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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doulosdoulos Posts: 5
    Sorry, that was an automatic.
  • homethhometh Posts: 7
    Can you explain what's the VV discount? Thx
  • homethhometh Posts: 7
    Hi, all: :)

    I got a quote of $16300. So $14,493+$335(AB)+$600(SR)
    $122(cruise)+$580(destination)= $16130

    so the price is ok to buy? :confuse:

    Thx. :lemon:
  • doulosdoulos Posts: 5
    VV is the audio value package that contains a six CD in-dash changer and cruise control.

    There was a $250 discount listed on the factory sticker that applied to this option.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 227
    $13,780 for a base CE with no options? Wow. You should come up to Massachusetts. There are two large dealers up here that advertise that identical car every week in the Sunday papers for $10,900 brand new. You guys are getting ripped off.
  • akhanakhan Posts: 23
    Thanks a lot for this info, BTW I am going to testdrive the corolla today, in light of the $500 cash to customer incentives going on till 01/31/06, do you think the price should reduced further by $500 ?

    I will make an offer for $15000+TTL.

    Any other discounts/incentives/rebates going on that I should know about especially on packages and options?

    I am even beinging to wonder what the diff is between base CE and S? anyone done this comparison?

    thanks a lot folks
  • homethhometh Posts: 7
    Thanks a lot for this info, BTW I am going to testdrive the corolla today, in light of the $500 cash to customer incentives going on till 01/31/06, do you think the price should reduced further by $500 ?

    Is there any incentive of $500 now?Can you explain more?
  • The $15.5K is with the $500 rebate but you could offer them that. Anything below $15.5K +TTL is acceptable.
  • Which dealerships are you speaking of, and is the price of one with options also cheaper?
  • side curtain air bags , up-graded 6 cd changer radio , ABS , floor mt pkg and something else that was out the door price in NYC .
  • After test driving the civic and mazda3, I decided on a manual corolla.

    I was pretty tired of shopping around and wasting time, so I walked into the dealership and said, "I want otd below 16k with power everything and remote keyless, along with auto."

    Saleslady said that simply couldn't be done (she actually wearily laughed), but she said she could get me a manual phantom grey with 3 miles on it with ev package 1 and the 6 cd and cruise for 17.3k otd. I told her no way...I got it down to 16.9 + floor mats (woo-hoo, floor mats!) plus a few free oil changes and car washes (woo-hoo! car washes! lol).

    It was a manual, and I had to pay more than I wanted, but I got decent financing on it, and I'm done buying. I wouldn't have bought the car but the manual was SO much smoother and peppier than the auto. Additionally, I had a clunker of a car with a broken trunk with accident damage, two broken doors, keyed paint, broken windows, and it barely ran...they gave me 600 for it PLUS they opened the trunk for me so I could retrieve my Christmas presents for the first time! I stole a peek at the paperwork and although they tried to get me on some other stuff, it appears (I could be wrong) that they lost money on this. I figured that I could probably get them to come down more, but I was tired of negotiating and just wanted done. The saleslady from the internet dept was really nice, actually. THe financing fellow was furious bc I told him point blank, "I don't want anything else. Just the loan for the car."

    Anyway, I think the manaul runs so much better than the auto. Here in the tricounty area gas prices have caused the corolla to be VERY much in demand. It's crazy what some dealerships wanted. I laughed and walked out on more than a few.

    Camry also has huge discounts now too as they're trying to shove them off of the lots. I know you can buy an le otd under 20k, which is not bad a'tall.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 227
    The dealerships I'm speaking of are Boch Toyota and Ira Toyota in Mass. Both have one brand new "stripped" Corolla CE listed on each of their lots for under $11,000 in this week's Sunday Boston Globe. They appear to be automatics as well, as neither dealership has listed any manual Corollas on their websites for as long as I can remember.

    Based off of this pricing (well below invoice), I can't see why you wouldn't be able to negotiate somewhat similarly on a Corolla with options.
  • Paid $15,074/- OTD for Corolla 2006 CE with all power and floor mats, NO Extras.

    I got $400 for Student Financing and $500 for customer rebate.

    I bought @Charles Maund at Austin, TX.

    Similar config costed 16,500 and 17,200 at Champion and Classic Toyota.

    Charles Maund rules..thanks.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 227
    "Similar config costed 16,500 and 17,200 at Champion and Classic Toyota"

    Seriously? I can't believe places are charging that much. I could get a loaded LE around here for less than $17,200 easily. Anyone who pays that for a CE with minimal options should be put out of their misery.

    I wouldn't even pay that in Canadian dollars.
  • Dear all,

    Trying to get a 06 LE (auto)
    AB BE FE VV P4 M5
    So far quoted at 17,000 before rebate
    need help

    Got another "invoice" from a dealer in Dallas. Listed
    TMF--(what is this?) $200
    Base-Veh-HB (base vehicle hold back)$322
    TAF--(what is this?) $295
    PIO-HB (port installed holdback) $18
    Finance Reserve $161

    I want to get ride of these fees, but need to know what TMF and TAF is. I assume TAF is also known as TDAF(Toyota Dealer Advertising fee). They should not charge any hold back at all since by doing so they are double charging. If the car is going to be delivered in 2 weeks from Gulf State Toyota(distributor), they shouldn't have any finance cost either. But TAF or TMF... I am lost in how to argue my way out.
  • I was offered 16500+TTL for a Corolla S with all of the options that I wanted, Moonroof, EVP #1. Is this a good deal or should I see if I could get something better?
    I live in AR and edmunds quoted at 17328+TTL

    Thanks for any info.
  • Hello my name is CJ Im trying to get a corolla S and I need advice since this will be my first car. What price should be paid for the Corolla S with rebates before TTL.
  • In N. California, I recently paid about 16,300 (plus TTL) for a Corolla S with auto, side air bags, Extra Value Package and ABS. In addition to this, I got the $400 grad rebate through Toyota finance. They are not offering the other rebate here, just the low finance rates.

    Since rebates are paid for by Toyota Corp., you should definitely negotiate the price of the car before including any rebates. They don't cost the dealer anything.

    We negotiated entirely on the phone by comparison shopping through Internet and Fleet managers, who tend to be much more straight forward and knowledgeable than regular salespeople.
  • leo12leo12 Posts: 5
    HI cooldoc:
    I would appreciate the name and city/town your dealership is in?
    thank you
  • Whatever they are, I did not pay them when I purchased my matrix in October. I am beginning negotiations on a corolla LE now. If I get these fees to I'll let you know.
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