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GM's triplets Venture, Silhouette, and Montana



  • Is Dirkwork and Dirkdaddy one and the same person?

    The reason my Silo was tracking all over the interstate was because it had a 1/4" front-end toe-out. Once I adjusted to 1/16" toe-in my van tracked fine.

    My tie rods seem OK because I was not able to budge the tires when moving them side to side or up and down when front end was jacked up.

    Thanks again for your help....
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Some people go smoke on work breaks, I will pull up Edmonds!

    Glad you're not having any issues. Not sure why my outer rod ends went bad at 65k miles, sure seemed early to me. I'm just glad the inner ones were ok, you can't get to them easily.

    My latest perceived problem is that the power steering effort seems to vary, like the rack is going bad, as it takes more effort to get through certain parts of the turn than others. PS fluid is ok for level and quality. Doesn't make noises, but it disconcerting.

    I'm getting the wife one of those plug-in vacs for the van, maybe I get her to keep it a little cleaner?? Just a hope! I had better put my name on the box as well, lest it be received poorly...

    Happy Holidays!
  • Funny that you mention the power steering. Compared to the 1998 Town and Country I traded in, the steering on my Silo is harder or more truck like. Also, when doing minor adjustments to change in direction or gradual curves, I notice that steering sort of gets "stuck" and needs a little extra effort to move the steering wheel. Have you noticed something similar???

    Is this normal for the Silo? Does this indicate a problem?

    Anyone else have any comments???
  • I feel that way too in my 2001 Olds. I test drove a ford expedition, explorer and a grand caravan and definitely say that the steering requires more effort on the Silo. BTW most SUVs on the market now have very light steering, they're more car-like than truck-like.

    About that parts issue with Silos, would you believe that the seatbelts were not compatible with Venture and Montana. The seatbelts on my mine won't retract at 32K and need to have it replaced, took the dealership more than a week to find one. Reason for taking a long time...the seatbelt has different mount points if you have rear air. I won't believe the dealership but that's what they told me. Most of the repairs for the AC were not also done on time because of parts not readily available. I pretty much used up my GMPP for rentals, glad I purchased it. When GM is no longer making the Silos where will you get the parts? Based on my experience I wouldn't trust whatever GM say..
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I'm thinking my steering sensation where I hit increased resistance in some parts of the turn maybe something to do with the Struts/springs dealing with the bottom part turning. I'm not going to worry about it.

    Not great news on the Olds parts issues, but most of the parts are the same on the van as the others.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    I'll try it as soon as this stupid winter goes away !
  • Well I am new to this chat but have read a whole bunch of the comments about GM Triplets vans. I have had 2 bad experiences so far with these vans. My first van is a 98 Transport--has 72,000 miles. So far had intake manifold gasket issue ($900), power sliding door issue-warranty several times, headliner leaks-warranty, front headlight lamps leaking in water-some under warranty some not, had transmission slippage, now back at dealer no heat after they repaired the intake manifold gasket and still losing coolant So you see this list goes on and on.

    My second van is 2000 Venture. 57000 miles. Nothing that major yet but fuel pump went out--had to have towed in, engine has the loud knock at cold start--dealer says this is acceptable noise. I think not. Sounds like a diesel when I start up. Had exhaust shields repaired. Fortunately I bought the 6 year-75,000 mile GM warranty. Most items have been covered. But what happens when that warranty runs out. I'm stuck just like a lot of others.

    Don't think I'll be buying another one of these. I would only be recommending these triplet vans to my worst enemy.
  • What did General Motors Headquarters say about the problems? I believe there is a TBS about engine knock when starting a cold engine. Your problems might be aggravated by the dealer you are using. Try another dealer, some are better than others.
  • Thanks for the input. I told the Chevy dealer about the TSB and of course they first denied it. Then they said the TSB issued did not cover my engine. Then they said they checked for the knock and it was within specs. One lie after another. I find it hard to believe GM anymore on service issues. You may be right though it could be the dealer I am using. I may try another one close by.
  • setzersetzer Posts: 127
    I have 4 dogs, and I like the GM vans because the rear seats can be removed. At a local dealer there is a 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette with aprox. 63,000 miles. It's either a GL or GLS and the dealer is selling it for around $8,000. Should I buy it?
  • stay away from trouble, or buy it if you know of a competent mechanic. GM Goodwrench is no good.
  • The 98 is priced well I guess. I spent 11k a few years ago on my 98 oldsGLS (leather, etc). The miles were about the same. I had minor issues but its been a great vehicle.. My wife hated the idea of a van but now she loves it.

  • Here's a good one.

    The horn on my wife's 97 Silo quits working from time to time.

    First time it happened, I checked the fuse (ok) and replaced the relay. Horn worked fine...for a while.

    Next time it happened, I got mad and pounded the steering wheel, and guess what? It works!

    Went out again today. Clenched fist to the center of the wheel and it works again. Wife had hit it too, but she's no Mike Tyson.

    Dealer says they can tear apart the steering column to hunt for the problem (read $$$$$$). No thanks.

    Now I get to vent my frustrations and fix something at the same time! I wonder if this qualifies for domestic minivan assault?

    Mikey (now where is my baseball bat?)
  • bcd99bcd99 Posts: 45
    If that mini has an airbag it may just hit back one of these days. They say a hard hit to the wheel can st those older bags off. I got a good chuckle out of your "domestic minivan assault".
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Sounds like the steering wheel horn switch is not working well.

    This should be pretty simple, its usually a simple circuit. If you have power to the relay, its the relay or the horn. Go further and if the power is to the horn, its the horn. If you don't have power to the relay or horn, check the functionality of the steering wheel horn switch. You should be able to remove it and test, also use a jumper and trigger the horn manually.

    I haven't had a problem with my horn, so maybe these new vehicles are different on horns than my old '65, '70, '88 I used to work on, but I doubt its all that different. Somewhere in there is something for the alarm to trigger it, but that's about it I'd think.

  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Hi,how high is the gauge pointing at normal engine temperature.

    In winter mine never goes above the third line on the gauge, I think that I'm running cold
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    There was a recent discussion on this. Do a search in this group on "temperature gauge". Sounds like your gauge is behaving normally.
  • paulie9paulie9 Posts: 32
    When I bought my 2000 Silo in September the gauge went up to 1/2 when fully warmed up. Now after doing a complete flush and refilling with 50% Dexcool the gauge only goes to about 1/4 up while the temperatures here are in the 30's.
  • 2001 venture has an intermittent problem with starter that is sticking or staying engaged for approximately 3 seconds after starting. It only seems to happen on the first start of the day and not every day.. 37 months and 38k miles on it, go figure. Any thoughts?
  • Door locks work on their own 2001 Olds Silhouette the door lock go on and off (up & down) on their own sometimes while the van is just parked/off, other times while going down the road? They will not do this in the shop / the dealer can not fix, only does this every few months, but when it does, it happens a lot and is very fast many times for a min. or two?
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