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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    Or ABS? How come?


  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776 and use the "Build Your Own" feature. The reason is that Toyota isn't making it to your configuration for your region.

    Also, track down cliffy1 and ask him, he's a Virginia dealer.
  • bearabullbearabull Posts: 3
    I was very happy with my experience at Arlington Toyota. I first dealt with them through the internet, I think it was invoice dealers. Then once I got a price from libertyville toyota, I sent it to a few local dealers to see if they would match. I finally went to Arlington and asked their internet sales manager how he came up with the price and he actually came down another 500. I order the basic XR in cosmic blue with the moonroof, cruise, carpet mats for 550 over invoice.
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    Edmund's lists price of sunroof and leather at about 1000. This includes a cruise control. Price of sunroof alone is 800. Price of cruise is 250. Toyota's build your own car allows you to add leather at no charge. Has anyone tried to add leather without a sunroof?
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    I've seen 03 Corollas CE with auto in ads for about $14k. Anyone pay close to this?
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    Paid out the door price of 16400 for LE, Auto, Cruise, Etr CD/Cassette combo, 5 piece mat set. No Corollas on the lot in our area, but they ordered one and they said it came off assembly line yesterday.
  • saturnfansaturnfan Posts: 40
    Actually was able to get a Corolla CE 5 speed for $13,996 w/o one red cent of adds from Southeast Toyota Distributor.

    Was treated great at Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, NC. They showed me the allocated car coming from port and had Southeast drop the $159 carpet mats. Then, as I requested, they threw in Toyota all-weather rubber mats which I prefer immensely over carpeted floor mats.

    Got the car right off the truck and it was prepped perfectly.

    Very happy with what I got in the base model which comes std with A/C and CD/cassette.

    Ha, ha, Southeast, you couldn't stick me with any distributor addons.

    Now have 1 Saturn & 1 Corolla.
  • lily888lily888 Posts: 12
    Hi, It is my first time to buy a car. So a little scared.
    I live in Detroit. I am I'm interested in 2002 Honda Civic EX and 2003 Toyoda Corolla CE. Which one will be fit for the snow weather in Detroit? I usually use my car to commute to work and occasionally drive 4 hours to Chicago on holiday. Could anybody recommend me which one I should buy?
    BTW, some people told me that it is a better deal to buying a one or two years used car still within warranty than buying a new car? Could anyone also tell me your opinion on it?
  • Our "Out The Door" price was $16,000. This was for an automatic,moonroof,upgrade CD/Cassette,6 speakers,5 Floor Mats.We did not get the leather package with the moonroof.We kept the cloth seats.
  • lily888lily888 Posts: 12
    Now another question: The ABS system is optional of Toyota Corolla CE. So could anyone tell me if it worth to add ABS? Thanks.
  • dogtrainerdogtrainer Posts: 96
    You really can't go wrong with either of these cars. They will both do OK in the snow as long as you know how to drive in it. I'd suggest you drive them both and buy the one you like best. Don't listen if either salesman bad mouths the other car. As far as ABS goes, I'd say definitely get it, and pay extra if you must.

    It is true that you can get a better deal buying a two year old car, especially if you buy one that is in the dealer's preferred warranty system. This gives you a warranty almost as good as a new car.
  • tom3ktom3k Posts: 91
    ABS is very popular and on a lot of folk's 'must have' list, but I've only had one car with ABS - a 2000 Honda Odyssey - and despite the weight of the car (over 4K lbs) and the power of the engine (which causes me to often drive maybe a little faster than I should ;-)), I have yet (2.5 years+) to brake hard enough on the car to kick the ABS in.

    My Matrix, which is the same platform as the '03 Corolla and I assume the same brakes, has the standard brakes which have done a fine job stopping the car. If price is an issue (it definitely was with me), I personally wouldn't consider lack of ABS a deal-killer.

    Just my $0.02.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    ABS can be very valuable if you live in areas with slippery surfaces like New England. When you brake with ABS and are trying to turn at the same time, the ABS keeps the wheel rolling. Only when a tire is rolling, can it apply lateral forces properly to generate a change in direction.

