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GM's triplets Venture, Silhouette, and Montana



  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Might try calling Audiovox customer service:
    Audiovox CS Toll Free Number
  • billwbillw Posts: 11
    I have the drop down TV in the ceiling of my Silhouette van. After about a half hour on it gets think lines across the screen. Thought at first it was the VCR. Turn it off and the lines were still there. Turn it off for about 3 hours. Works good again for about another 1/2 hour and gets the lines back again. Could this be the battery going down? Also is there a way to get better reception on this. I know it can it be like a TV in your house, but it seems that it should get more than 2 stations.
  • nabilnabil Posts: 2
    tried following these instructions on programming a remote for my 97Silhouette, it seems I'm doing something wrong
    I remove BCM PRGRM get in the car (all doors including liftgate are shut), I turn to ACC, off and back on again (within a sec.), open a door (chime) close it (chime - seems because there's a key in the ingnition), hold lock/unlock for 30 secs, nothing. Somebody help! what am I doing wrong? lights blink & horn sounds
  • charlesewcharlesew Posts: 18
    Is the plug wet with fuel or anti-freeze?
    It might be worth your while to have a mechanic familiar with this engine check to be sure you don't have a head gasket leak. Those are the exact symptoms mine had about a month before the head gasket went out completely on my 1998.
    It might even be an intake manifold gasket leak, but I don't know if that causes a miss or not. Both problems are pretty common with the 3.4.

  • nabilnabil Posts: 2
    tried following these instructions on programming a remote for my 97Silhouette, it seems I'm doing something wrong
    I remove BCM PRGRM get in the car (all doors including liftgate are shut), I turn to ACC, off and back on again (within a sec.), open a door (chime) close it (chime - seems because there's a key in the ingnition), hold lock/unlock for 30 secs, nothing. Somebody help! what am I doing wrong? lights blink & horn sounds
  • slowmo2slowmo2 Posts: 8
    Thanks, n7don. Lucky me, the dealer found the remote, so I don't need one.
  • slowmo2slowmo2 Posts: 8
    My wife and I just bought a 02 Venture WB, along with an extensive aftermarket warranty, and have noticed that the light behind the fuel gauge and half the light behind the temperature gauge was out. I know GM likes to sell things as units, so am I going to need the whole fuel gauge unit, or can I buy just the bulb? If the latter is the case, how hard is replacing the bulb?

    In another direction, is there any way to determine if the infamous intake manifold gasket problem has been addressed on a vehicle? I see orange antifreeze in the overflow tank, but I assume... :blush: ...that at 92k, if it was a problem, then it would have happened already. Thanks for your help!
  • My intake manifold gasket (1999 Old's Silhouette) went out at about 90,000 miles and after the vehicle was 4 years old. I now have 172,000 miles on the vehicle. I would not assume that just because you have 92,000 miles on the original that the gasket has already been replaced. So far I'm doing fine on the replacement gasket, but I just switched from Dex Cool to another anti-freeze which may help from this point forward.
  • dillydilldillydill Posts: 76

    My brother has a 01 silhoulette he bought new that has a tranny replaced at 43K miles and now two years later and at approx 65K miles the replacement went again. Local dealer said the will kick in 1600 of the 2500 cost towards the replacement tranny or towards a new car.

    What is the warranty on this van?

    Any thoughts or advice on how best to proceed would be appreciated.

  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    We have a 2001 Olds Silo purchased new. The tranny was rebuilt by the dealer in 2003 at 26K miles. We have recently noticed sporadic hard shifting in the lower gears when the engine is at normal operating temp. We are now up to 55K miles and the warranty ends soon.

    After GM announced Olds was to be eliminated (May 2001?), it offered all vehicles with a 5 yr/60K warranty as standard. We purchased in August 2001 with this warranty.

    Unless your brother bought a longer extended warranty, the original warranty is probably up.

