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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Very good price for LE. Can I ask you where did you buy this at.
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Has anyone bought a Toyota from a dealership around Boston? What has your experience been?
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Is that manual transmission?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    It is manual - Corollas only have a 4 speed automatic. Yet another reason to get a stick!! Of course, I would still buy a stick, even if a 6 speed automatic was available!
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Where in Mass didd you buy? I am looking for a corolla, automatic with ABS brakes? Do you think I can get something in the 13K range?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Boch seems to have good prices and they list "their" price on their website. I have not bought one yet but am also very close to it. If you can do a search on these threads for Boch, I think you'll come up with something.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Boch dealer in MA seem to have very good pricing. I have the quote for 2006 Corolla S Auto, Extra Value Package, All weather pack, Six disc CD, Floor mats for $15700 + TTL extra. Probably if I pursue seriously I could easily get couple hundred dollars off. But the thing is I live in Michigan. Is there a way that I buy from Boch and pick the car from the local dealer in Michigan. I guess this would be a possibility if the dealers across the different states have some kind of understanding or something like that. Please share your experiences.
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    Yes, it's manual. I bought it at Sloane in Devon, PA. I'm very happy with the car. 37 mpg on my first tank with zero highway driving!
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Check out post #1046 (and other posts by joelansing). Not sure if you're near Lansing, but this seems like a good deal. I was thinking of bringing this figure to Boch to see if they could meet it. I still have to get some details in order.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Is this auto trans? Aslo do you mean the Audio Value package with Six disc & cruise. Could you please list the options you got. I live close to Lansing and the price seem to be very good, I might buy from them
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Thank you for the lead.
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    See posts 1046 & 1056 also, I have to believe they are offering a better deal now because the $500 back is in place. Let me know how you make out.
    PS-Joelansing never replied to my postings.
  • Hi folks, can anyone tell me how much I should offer for this 04 corolla?

    Sticker Price $13,995
    Body Style Sedan
    Mileage 28,432
    Exterior Color Met. Blue
    Engine 4 Cylinder Gasoline
    Transmission Automatic

    LE AM/FM Stereo, Air Conditioning, Cassette, Dual Front Air Bags, FWD, Moon Roof, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, Premium Sound, Premium Wheels, Single Compact Disc, Tilt Wheel

    Edmunds is quoting 14,500 dealer, 12,000 trade in, however a friend of mine thought I should get it for about 12,500 to 13,000, out the door (assuming an included 1,000 tax and tag). How low can I realistically push below Edmund's dealer average?
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    How much do you think is fair for an automatic LE with ABS and side air bags?

    Edmunds invoice is $14,583.. and True Market Value is $15,071...

    I have been emailing with a local dealer who tried to tell me that invoice is actually $16,633 (yeah right) and that the best she could do is $15,993...

    What do you think is a reasonable price for this car?
  • dad1216dad1216 Posts: 1
    Purchased a Corolla CE with power windows, power door locks, keyless remote, power remote mirrors and some minor dealer added options today for $13017 + tt&l. Should I have tried to do better? I am in the Houston area.
  • ricoucfricoucf Posts: 21
    Courtesy Toyota, Orlando Florida
    06 Corolla LE Automatic
    Carpet Mat, trunk mat, audio Value Package (includes Cruise Control and six disc cd changer if I'm not mistaken if not it was included in my vehicle anyways), Toyoguard Protection (Most toyota in the southeast includes this option)
    $14000 plain + $500 dealer fee + 1000 in taxes, tag and title = 15500 OTD

    I had to negotiate a bit and had to leave the dealership then they called me. I don't know do you guys think it was a good price?
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    What do you think is a reasonable price for the automatic LE with ABS, sideairbags?

    Edmnds invoice is $14,593 and TMV is $15,071... I am in Massachusetts.

    I am looking into getting my first car and dont want to get ripped off.......
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    I'm looking for similar deal and from what I've seen you do alright.
    Enjoy your new Corolla!
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Thanks..What do you think is a good price range for this?
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    I'm no expert but I am looking for a LE automatic with side airbags package.
    Invoice is $15,726 and here in so cal there is a 500 dollar rebate. We here pay about 9-10% TTL. So figuring 10% it would be about $16748.00. I think there is an aproximently $300.00 holdback for the dealer too. I'm not sure how that works in and what other incentives dealers would have.
    But mid-16's or a bit lower would be decent and is probably OK.
    Also if you can wait until end of the month near when the 07's come out you should get better deals.

    I'm just being super conservative on the prices. Hopefully you can get it below invoice plus TTL.

    Anyone else have any ideas on pricing?
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