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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello Prism3,

     The only options I have on my Corolla LE are all weather package, floor mats, engine immobilizer,and audio value package which includes cruise control came standard with all the LE's from my dealership. I didn't get the ABS because it only came packaged with leather interior,moonroof,and side air bags and was way out of my budget. The only option that I purchased al la carte was the Indentity security system. It prevents the engine from starting even if someone does have your master key they must also have the indentity key fob. The indentity key fob is automatically detected by your car as you approach it and enables the start up of your vehicle.

    Hope this helps
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    I'm in NY and have a hold for a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE with
    -Side Airbags...
    -All Weather Guard
    -VV Audio Value PKG
    -Carpet Mats

    for $15,700 to be completed in two days.

    I was very happy with this but now see that Consumer Reports offers a 'Wholesale Report price'.

    Should I get the report hoping to get it lower or is my deal good. I've been reading the forum while pricing my car and really thought it was great....If I see the report, I know I'll feel lousy...

    Answer asap since it's almost a done deal...Thanks

    What should I do???
  • Can some of you Corolla experts give me some guidance? Helping my daughter shop for a car and she really likes a 2002 Corolla S we saw at a Toyota dealer in CT. Has 36,500 miles and they want $12,995. It's a 5 spd, sun roof, a/c, pwr windows, alloy wheels, gold lettering (for whatever that's worth), CD, dual air bags, cruise. Comes with remainder of 6 yr/100,000 power train warranty. Dealer isn't willing to budge. Kelly BB tells me it should be about $11,700. Which price is more realistic, dealer or KBB? Please advice. Thanks.
  • cooljwcooljw Posts: 47
    Carsdirect says the Invoice Price on that car is $16,107 ($17,607 MSRP). So $15,700 is $400 under invoice, which is a GOOD deal (including holdback, the dealer will still lose about $50 on the deal). Is the dealer still offering the $500 rebate from Toyota? (supposed to have expired 10/4, but may be continued). If so, that will bring the price to $900 under invoice, which is a GREAT deal. Never tried the ConsumerReports thing, but I don't think it's very valuable. Just use the invoice pricing - holdback as a benchmark. There are no dealer incentives at this time that I'm aware of.
  • gasmangasman Posts: 16
    I'm shopping the same car in NY. This looks like a good price. The dealers I've spoken with so far are quoting 400-500 above invoice. Your price is about 250 below invoice.

    What dealer is it?
  • Post the car info in the Real-World Trade-In Values topic and see if Terry or one of the other guys can give you a good estimate on the price.
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    I have not seen anything about a $500 rebate. That'd be great but think it may be over.

    They have reinstituted the low apr so that probably replaced the rebate.

    If anyone has word on the rebate, I would appreciate the information.

    Thanks for everybody's input. I thought it was good but got second thoughts...Never bought a new car before...
  • Thanks Bobo. I'll try that.
  • prism3prism3 Posts: 4
    Bought a 2005 silver streak mica Corolla LE , AT , with ABS brakes, cruise control, front airbags, side curtain airbags, 6 -CD player, All weather guard, Floor mats.
    77.48 B&O Tax
    1437.89 Sales tax
    68.25 license
    35.00 documentation fee
    Total out the door
    I am not a strong haggler but I started at invoice and held firm when I got to my "goal"
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    Okay, the salesperson was full of it and did not honor his oral agreement for $15,7 as reported earlier.

    Bought car today, from another dealer for $16,000 (plus tax, title)

    2005 Corolla LE
    Audio Value Pkg (VV)
    Side curtain (BE)
    All weather Guard
    Carpet Mats
    (same as above but may have left something out).

    The car had 156 miles so figure that was worth getting it under invoice. Though my sister is really digging into me for buying a new car w/156 miles.

    What is your opinion of 156 miles vs. 300-400 dollars saved...? It is my first new car purchase and the first dealer really knocked me for a loop...I was just so happy to get it under invoice...(Forgot that I had an offer of $16,1 but don't know the mileage on that one so who knows...)

    Thanks, this forum has been very helpful to me even though I may have made a gigantic goof.
  • gasmangasman Posts: 16
    For the record, I got exactly the same deal from another dealer on Long Island.