    That said, two years on a new or rebuilt tranny is quite ridiculous from a longevity standpoint. 100K miles should be the minimum that any respectable car manufacturer considers a normal lifespan for an auto tranny. I remember seeing GM press releases or auto news comments in 2000 or 2001 stating that they had made improvements in the durability of their parts and that the expected lifespan of such had been increased to 150K miles.

    You may have some negotiating power using this logic when talking directly with GM. It really sounds like the new tranny that was installed was also defective and thus the the previous repair was unacceptable. Maybe they can lower your out of pocket cost to $100-$200.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I don't think the rebuild was done correctly, and the dealer knows this, so they are making some effort to meet you halfway. Paying $900 for a trans rebuild is better than having to pay full dealer rate, but probably not all that great of deal. I have not priced this, how about getting a local tranmission shop estimate?

    I changed my trans fluid about 90k and now have 128k and its never been rebuilt, and GM makes one of the best transmissions. That said, my transmission shop guy said (when he was putting a clutch in my old car) "Hondas, Toyotas, Ford, Chevy, Dodge - we see 'em all. Automatic transmissions wear out eventually"

    Driving style, terrain, load and conditions can make a big difference too.
  • charlesewcharlesew Posts: 18
    The intake gasket on my 1998 Tran Sport didn't even show any sign of leaking until about 125,000, and then it was very small. It was found during routine service by a mechanic that knew what to look for and where to look.
    As far as Dex-Cool or conventional anti-freeze, we switched all of our GM vehicles to the conventional stuff. I have no idea if Dex-Cool is good or bad, but I heard too many negative comments about it to feel comfortable using it.
    So, you could look at a 1998 Blazer, a 2000 Grand Prix, and a 2004 Montana with green antifreeze and none of them have had any gasket problems. Just the anti-freeze change.

  • slowmo2slowmo2 Posts: 8
    I am enjoying my recently-acquired 02 WB Venture, and am planning to use it for some traveling this summer. I am interested in buying a roof-mounted cargo box, but I want one of the streamlined ones. Are Yakima and Thule my only options? Also, I eventually want to install a trailer hitch on my van, with the purpose of using a hitch-mount bike rack. I have looked at DrawTite, Reese, HiddenHitch, and a few others. Any recommendations? I also will be shopping for a swing-out bike rack, because I hate having to take everything off to get to the cargo space. Any suggestions on what to get?
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I've done nearly all of what you want. I had a hitch added although I've got brain fade and can't remember which model, but it is 2" and bolted on using existing holes and only the receiver is visible.

    I have a Yakima full-swing 4 bike rack that mounts to the hitch so you can keep bikes mounted but also open the rear hatch. Works great. The locking cable it comes with my only complaint, it is too short for me. You can get them on ebay or locally, I paid a lot less than retail.

    There are some other bike rack options, but that is one of the cheaper and better ones. There are some racks that do more but also bigger and cost more.

    I've also got a Thule rack I had from another car (dodge shadow) and use one of crossbars and mounts up at the front of the factory rack. I added a ebay wind fairing to divert wind over the load in the rack. I still get the same fuel milage and my duffel bags don't get windblown very much with it. The bonus is that with the thing on the van, it looks more "cool" and give your kids places to put some punk stickers. With that fairing, you don't really need a big box, but it might be nice to have and more secure. I have not messed with a nice mount for a rear bar, I used cable ties to strap it to the factory rack for just hauling some bikes, the front took most of the stress so it worked fine, but I wouldn't want to put a heavy box on the factory rack w/o the proper mounting.

    Congrats on the new van and I think you'll be happy with your setup.