    What I found out about ABS availability is that Toyota really isn't making this option available except in very, very limited quantities. It is standard on the XRS, where I guess the marketing geniuses at Toyota think the pocket-rocket racer crowd and car mags consider it a 'must have'.

    But you basically can't get it in New England or Upper Mid-west on a base or XR. My dealer said they've tried to build special order ABS, but the car doesn't get built that way!

    If you want ABS, check dealer inventory at dealerships from Savannah to Baltimore. It's warm, balmy and a part of the country where ABS is much less valuable to owners, therefore its available!
  • iwphilliwphill Posts: 48
    I bought the base Matrix 2 days ago w/auto, CD/Cassette, cruise control. MSRP = $16,504, paid $15,604. Extremely happy with it.
  • We purchased our 2003 CE Corolla middle of May and to our surprise (and the dealer's) it was made in Japan! A "JT" as they refer to it(pertaining to the VIN) If it starts with a JT, the vehicle's final assembly point is Japan. Every other Corolla we have looked at was assembled in Fremont, California. Any others like it out there? We're just wondering how many snuck in.
  • jeff925jeff925 Posts: 1
    I think I got a good deal today in Charleston, SC at Gene Reed Toyota.

    I got a a lunar mist colored XR with stone interior, automatic, two wheel drive plus the following

    Moon Roof and Air Diverter
    Day Night Mirror
    Fog Lights
    Cruise Control
    Mats (Front and Back)
    Cargo Net and Tie Downs
    Rear Bumper Guard
    16" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    Rear Intermittent Wiper and Defroster
    Toyota Guard Package
    AM/FM CD Cassette 6 Speaker Stero
    Snap on Cover for Back Storage Area
    Two Remote Entry Keychain Fobs and Keys
    Power windows and locks
    Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob

    for 18,300 cash out the door price which includes tags and taxes.

    It just came off the truck and they will deliver it tomarrow. I can hardly wait to go cruising in it.

    Another dealer in town would not come off the list price a cent and only had one black basic
    model on his lot. Said it would be a week or so to order one in from somewhere and would be in the neighborhood of 22,000.

    Has anyone posted pictures anywhere of how a XR
    would look with tinted windows around the "cargo"
    area as I am thinking of doing this?
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    I "bought" a Corolla two weeks ago. They tell me it will be here Saturday, after 1st saying it would be here today. They said it went to the port in SC first, then they told me Florida. I thought these cars were built in Canada, but maybe I am getting one built in Japan. If I ever actually get to see my new car I will check the VIN number and see from that where it was built. They can't keep a Corolla on the lot in our city. They are a hot car right now, and apparently Toyota cannot make them fast enough for the demand.
  • brs12brs12 Posts: 3
    Just owned a 2003 Corolla LE Automatic for $15588

    The dealer (Burien Toyota in Seattle) told the invoice of the car is 15288 (which I dont think so but anyway) and I paid 15588 ... happy with it.

    Options include:
    FE, CK, CL, EJ, C1, GN, CF

    Had a bad experience with Toyota of Kirland where the dealer took the deposit promising to get the car in 3 weeks maximum and after 2 months did not have anything.
  • brs12brs12 Posts: 3
    goldendoll, I just got a 2003 Corolla LE automatic, and its VIN number also starts with "JT".

    Is there anything particular about this ... or that i need to be aware about.

    Thank you.
  • richdogrichdog Posts: 1
    Live in Charleston. Got the Matrix XRS with all the standard options, manual 6 speed. Cosmic Blue Metallic in dash 6 disc cd changer with bazooka subwoofer and amp. They also threw in some carpet mats. Take home was 18865.

    Don't pay for the Toyota Guard Package, it's a shame. Comes standard on all models. Dealers just like to throw it in there to raise the price up. Also don't pay for a paper processing fee. That's b.s. 2.

    Also, don't buy from Gene Reed or West Ashley in Charleston. Go to Beaufort. Stokes Brown Toyota. They'll hook you up.
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