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Toyota Corolla Owners: Meet the Members



  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    It also has 73 hp and its slow. Its so slow that if you have the AC on, top speed is 75mph. It will go 20 more without it. However, it gets great gas mileage and its has the best seats that Toyota ever made. Those seats are extremely comfortable and it makes a wonderful traveling car. The guages in those cars are cool too. Toyota stopped doing it, because of Lexus.

    I owned a 85 Corolla SR5 many years ago. I also had a 77 DX Sedan, 89 GT-S, and I still own a 95 DX Sedan.
  • Hi. I'm from PA and have been researching a new car for a few months, i test drove a spectra, a spectra5, a new corolla ce, and an 03 corolla le, liked the spectra but not enough to buy it, and i liked the ce, but i wanted an le, but couldn't afford a new le, so we tried a slightly used 03 le and loved it! It has cruise and all the nice standard features, and it's a manual (which i like), and i love the gas mileage i'll be getting! i look forward to picking it up tomorrow! I wonder if i paid too much b/c i could definately haggle more with the kia dealers, but then again, toyota is much more sought after and it holds its value longer, so i figured i'd take the deal and go instead of haggling too much- it doesn't matter, i would've bought it anyway!! I plan on only buying Toyota from now on anyways, it's all my grandmother ever drove and it worked well for her, so it will work for me, too!
  • wabiswabis Posts: 9
    i've an offer for 2006 Toyota Corolla LE f0r $17800 drive out, is it worth? with std features and 6 disc changer
  • Just picked up a '94 Corolla Special today. 170,000 kms, great condition (body & mechanical). Excellent 2nd family car. Bought it to save on fuel while commuting. I hadn't driven a standard trans in over 10 years, kinda missed it. This is my first Toyota but have always been impressed by their reliability. Any input about this car would be appreciated. Good year, bad year??...
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    The Corolla is about the most reliable car you can buy! No issues for '94. As long as prior owner was good with all fluid changes, it will be fine.
  • Hello all,
    I'm Vivek, I live in hopkins, mn.
    I got my 91 5 speed corolla last week. The car was clean and without rust (only a couple of small spots). i got it at 107,600 miles and am pretty sure it will go for more. the 5 speed is just great. it gives me good control of the car and hopefully more mileage. just take it alternative weeks to office (car pool) and weekend visits to cousins'.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ....may not be what attracts most; reliability is the most important aspect of any given vehicle to me. This may not be known by most, in fact I just found out about it a couple months ago myself, but the Corolla has the best reliability record of any model, by any make, over the entire history of the automobile. That's pretty impressive!

    That said, I recently purchased a '99 Corolla (5 speed) with 64.5K miles. Its stout record, along with having owned other Toyota vehicles and liking them prompted me to buy a Corolla. The car the Corolla is replacing, a '93 Tercel, has also been a very good car. It now has 138K miles and is now my Daughter's car. I never had a lick of trouble with this car and I know it will be a very reliable ride for my Daughter.

    While there isn't much of a size difference between the Tercel and Corolla, these two cars are very different. For one thing, the Tercel is a base model and has absolutely no options whatsoever. The Corolla on the other hand is a completely optioned out LE model and seems like a baby Lexus compared to the Tercel. Its interior is plush and comfortable and the ride is more like a mid sized car than a compact. Its slightly larger engine (1.8 compared to the Tercel's 1.5) feels much more powerful and responsive.

    If my previous Toyotas are any indication of how well built this Corolla is, I can easily see this car lasting 200K miles with nothing more than the required preventitive maintenance (i.e., fluid and filter changes, tires, belts brakes, etc.).
  • Hi, I'm Joel and I just bought a Corolla. Its a Bright Silver MEtallic Corolla S with the convenience package. I had originally wanted the new 06 Civic LX, but, they are all usually bought before they even hit the lots around here. None of the local dealers are willing to charger less than $500 OVER STICKER for them.

    My previous car was a 1993 Honda Accord who's biggest problem was a dead auto tranny at 97K miles. It got flooded in Katrina. I went around looking and trying to buy cars and found that, because the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic retained their value so well, I could buy them with less money down than any other comperable car (Focus, MAzda3, Elantra, Spectra, Cobalt, etc) My credit rating is horrid due to being jobless for a good chunk of last year. Since I have only a limited amount of money to put down, and really need a car to get to and from work (my loaner got called back in) I was in a pickle and needed to buy a car.

