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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Recently bought a 05 LE white with sun roof/moon roof, Alloy wheel, 6 Cd changer, cruise control, mats and cargo net for 14400 without tax and fees. I could ger CE 06 with AT and A/C for 13100 without tax and fees , but decided to buy other as it has more feature just for 1300 more. I think it was great deal???
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    Wish I were in college and not an older person to get the price break....What am I saying...Don't ever want to be that young again. Too many mistakes made ;)
  • Lotus,

    You didn't mention your interest rate, but I am guessing about 6.75% to have a payment like that per month. Not too bad depending on your credit but there are incentives out there if you qualify (2.9%-4.9% depending on loan term). Also, 72 months for the loan seems too long, I have only heard of 24-60 months.

    I got the LE model for about $14,800 just over what you are paying for the CE (which is a lower model).

    Figure out what your invoice price is on the car you paid (also find invoice price of the options you mention (remember 1-disc CD player is not a bonus as they are standard in all the Corollas)... if you paid near invoice then great.

    Also, never negotiate your car price based on monthly payment, as there are many ways they can throw in fees and still make your mo. payment be low (by increasing the loan term which it looks like they did)....
  • How good is mine deal?? -- LE 05 white, with JBL 6 CD changer and 6 speakers, Cruise control, Aluminium Wheel, power tilt/slide monnroof with inner mirror, carpet floor mat and cargo net - all for 14400 including destination and excluding TAX and fees. I also got 2.9 APR for 36 month. MSRP of this car is 18174 and Invoice was around 16500.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    I thought the JBL system would have 8 speakers not 6 as is my new 06 model. Just a question. How does it sound ? Have not recieved my car yet, and interested... Thanks
  • priyadarshi,

    Where are you getting this deal ? I am just starting looking for corolla's in DFW area. I am afraid the dealers here are not discounting corolla's this much.
  • That deal is bogus. There is no way a new Corolla will sell for $2,000 less than invoice. It just won't happen. Carmax can only do a couple of hundred below invoice and they are usually the cheapest by far.

    This is either the quote for a demo/test drive model or he's just making it up.
  • The JBL Audio upgrade is a 6-disc CD-player with 8 speakers
    The Value Audio upgrade is a 6-disc CD-player with 6 speakers

    They differ in price, my '06 LE has the Value Audio Upgrade and I think it sounds just great.
  • This is 05 LE, and the car sticker says " JBL 6 CD changer with 6 speakers". 06 LE might hane 8 speakers but I donot have any idea. Any how the sound of my car is great! better than music system at my home.
  • This deal is not bogus. This is brand new carolla, not a floor model. I actuallt went to buy a 06 Corolla CE and about to get in 13100, but than I saw this car and liked it better. I was able to bargain to 14,400. I even bought my 05 Cienna CE for 19600 including destination and excluding tax and fees, that is about 1900 below invoice(include 1000 cash rebate from factory).
  • I bought this car in California, ventura county region.
  • Yes, there is a "JBL Audio Package" and "Value Audio Package" for the upgrades on the Corolla.

    Both of these packages includes a JBL 6-disc CD player but the difference between the two packages is the 6 and 8 speakers... as I mentioned before. Someone made a comment that they got the JBL upgrade but it only came with 6 speakers or something... well that is called the "Value Audio" upgrade, not the "JBL Audio" upgrade.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    The JBL audio upgrade is $531.00 invoice with 8 speakers, over the normal 6 speaker audio upgrade, but does not mention the JBL name, and going for $180.00 over the $531.00 for JBL. Confused yet ? :confuse:
  • I'm looking for a 06 Corolla LE auto with Audio value package (VV), All weather guard (CK) and carpet mat.

    When comparring the price online, Edmunds gives me $15,327 (destination fee included). But Carsdirect shows a higher invoice of $15,658. MSRP on both sites are the same, $16913. Why is there $331 difference between two? When you guys said you're buying XXX below or above invoice, which one did you refer to?

  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    NADA and Edmunds and the Consumer Reports vehicle print out all have different Invoice prices on the same Corolla LE, and cannot figure for a moment why they are different. Two of the reports have the same MSRP, but one ( Consumer Reports ) is slightly different... Cannot figure out why either. Maybe some are referring to the Invoice that was provided by the Dealership. Thats the one I want to look at and have my copies as well, when the vehicle arrives from Japan.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    Update to my ordered 06 Corolla LE with spoiler, JBL sound system, ABS, mats, splashguard, auto dimming mirrors....I ordered over a month ago, and was told it would be here within 4 to 6 weeks. That has now past, and have been told it may take a couple of more months, not sure. They say its difficult to get the ABS, and JBL on a vehicle from the factory... Ya, right.... I think they just want me to purchase from whats on the lot...

    Anyone else have this order delay, buy whats on the lot gimmick ?
  • I can actually see this happening around here too. For some reason, the 8 speaker JBL isn't immediately available around here because it's not part of any of the set option packages yet. Add on ABS and you're talking even more rare. Just try and ask for the front and back airbags and watch them laugh.
  • Just got it for $15,078 + (tax, tag, and $99 processing fee) from Carmax at Laurel, Maryland.
  • What options did you get?
  • I'm looking to buy a corolla S type 2006 and none of the dealers in the TIDEWATER area in virginia carry a 6 CD CHANGER...why is that? do i have to ask for the UPGRADE ??? :confuse:
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