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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dlancerdlancer Posts: 9
    Well this may sounds funny. But is there anyone here from Quebec who just bought a corolla? I want to know whether I have a slim chance to get some discount. Paying FULL MSRP on a corolla isn't comfortable.
  • mystf18mystf18 Posts: 10
    Came back from a dealer, and was told that ABS was not necessary on a Corolla. He said that the braking system that comes standard is the equivalent of ABS. Is this true? Strikes me as odd since ABS is an option. Also, how necessary is ABS? He said abt the only way to get ABS is to also pay for side airbags, which my friends are saying is unnecessary.

    Also, I am a student, and was thinking abt registering my vehicle in my school's state, instead of my home state b/c the tax rate is 2% less at school. Any drawbacks to this?

    Thanks so much for any help.
  • mystf18mystf18 Posts: 10
    Can any1 tell me abt the $400 graduate incentive (for graduates in the last 2 yrs or those abt to graduate in 6 months)? If I want this rebate, how will this be checked? It would be a splitting of hairs to determine if I'm w/in that time frame. Also, if I'm not, does any1 think it's still possible to negotiate the additional $400 anyways? I feel like if the factory or dealer can offer $400 off to some, they could do it for me.

    I truly appreciate any help.
  • lizservolizservo Posts: 5
    You need to show them a copy of your diploma...I took a picture and printed out a copy. They do check the date. Also, to get the rebate, you need to finance through Toyota...I did not know this until I got there and was thrown for a little loop, but all worked out just fine.

    Also, about ABS. The dealer tried to tell me the same thing, but I wanted ABS and side airbags for safety. Extra airbags can save you money on insurance in some states (not mine) and they just released some crash test report and the cars that got high ratings were those w/side airbags. It's not that much extra for some added safety.

    Good luck! :)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I agree with the above (lizservo) on all points. What do your friends know about side airbags, anyway? You're obviously doing your research, mystf18, since you elected to post here. (Welcome, btw).

    Also, Im pretty sure the Graduate Rebate program is $1000 from now until Aug 31st on 2004 models. Toyota rebates are typically regional, but I was under the impression this is the nationwide offer for Grad. rebates.

  • cocottecocotte Posts: 6
    You do not have to get side airbags in order to get ABS brakes. I think the dealership is saying this to up-sell the side airbags, or that's what they have on their lot.

    I know for my insurance, I did not get a safety discount from ABS brakes, however, side airbags may have made a difference. Ask your insurance about this. Even w/ ABS, insurance companies feel the Corolla is not as safe as other cars because the Corolla is a smaller car.

    I highly reccomend ABS brakes, you really feel a difference and just feel safer w/ them.

    I did get a anti-theft discount w/ my insurance because I got VIN etching and the LE comes standard with keyless entry.

    FYI - I have read online that you do not need to purchase VIN etching thru the dealership. This is something you can purchase thru a car parts supplier, I belive, for something like $30. Check out The dealership wanted to charge me $299 to do VIN etching. I declined, but they threw it in for free since I bought an extended warranty and both my mom and dad had bought 3 cars from them before.

    Also, I have read that if you are a person, such as myself, that likes the piece of mind of an extended warranty, you have up to 1 year after purchasing a NEW car to buy an extended warranty. If this is true, this is a fabulous thing. You can shop around to ensure you get the best deal, AND, this will, in essence, extend your total warranty for 1 year since it won't take into effect until the date you purchase the warranty. If someone has info about this, please post, I'm curious for the next time I buy a car.

    ** Make sure if you do purchase a warranty that it can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your car. This increases the re-sale value of your car. **

    Hope this helps!
  • garyzgaryz Posts: 4
    The quote I got for this configuration in North Cal
    is $13900 for new and $13750 for one with 100 miles - all after $750 rebate.
    My quote has preferred Accessory Package (floor, trunk mats & nets) instead of floor mats.

    Add %10 for out of door total.
  • garyzgaryz Posts: 4
    Just bought a Silver 04 Corolla LE Auto with
    side airbags,
    Aluminum Wheels,
    Cruise Control,
    AM/FM/CD/Cassette Combo with 6 speakers
    Carpet floor mats

    for $14200 after $750 rebate, but before all the other fees. Total price with tax etc is $15639.

    This is $1077 below carsdirect price.
  • mrs_laumrs_lau Posts: 3

    That sounds like a pretty good deal for a Corolla LE. Which Toyota dealership in Northern CA?

  • I'm researching the Corolla, I want to buy a low mileage LE, automatic, any suggestions would be welcomed, what year is "the best" as far as 1998-2001? I'm tall and need to know about any styling changes, it seems that one year was a lot smaller. Thanks! Oh ya, budget is around $10-12K. in Connecticut.
  • garyzgaryz Posts: 4
    That's Capitol Toyota at South San Jose.
    They had another with only Cruise Control for less - see
    my another post.
    After I had my offer from Capitol, Sunnyvale Toyota was willing
    to match, but they didn't want to do better - this may
    explain why they still had 5 Silver LE with CL.
  • onedergyalonedergyal Posts: 11
    I'm looking for 20,000 -30,000 miles... in great condition... hopefully not more than $12g's
  • mufassamufassa Posts: 2
    HI were looking for the best deal for either a Matrix/Corolla S. We have been to the dealers several times and test drove the heck out of them."Love them Both" Is there anybody who has purchased one in Northern In. who might be helpful in letting us know about hidden cost or that a dealer might not tell you about until signing time. We just don't want to get taken advantage of it's our first new purchase.
  • borathborath Posts: 10
    Was wondering if I got a good deal on a Brand New 2004 LE Corolla.

    The Out the Door (OTD) cost was 14,500. This includes tax, tags, registration fees and the rebate.
  • ustaad9ustaad9 Posts: 7
    Bought LE with ABS, Side Air Bag, Cruise, Am/Fm/Cass/CD Player, All Weather Pkg., Floor mats and Cargo Mat.

    OTD price paid was $15,014 (including tax+tags of $1,014). All rebates reflected in the above price.
  • ustaad9ustaad9 Posts: 7

    Your comments on warranty quite interesting. Which Dealership sold you this extended warranty? Is this a Toyota warranty and transferable? Did you buy one with $50 deductible or no deductible? Also, would like to know if you opted for ABS,SAB and ungraded radio pkg. for your Corolla. Your early reply would me much appreciated.
  • ustaad9ustaad9 Posts: 7
    Seems like an extremely good deal. Just curious abt the options you selected and the portion of your OTD price attributable to tax+tags.
  • Yes this was a Toyota warrenty with no deductable 6/100k and yes it was transferrable.
  • mrs_laumrs_lau Posts: 3
    Thanks for the great tip! I got my 04 Corolla at Capitol Toyota in San Jose yesterday for $1000 less than what Sunnyvale Toyota is willing to offer me.
  • garyzgaryz Posts: 4
    It is great to hear that you got a deal you are happy with.
    What did you get & for how much ?
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