    Long story short, I now have the above mentioned corolla. I love this car! Its got as much get up and go as my old accord. Its got a larger trunk, as much interior room, and a better ride. Its got all the features you really need and want in a car. The stereo system is decent with good imaging and adequate bass. The car looks sporty and handles well enough in the turns. Hopefully, it will live up to its EPA gas mileage ratings. The old accord gave me around 30 mpg on the highway at 80 mph. It did around 24 mpg in the city with the A/C on, and 26 with it off. If I can get in the mid 30s on the highway and 30 in the city, I'll be doing well.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Congratulations on the new car! You made the right choice! The Corolla may not be the coolest, newest, etc., but it is the most reliable, and the best value of any car. Good luck!
  • Hello, I've have owned 3 Corollas, a 93 Wagon 218,000 miles(still own) 91 5 speed sedan 215,000 miles(sold this year) and my latest, an 87 Corolla Sr5 89,000 miles. This is going to be my spring time "pimp my ride" car. All I have to say is, the Corolla is the most reliable car ever made. The only other car I'd ever upgrade to will be a Lexus. You can't beat the gas mileage and dependability you get out of these vehichles.
  • Really like the way it handles, quality and the reliability. Been buying Toyotas for years!
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Currently has 188,000.
  • Hi I am Jeff, from Toronto.
    Got a corolla from parents so I can drive to work (current on co-op, that's why), but hopefully I can pay for the car and fully own it soon, so I can add all the accessories I want :D . Nevertheless, still loving the Rolla's mileage and sufficient features to entertain me when I ma bored.
  • My name is Jeff and I just bought a 1996 Corolla DX that is going to need some TLC. It hit a concrete culvert and now I am going to go get it on the 2nd of May near the OH/PA border. I have acquired it since the constant rise of gas prices that are making my v-8 Police car a thing of the past. I look forward to making some more psots once I get this thingy home and tear into what needs to be repaired and what needs to be kept where it is. I hope some of the membership if could help me once I run into problems with them to help me get it figured out. Thanks for the time and I hope to see many replies.

  • Hi Everyone,
    My name is Nancy and I am a new member of the Toyota family. Bought my first Toyota (2006 Corolla) 5 days ago and I love, love, love, it! I haven't even put the first tank of gas in it yet as the dealer did that for me. My Corolla is a CE with auto transmission and what a joy it is to drive. I had been driving a 1994 Nissan Sentra with stick shift for the last 12 years and only had 56,718 on the Nissan but the body was falling away around it. :cry: I live in a very hilly geographic area and the stick shift really took effort to drive and was stressful when having to stop atop a steep hill. I am looking forward to having a long love affair with my new Corolla. ;)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi Nancy, welcome!

    I hope you will explore all of our Corolla discussions as well as the rest of our Forums. You'll find that we have a lot to offer and we'd love to have your input.

    Also, don't miss our new feature, You can post pictures of your new Corolla and make all kinds of new friends.

    Have fun - here in the Forums and with your new ride!! :)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Congrats! I am sure you will really love the Corolla. You can't beat the reliability and value - just complete the maintenance listed in the owner's manual and it will serve you well. I am on my 2nd Corolla (3rd Toyota) and would not buy anything else.

    Problem is that my family is growing, and my '99 LE 5 speed stick is smaller than the current Corolla, so I may have to get rid of it in a few years. I don't want to, because my wife is like you (doesn't like stick), and she wants me to get an automatic next time so she can drive it too and not get all stressed out driving a stick.
  • serbradserbrad Posts: 2
    My last car was a 97 Corolla DX and I plan on buying another one. I got hit by a red light runner a couple of weeks ago, and with the insurance money, I'm hoping to pop right back into another one that's how much I loved it.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Hi! Name's Iris. I see it's been a full year since anyone's posted. Thought I'd post this here since I still have mine!

    I've had this car for 9 years this week! I bought it when it had just less than 10,000 miles on it, and now it's got slightly less than 124.5K miles on it. It's been a dream, easily the best car I've ever had. This year was the first time I had to put it in the shop for something that wasn't minor maintenance. The starter went out after 8 years, and a door handle broke off after years in the hot Oklahoma sun. However, I fixed that myself rather than blow money at the dealer to fix it. I also lost a wheel bearing this year. I've put maybe 3 sets of tires on it since I've had it, which I don't consider excessive, and lucky, given the potholes that develop around here! I ripped out the cupholders as well as the door to the storage area underneath the air conditioning controls. The cupholder bracket was interfering with the electric plugin that I used for my portable CD player. I've got a bulb out on the instrument cluster but I can still read the gauge.

    I've yet to change a headlight in it, although I did change both brake lights last year. Now I'm noticing signs that the transmission is perhaps starting to go, not sure what that's about. Oh, and I'm still running on the original Japanese plugs! Still just bump the key and it starts, no cranking!

    At any rate, I have no real complaints about the service I've gotten out of this car. This is my fifth car in 27 years, and I've had some real losers. My last two were this Corolla and a Corolla in Chevrolet clothing called the Nova, and between them I've gotten 19 years of service out of them.

    Now that it's time to start thinking about what my next car will be, part of me says I'd be silly to consider anything but another Corolla. But it sure would be nice to have something with utility, that I could take, say, a TV set or a wing chair I find at a garage sale. Plus because of the cooperation between the foreign and domestic carmakers interchanging parts, even American-made 4 cylinders are better by far than they used to be. With the Corolla, you get a car that you'll never have to change the timing belt on - because it has a chain! All Corollas since the late 90s have had timing chains rather than that annoying belt such as that which broke on my Nova! So, even though I hate the generation 9's body style and those round tail lights, and the lack of black trim around the windows, I could do worse than yet another Corolla. If I move up to the LE, I get a CD player AND some classy wood-like trim!

    Oh, and another thing my '98 has over the newer ones is the cool wheel covers. The recent Corollas have the ugliest wheels I've ever seen.
  • Hi, I'm Justin and I live in Farmington, MI. I own a 1995 Toyota Corolla DX w/ the 1.8L 7AFE and manual transmission. Faded original red paint. Over 220,000 miles now. Replaced the alternator a few times. Added bigger headers and complete exhaust. Iridium plugs and better wires. Short shifter, front strut tower brace, springs, struts. Take it to Toyota dealers and they can't find anything wrong with the powertrain.
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