid? plate off, and you need one big [non-permissible content removed] socket (I think it's a 34 or 38mm or something) to get the filter off. 1/2 hour of shop labor is about $50 or more, and it adds up. I did the first one on my Touareg. I may do more, but at middle age I don't necessarily like being on the garage floor like I used to. I'll admit to laziness. It's been to the dealer for the last 5 changes. It is definitely interesting to look underneath. It's a pretty stout machine.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,983
    "After much deliberation, Volkswagen recently announced that it had made a deal to build a new compact SUV at its plant in Wolfsburg."

    2007 Volkswagen Marrakesh Gets the Go-Ahead
    (Inside Line)

    Of course, if you want to go across the desert by remote control, the Touareg is still the way to go.

    Driverless VW Wins $2 Million Robot Race (Inside Line) and here's the CNN version.

    Steve, Host
  • I can give you my experience with my 2004 TReg V8:

    I have 40K miles on my TReg and I have not had any significant problems with this vehicle. The on-board computer had to be reprogrammed once. Other then that, there have been no problems. This is a great ride and I really love the car. I am 6'6" and the TReg has plenty of room for me.


    The maintenance on the vehicle is very high. I just took it in for the 40K check up and that service cost $1000. There was nothing wrong with the just cost $1000 to do the normal maintenance. I was also told that I need new front breaks (which is quite reasonable for the driving I do). The quote from the dealer is $750. VW says I must replace the pads and rotors. When the rear breaks go I expect they will quote me another $750. $1500 for breaks...Wow!

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