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GM's triplets Venture, Silhouette, and Montana

I have a Chevy Venture. So many of the posts in each of the three current discussions apply to all three versions that I've started this unified discussion. Please post any common topics here.


  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I agree it would be nice to have all the posts on the GM trio on one board. If everyone follows suit, it will make things much easier. However, my guess is that all this board will do is add one more to the list I check on each visit.
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    I read all three - it'd be a lot easier to just read one. Maybe the hosts will lock out the others and let this one go forward as the 'authoritative' group for the GM Minivans.

    -Dan L.
    '01 Montana
    '00 BMW 528i
  • I think this is a good post since the drivetrain and chassis are the same.
    How many Venture,Montana, and Silhouette owners have had the leaky headlights,water in the jack compartment, and engine knock on start up problems?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Let's watch this one for a week or three and see how it goes. (That'll also give me time to get caught up from my move that killed my computer last week).

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  • We bought a 2001 reg Venture Van last summer and enjoy it. We are experiencing a thumping noise from the back end whenever we hit a bump. Any suggestions as to possible cause? It is going in to the dealer's in 3 days to be checked out.


  • This could be the tire jack getting loose in its right rear cubby, or the spare tire under the car.
  • checked the jack before and it is ok. Took the spare tire out for the winter and put it into van, thump is still there.
  • Could be the load leveling compressor loose if you have that feature.
  • Just back from the dealer and they were unable to figure out what was causing the thump. However the complaint is on record and we will see what develops :-)

    Thank you to those who offered suggestions

  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    After an 5 month search for a used Premiere, I found a '99 with 24,000 miles on it. We've had it for a few thousand miles other than a bad electric door lock switch, no complaints. Engine knock on start up doesn't hurt anything so what's the issue? I have the complete service history provided by the factory and the former owner didn't have much to complain about. This is a heckuva nice van, I found it to be the most comfortable, with the best options on the market and what a great bargain at $18,000 and still under bumper to bumper warranty! Along with the powerfull V6 the car gets good MPG and this car has every option that was offered except the 16" wheels. Very nice and very comfortable.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    Last night we had a record low of 17d F., the lowest it's been since we bought our Venture two years ago. This morning there was a small transmission fluid leak at the gasket. Could this be related to the unusually cold weather?
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    This will seem like an odd question, but my '01 Montana (w/ Montanavision) has red stick-on dots all over the place - on different panels, under the hood, on the backside of the rear view mirror..

    Any ideas? Some sort of quality (or lack of) check?

    -Dan L.
    '01 Montana
  • bcd99bcd99 Posts: 45
    I have a 2001 Silo and since the weather got cold the gas shocks that lift the door only open it about halfway. If you open the door fully the shock hold it there. Anyone else have this problem, I'm thinking of complaining to the dealer. My father-in-law 1988 Olds 98 has the original gas shock on his trunk and hood that still work and open fully, I think a 2001 should not be having problems already.
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    Aren't the hatch supports covered under the bumper to bumper warranty?
  • dlubindlubin Posts: 66
    I've even had that issue with my BMW, but only when it's brutally cold, and it sat outside for a while. The van sits inside most of the time, so I don't have any experience with how it acts in the cold

    I agree with you, 1/2 way is unacceptable.

    -Dan L.
  • hhuahhua Posts: 16
    Our 2000 Silhouette (3.4 v6) 16K miles has very minor oil leaks at the gasket between the manifold and the head. I can see three steaks of oil running at the driver side front bank. There are no leaks from the passenger side. I can't see the rear bank so, I assume there are no leaks there. There was oil trace below the leak on the oil pan. I never see any oil dripping on the garage floor. I cleaned the oil pan and will keep monitor it.

    Just wonder if this is a common problem, should I be worry that the leaks will get worst, and have the deal fix it now while it is still under warranty. I would hate to have the dealer try to fix this minor problem, and may introduce a more serious problem.

    The car has been very good so far, we got 21 mpg avg since new. Only minor problems were the liftgate water leak, and the passenger side power slide door problem. Both problems seem to be fixed now.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I would go for this as I have found interesting info on the other two.

    Suggest the the three separate vans be archived and we kick off with this one. Also the Chevy Van Owners is not getting a great following.
  • carnaticcarnatic Posts: 3
    we have a 1999 Pontiac Montana. Has only 22,000 miles on it. Been in the shop over a dozen times. Sliding door problems, brake problems, anti-lock problems, coolant leak, transmission fluid leakage, electrical problems, drivers seat problems, more squeaks and rattles than a yugo. In summation--typical General Motors Junk. Would not recommend one and I have purchased my LAST General Motors product! SO BEWARE-before you buy one--check out the reeports on them!!
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Sorry to hear about your problem vehicle. I believe your Montana is one of the few lemons out there for this trio. By reading the posts on this board, the vast majority of owners are quite pleased with their GM vans and the infrequent problems. Good luck with your next vehicle.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    To anyone interested....Got my Extended Component Engine Warranty for the engine knock in mail yesterday from GM, 5year/100,000 mile for engine only. Guess I won't be keeping this vehicle for 10 years after all.

    Ray T.
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