    Most dealers were quoting 3-400 over invoice. I got a price quoted to me from Fitzgerald in MD ( which was about 700 under invoice, but included a $500 rebate. I used that to start the negotiating by saying make it worth my while not to go to Maryland to get the car! The dealer closest to my home bit and I took the deal.

    This whole process makes me sick. I hope it's a long time before I have to do it again.
  • Bought the car today from a dealer in Deerfield Beach, Florida

    Corolla S (MSRP: $16,817.41 Invoice $15,239(from KBB))

    I paid $14,900 but I almost had to drive away twice from the dealership. I went in 2hrs before they closed on a SLOW Sunday, which probably helped me.

    My car only had two options:
         - 6 disc changer
         - Enhanced Power Package (power windows and cruise control

    I also own a Lexus IS300. This Toyota S is an incredible car. Good Luck!!
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    COngrats on your purchase. Glad the board was helpful. Just having information and tips from other people is a tremendous advantage when shopping. Congrats again!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Have bought a Camry from the same dealership back in '95. Not a pleasant experience, but I did hit my price goal, so took the deal. Also bought on a sunday. The paperwork took like forever, and they didn't quite understand the word "NO" when they kept pressuring me for add-ons.
    Did love the '96 Camry though! Since I live out west, was a far trek, but the Coconut Creek dealer was even worse!

    The Sandman :-)
  • basubasu Posts: 1
    I am from NY, long island and thinking about shopping for the same car you just bought. Could you give the dealar's name you shopped for and your suggesstion about which one to go with.
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    Send me an email and I'll be happy to tell you.

    This car better last forever. I had a nightmare of a time with Toyota dealers. The $15,7 guy was so unconscionable that I was compelled to file complaints with everybody and anybody, as well as friends. Word of mouth. Though I was warned about that dealership previously, as long as they honored the price I had no problem with them. But due to the warnings, I continued to shop for a back-up plan. Thank goodness.

    This new car is replacing a 1990 Toyota Celica ST with over 224,000 miles. But I doubt I'll get that kind performance from the Corolla. The Celica will be donated somewhere later this week. Probably 'songsforlove'; their ad said they were in Good Housekeeping, on Rosie O'D's show and others so they seem more legit than the other ads.
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    Good luck basu. I don't envy your shopping experience. Mine was a nightmare!!!

    I am advising sister and brother to go to MD to visit . I am so intrigued to find out if they are too good to be true. It is a hassle to go out of state but if I never had to deal w/another buying nightmare, it would be worth it.

    I am dedicated to Toyota-- and I'd have to be to endure the hell of the Long Island dealerships. It would be nice to know that my next purchase, years from now, will be trouble free.

    fitzmall stated that they are the ONLY dealer to receive the ISO for the way they do business. Not sure if that is just for the region or not but it reads as if for all regions. Not sure what ISO is but it must be very special.

    If anyone has purchased from them, either on the internet or in perons, please let me know how it went. (I'd want to go in person).
  • macedonmacedon Posts: 27
    Unable to edit my post above. But reading more about the waste tire fee, the dealer is exempt but the purchaser pays unless they are exempt.

    The link I had above was just a form for the dealer. There is an explanatory bulletin explaining it further.

    I guess this shows how much I hate my car dealership!!!

    Sorry for the useless post above. Perhpas the host can get it deleted.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    I took it out per your request. Have a good weekend!
  • teddy1teddy1 Posts: 1
    I wonder if Edmunds TMV pricing is accurate.
    I paid $13,000+195(document fee) for an 05 corolla ce, 5spd, +mats, +weather guard.
    The document fee of ~200 seems standard at all dealers I went to.
    Edmunds says the invoice on this is $13305 and the TMV is $13863. I am not sure if this includes the ~200$ dealer document fee.
    How did I do so well? I worked a couple dealers off each other but did not try too hard. Anybody else finding TMV too high?

    By the way, I just noticed that if I go to the dealers web site and kill the window a $100 coupon (in addition to final negotiation) pops up. Wish I had seen this before. Give it a try for your dealer.
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