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New RAM 1500 Quality



  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    OK I have the scoop on the weld problem I inquired about the other day. I just got off of the phone with the engineer that was in charge of this and he told me the concern was a weld that connected the flange to the housing. the best I can tell it is where the axle goes into the differential there must me some sort of sleeve that is welded to the differential housing. Anyway he said to the best of his knowledge, and going by memory the affected trucks had a VIN between 112,000 and 124,000. This took place last fall or early winter and my friend said he thought there was a lot of hoopla over nothing. Sorry if I upset anyone or caused any panic. From what he said there is really nothing to worry about. By the way he is ordering a new RAM 1500 so it must be a good truck. Also I am getting ready to buy a new RAM1500 4.7L Quad.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Because you used the word "flange," I now suspect that it is on the end of the axle tube where the backing plate would mount. Usually, the axle tubes are pressed into the differential carrier housing, or sometimes threaded. I've never known one to be welded there. The axle flanges may be welded, I guess. I've either never noticed or have forgotten.

    My local Dodge dealer says they haven't heard of any problems.........anywhere on the truck.

  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    Satyr66- Can you send your pics to

    If anyone else out there has pics to share I would love to see them.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    I am on my way out the door to have my driver's side mirror re-attached. It fell off while driving the other day. I was on the freeway when I noticed my mirror wasn't adjusted right. I moved it into place ( I do not have power mirrors)and about a mile down the road it was loose again. I adjusted it again when it came off. I was able to hang onto it before it hit the road. This is the first problem so far in 3300 miles.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Spent nearly 2 hours at the dealer, just to have them tell me they will have to order the part. Service writer said someone must have hit the mirror, although they are willing to cover it under warranty. Met with my salesman while I was waiting and he told me they are having a problem with the side view mirrors becoming loose.
  • penrose,
    When I bought my truck both the outside mirrors were broken. After three weeks of them telling me they were still on backorder I raised hell and they took some off another truck and put them on mine. You should inquire the parts department to make sure they are no longer part of the Chrysler national backorder problem. Also it's true about them having trouble those outside mirrors and most of the dealers are aware of the problem.
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    My QC has over 4000 miles, and I have had no issues with the side mirrors. Unfortunately, since I have not had the opportunity to add on to my garage yet (soon though), I must fold in the drivers side mirror in order to park. With all of this folding and unfolding, surely there would be a mirror problem, but nothing as of yet. I will keep an eye out for this issue, which will hopefully never develop. Thanks for the post.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    There appear to be two different styles of side mirrors used on the RAM 1500. Which one's are people having trouble with?

  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Just to clarify. The salesman I was talking to said that the side mirrors are designed to bend backwards and not break, (i.e. you are pulling out of your garage an accidently hit the mirror) but he said that there is a flaw in the design and that many are breaking. I do not ever remember hitting my mirror in such a manner. And I forgot to mention that the service department said that there were 80 mirrors on back order for the southwest area so plan on at least a three week wait. I wonder why there would be 80 mirrors on back order? Still love this truck!
  • saltysacksaltysack Posts: 12
    Have to agree with all of you. This is one very nice truck. Have really enjoyed driving it and the only problem is about 500 miles ago it developed a sqeak in area of right front. Happens on dips in the road. Sounds like a rubbing vibe support.
  • prmartin1prmartin1 Posts: 14
    I'm having the same promlem as newramfan, slip on the drivers seat, if I slam my anchors on it slips about 1/2 an inch. Do you have the electronic seat adjustments, maybe the electric motor is slipping under extreme force.

    I'm also getting an annoying squeak that occurs only on long bumpy roads, e.g. not a single bump but lot's of little bumps. It's coming from the front, I can't hear it outside and it's not from in the dash. Anyhow, I'm not losing sleep over it, I'm off to the dealers next friday to go for a test drive with the service mgr to see what he can do?

    Hope everyone keeps on enjoying their Rams!
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    Sorry so long on reply. For some reason I haven't been getting updates until now. Anyway, Yes I have the power driver seat. Haven't had it checked out yet, as I thought I would have it fixed at my first service. No squeeks yet.
  • halostatuehalostatue Posts: 1
    Wondering if any of you have noticed that one tailgate cable is taut, and the other is slack? I'm concerned that this will lead to the tailgate warping, bending the box, my cap won't fit, etc. The dealer says this is normal(!!!).
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    I have went fishing many times with a friend from work, his boat is about 21 feet long with a 150 HP Merc. I would guess 4-5K pounds total weight. The only real test of towing ability is the bridge at Seabrook. His 97 Ram would pull this bridge in 3rd with no problem - same with my 99 Z-71 - I just put it is tow haul and it holds 3rd gear. The 2002 Ram started up the hill in third, but down shifted into second before we made it to the top. This happened both ways. It seemed like the engine just did not have the power needed to maintain speed while going up hill. The rest of the time (flat land) it seemed to handle the load with no problem. Also no problem pulling boat out of the water - and the ramp is steep.
    I like the looks of the Ram. Handled great, ride is smooth. But if I was planning on doing any towing - I would want more HP. I don't know what rear end he has - maybe that is the problem.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I was told a few weeks ago that in a side-by-side "test" between a 2000 RAM extended cab (2WD, 318, auto) and a 2002 Quad Cab (2WD, 4.7, auto) that the two were neck and neck up to 65 miles and hour. That, however, is not a torque test.

    I would think that with the 4.7 developing just slightly more HP and torque that there really shouldn't be a difference in pulling ability. However, the 45RFE is reported to be more sensitive to shifting under load conditions as low pump pressures under low speed load situations can overheat certain components, especially on overdrive automatics. My wife's nephew, a auto trans technician, says that's a common problem with autos from every manufacturer.

    XYZ71, you didn't say which engine the '97 RAM had. Was it the 360 motor?

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Me and #2 son checked four new RAM 1500s at the local Dodge dealer this morning. I did notice an ever-so-slight difference in the tautness of the cables. Would it cause a problem? Don't know. I gave the cables a close inspection and judging from the way they're made I would guess they go through some initial stretching when weight is applied to the gate. This might balance out after a while.

    Worth mentioning to the dealer, though. Get it down on paper if there is a problem later. Then there will be a record of it.

  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    The 97 had the 318 (5.2L?)

    I am not trying to slam the new Ram -I think the engine sound is great - it gives you the feeling that there is a lot of power - but when you get to a hill - and are towing a load - the noise does little to get you top the top.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Assuming there's little difference either way between the 318 and 4.7, I'm suspicious that the difference is really between the 45RE/46RE versus the 45RFE. The several people I've talked to that went from an older 318 RAM to the 4.7 think the 4.7 is noticeably snappier in any gear.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I think the 45RFE is programmed to kick down sooner under certain load conditions. I've heard a similar complaint from an owner of a Chevy with the new Allison.

  • b360b360 Posts: 6
    My 94 had and still does have slack/taunt cables. Has'nt got any worse with use even after
    setting pallets up to 1600 lbs. on it
  • twinscrewtwinscrew Posts: 53
    My I-net home page had a blurb about Dodge recalling '02 1500 4X4's made before Nov '01 for a rear axle mount problem. It said there was a bad weld and that the dealer would install a reinforcement bracket. I thought the rear would be the same on 2wd. Bought mine in Dec so it could be in the recall. Haven't heard anything from Dodge yet. Anyone know any details?

    BTW: 24K miles on mine so far. It is worked hard every day. Rough roads, heavy loads, lots of towing, dirty conditions.... 0 problems (am knocking on wood as I just can't be too careful).
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