    You might also want to upgrade the rear shocks if they are bouncy, I put hi-jackers from autozone on and it helps with loads, but the lightly loaded ride did suffer a bit.
  • I read virtually EVERY post in this forum as I was looking for a near-excellent condition Silhouette for my dog! I sold Oldsmobiles for 14 years and as a member of the Oldsmobile Club of America, it is the only make and model I would ever buy. After studying the posts and revisiting my experiences with selling Silhouettes, I decided on the GL version with the right side sliding door. I searched on AutoTrader for several weeks and found precisely what I was looking for in Burlington, Washington. This particular Silhouette was a rental for eleven months in the SeaTac area and then went to a private owner in Oregon. It had the rather unimpressive hubcaps on steel wheels. My wife and I flew to Seattle, took the Amtrak Cascades to Burlington where our dealership sales representative picked us up. The van was better than the photos described and nearly as clean as when new. We were so impressed by the dealership service that we also purchased a 1995 Cutlass Supreme convertible that the store had just set out for sale. We drove the Silhouette home to Southern California and the convertible was transported here three weeks later. I bought four 1998-1999 Intrigue 16" wheels for $35 apiece on eBay and upgraded to larger tires as well. So now I have a 2000 Silhouette (last year with the traditional Oldsmobile Rocket grille) with wheels from 2001-2004! I purchased new remotes from (found in this forum) and got a GM printout of the options and warranty claims on this vehicle. All three recalls and safety checks were done at 39,000 miles. So far no problems at all and the Silhouette has 59,000 miles. The van will soon be repainted and striped to resemble an Amtrak SDP40F locomotive from the late 1970s. :)
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Sounds like you did your research and found a nice ride! I like the Olds, it seems to handle better than the other of the triplets and has a lot of neat features. The bonus is that like you, I got a used one and you get a lot of vehicle for your money.

    Funny you mentioned Oldsmobile is your choice of car, I just bought a 2000 Intrigue from a guy in Ohio and while it has two spots that need painting to be 100%, I got it for a steal and he had done all the maintenance on it and had receipts.

    So we're a two olds family right now too. The paint job sounds...interesting. Not sure I'd do that paint job, but you'll be able to find your van in the parking lot, that's for sure! For me, just adding the fairing to the rack helps me locate the van in a sea of while vehicles.

    Good luck with teh van. If you have read all the posts you have heard about the things to look for.

  • d0ct0rd0ct0r Posts: 1
    This afternoon, I was about to pull into a parking lot today and all of a sudden, I lost steering (couldn't turn) and the battery warning light was up. I then stopped the car (was driving maybe 3km/h) okay, shifted to park,
    then shut off ignition and started again. There wasn't any hesitation when restarting, then I was able to drive again.

    Recently (3 weeks ago) I got the gasket changed (famous 3.4L problem). And own this car only 1 month - I have no idea about its history.

    Wire harness under the driver seat ? Fuel pump ? Anything else ? I feel I am not alone with such behaviour. :sick:

    Thanks for your suggestions,
  • dillydilldillydill Posts: 76
    Thanks for the messages. . .
    I know my brother talked to the regional Olds rep but didnt get anywhere.
    I tried to tell him to tell the rep that acuras have had tranny problems and they extended the warranty to 100K.

    I will let you know what happened when they get back from vacation next week.

  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    The grille on your van must have been replaced. My 2000
    Silhouette does not have the Rocket insignia, but the newer swoosh.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Information to all on the Venture, Montana, & Silo 4th gear (overdrive) can go without any notice to the driver. especially if you drive only in the city under 55 MPH. When you drive freeway and you notice that your getting bad gas mileage its probably that 4th when out, to find out when driving on the freeway shift to 3rd and the engine will speed up and the van will bog down, now acellerate and than shift in to Drive you should feel the tranny shift into overdrive, if you don't your 4th gear is out. On the Venture sometimes you can't feel if the RPMs are running high becuase thier is no Tachometer, Montana has one, unsure on the Silo. At 65 mph you should around 1900+-100 RPM's. It took me months before I found out because I don't use the van that much, it's the wife that uses the van. If you know you have a problem and you take it to the dealer and you told them that you said you have no overdrive. They would hook up a scanner and check for codes and test drive the van to see if 4th gear is working the scanner would show 4th gear engaged. Problem with me is that i took it to the dealer and they used the scanner they said 4th was good. I guess the machanic that look at the van wasn't really a good one becuase a REAL MECHANIC would have notice the RPMS were high and would have test drove the van on the freeway or some sort.
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