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GM's triplets Venture, Silhouette, and Montana



  • autolover3autolover3 Posts: 53
    Thanks Montanavan. I would think all GM's would be the same, also. The pictures sure looked different, but maybe it was an illusion. Appreciate the feedback.
  • silo01silo01 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Silhouette Premiere and loved it except the tires seem to have worn out way to soon. I only have 20,000 miles and the front tires need to be replaced already.

    Should I replace all 4 tires, the back tires still have plenty of tread left on them, or should I just replace the front? What brand would give me a quieter ride?

  • jpnmassjpnmass Posts: 45
    Thanks for the input. I am sort of hoping it was just the break-in myself, but I figured I'd see what other's were seeing in their vans.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Sounds to me like you haven't been rotating your tires very frequently, if at all. On front wheel drive vehicles the front tires take the vast majority of the wear. You should rotate the tires every 7,500 mi. or so.
    Also, just replace the fronts in your current situation, and then start rotating your tires.
  • mizeumlmizeuml Posts: 50
    I have a question for all 2002 Montana owners. Does the top of your van have the 1/2" wide black rubber strips that run from the front to the rear under the luggage rack to protect the top of the van? My '99 Montana had these strips, but the '02 does not. I called the 1-800 Pontiac folks, but they did not know. I wonder if GM removed them for a cost reduction or just left them off by accident? We have the extended van with leather captains and DVD.

    Other question for anyone that has the DVD player. Has anyone tried hooking a VCR to the Aux jacks. I know you can buy the AC/DC converters to use so you can use a home unit VCR in the van for long trips, but will it hurt anything? The owners manual says the Aux jacks are for video game units and camcorders. Here again the 1-800 Pontiac folks were of no help.

  • missedbassmissedbass Posts: 47
    the strips were on the older Chevy's, Olds, and Pontiacs. They don't put them on the new ones. Probably saves them a few cents. They also don't have the black piece on the back bumper anymore.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 268
    My 99 Venture has them. They look like a good idea, but I've never used them since the crossbars bear any loads. Really, I can't imagine putting anything directly on the roof. Plus they make waxing more difficult.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    If you wanted you could order the older model's at the parts counter and have them attached. I don't think the top sheetmetal has changed any. I ordered door edge guards from a '87 for my '88 Dodge and stuck them on myself. I might have confused a few real gearheads but most people didn't notice.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    You stated you had the piston slap taken care of under warranty, mind telling me what they did to fix it ?? GM tells me it's normal and requires no fix even though they have given me an extended component warranty on my engine only, free of charge. A lot of good it will do if they won't fix it under the bumper to bumper manf's. warranty

    Ray T.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Does anyone know how to remove a vcr from the Premier van? I know a guy who can fix it (it began digesting tapes) dirt cheap but I need to remove it for him. Thanks for any help.
  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    There are some things to love about this minivan:
    POWER-it doesn't hestitate when you step on the gas
    STEREO-great sound for a stock system
    TRIP COMPUTER-on the standard package
    POWER SLIDING DOOR-great when its raining or hands are full(mine or others)
    ALLOY WHEELS-on the standard package
    SIZE-comfortably seats 7 with plenty of cargo space
    25 GALLON GAS TANK-goes for 100's of miles without a fillup
    Then there are the things to put up with:
    The exterior's lack of style
    All the cheap plastic on the interior
    The noisy engine
    The difficulty in handling(Odyssey is same size but handles like a much smaller van)
    The wind noise
    The road noise
    GM's attitude that fair to good is good enough, excellence is not required
    and the PROBLEMS!
    Things that went wrong:
    All six fuel injectors were replaced-4 trips to dealer
    Complete ignition assembly replaced-3 trips to dealer
    Ignition security module replaced-2 trips to dealer
    Front end clunk-3 trips to dealer and no resolution
    Driveline clunk-dealer can't duplicate and if they could would tell me it is "normal" (according to TSB)
    Piston slap-heard right after warranty expired (wouldn't have received anything except an extended warranty on the engine that wouldn't have been honored unless the engine blew up)
    Temperature and compass that give erratic readings whenever they feel like it-"fixed" 12/01 and continues to be a problem
    Stinky air conditioner/vent-fix was completed, smell is better but not gone
    Hard shifts-not yet diagnosed
    Air bag light on repeatedly while driving-both front airbag modules replaced-3 trips to dealer

    Bottom line:
    If you don't mind a lot of quirky problems, and some major problems and trips to the dealer(maybe you like to visit with the service writers) and you really love the van's virtues, then purchase with an extended warranty.
    If you want a reliable vehicle and peace of mind with few repairs try a Mazda MPV.
    My 2 cents worth...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    How many miles on your van now?

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  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    54,800 miles, out of warranty since 12/01.
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    I seem to remember someone having found a place to buy the pair of pollen filters which reside just behind the glove compartment at a price much better than that available from the GM dealer. For the 97 Silo the Delco filter number is 52470574 and requires two. If anyone remembers this post I would appreciate help in finding it. Thanks.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    mizeuml Mar 30, 2002 2:30pm

    hmmm, on second thought, maybe this one:

    offham Mar 29, 2002 2:14pm

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  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    These were the cabin filter posts that I was looking for. I scanned the board for over a half hour last night and couldn't find them. Thanks for your help. You are the main reason this is such a great forum.
  • Try this website
    I saw them there for $24
    BTW, how often are you supposed to change these
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    Regarding the piston slap: My '98 Venture developed the piston slap at about 25,000 miles. The dealer pulled the engine rebored the cylinders and fitted new pistons. I think they may have been redesigned, but not sure. I know they had problems getting the parts. The van was in the shop for a week. I have over 50,000 miles now and the engine makes a little noise on cold startups but goes away in about 15 seconds. I would prefer no piston slap but I can live with the slight noise I have now. It was a loud tapping before the repair and lasted for about 1 minute. I just had an oil analysis done and it showed no internal problems.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    We had our Rack and Pinion steering unit fail at 59k miles. A cap was broken where the steering column bottoms out. This failure has 18 complaints at the NHSTA site! I'm sure other people have had this problem. The mechanic thinks its a bushing inside the rack and pinion unit that is failing. This Chevy mechanic has had to replace a number of rack and pinions lately. NHSTA and Chevy are investigating the problem Be careful since this problem can cause the steering to lock up and potentially cause an accident. We had problems steering to the left. Our Van is a 97 Venture Extended with 59k miles.

    If you have had the problem please complain to the NHSTA so Chevy will fix this defect.
  • edmdanedmdan Posts: 4
    Hello to all, I have been reading your conversations for a while now and finally I Have ask if anyone else has this problem. On my 2001 Venture (45,000 km) the rear shoulder belts do not allow the user any slack, in fact they continually cinch themselves tighter every time you move until they are so taunt that you have to undo them, retract all the way back and then it will allow you to pull the belt out enough to put it back on! I have tried a couple of "clips" intended to prevent the belt from retracting but they slip, and when you are not using the belt it is hanging in the way/ out the get the picture...
    Oh yes, it was suggested to check my manual, but this was a lease-return and the manual was missing...AND THE DEALER has yet to get one! or at least let me know it has arrived. So basically I am flying blind with operation and details about my van.
    Other comments, this van runs SO Quietly...I have a hard time telling if the engine is running or not,
    unfortunately there is a wind howl above 100 kph from the windshield passenger side and some scary creaks from the body in cold weather but otherwise I am extremely happy with it.
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