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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • just went for a test drive. Manual LE is hard to find in Chicago. Also test drive the Nissan Versa 1.8S 6M power with ABS. Got quote for 13K. The ride is comparable to Corolla but doesn't have the track record of Toyota. That will be my alternative.
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    LE MT with ABS and sidebags are near impossible to find here in denver as well (explains the price I guess), but without the side airbags, safety a definite issue. The corolla's quality seems quite good, don't know about the versa. Still, hard to believe a $1,600 price difference (+TTL) between denver and dc and, evidently, chicago.
  • Which Chicago dealership did you go through? $15.7 is about $400 less than I paid. Sounds like a great deal. What other options are included besides ABS and side airbags?

    Mine included the following options (almost all Corolla's in Chicago include the last 3)
    BE Side Airbags,
    AB Antilock Braking System,
    VV Audio Value Package $200
    CF Carpet Floor Mats
    CK All Weather Guard Package

  • Grossinger City. Same options. Toyota is giving $500 rebate this month. Do you know anything about this dealer? And, which one you go to? have a good day.
  • I went to Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge. I haven't heard much about Grossinger except several years back I heard some complaints about there service department. If I would have known I could have saved a few hundred dollars, I would have definitely driven the extra 10 miles.

    How much negotiating was there? I had a really hard time just getting to $16.1 (including the $500 rebate).
  • Just got the Corolla from Chicago Northside Toyota/Scion for $15.6K sharp. Grossinger's price is from their internet manager.(No negotiation with Grossinger, starting at $15,781.) Took this price to Chicago Northside Toyota- I tell them I can get the car for $15.7K sharp and ask them whether they can beat the price. The manager initally claims $15.7K is as good as it goes. I hate buying cars. True cost is kind of a guess for the consumer. I use the target price in as a reference. I heard you can get true cost from some website if you paid $35. have a nice day.
  • jessrjessr Posts: 5

    I wrecked my beloved 7 month old Matrix last week and find myself car shopping again after such a short period of time. Since I can't get a 4WD Matrix, I don't want to spend the extra money for a 2WD Matrix and figure I'll just get a Corolla. At my dealer, there are Corolla's available with and without ABS. The cars with ABS also come with driver side air bags. These cars are about $1000 more than the ones without ABS and side airbags. I'm trying to decide by tomorrow, when the $500 rebate period ends. I would appreciate any help deciding if ABS is worth it.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Get the ABS and the side airbags - it is worth every penny.

    Just a note - you said they come with driver side air bags - actually, they come with driver and passenger side air bags.
  • Corolla is rated poor on side crash testing without the side airbag. Corolla buyers, like myself, are planning to keep the car for a long peroid of time and use it for daily driving purposes. i.e. you are going to drive a lot (increases exposures to accidents) and the investment is not sigificant if you are planning to keep the car for a long time. (e.g. 10yrs, 100-120s/yr with interest, 10/month.)have a nice day
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,951
    Most insurance companies used to give a discount for ABS-equipped cars.. Do they still do that? Or, if not.. do they have a surcharge for non-ABS cars?

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  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    When I got my '99 Corolla LE 5 speed manual with ABS (special ordered), the insurance did not care that I had ABS. I cannot speak for today, but I would bet there is no discount.
  • I got some discount for having ABS with Geico
  • A while ago, I asked about a Corolla from Fitz in Gaithersburg. Because I live out of state, they said that the dealership has the ability to issue a temporary tag for the vehicle to be driven to the state it is going to be titled and registered in. They would have the car ready the same day and would take my personal check. They also offered to take an additional $250 off of their website price if I bought the car within the next couple of days. Anyway, I decided to keep my old car which has served me well.
  • Allstate definitely has an Anti-Lock Break discount. It is about 10% off of Collision, Bodily Injury, Property Damage coverages.

    The agent might not ask about it but they can figure out if your car has it based upon the VIN.
  • Got one today. Phantom Gray Pearl S Automatic with floor mats and Extra Value Package #1 (Alloys, Spoiler, PW, Keyless Entry, Cruise) MSRP 17,760. Bought for invoice ($16,444), plus TTL, minus rebate ($500). Added 6 yr/100k warranty for $1275. Dealer was asking $2195 for the warranty. Finance guy got my rate down from 6.9 to 6.35 since I got the warranty. Normally don't get them, but need to commute 500 miles a week in addition to regular driving. Will probably be close to 100,000 in three years. Can sell the car with 90K and still offer 10K warranty. $2000 down and $327/mo for 60 months. Without warranty, my monthly would have been $311. Figured $16/mo for the peace of mind was worth it. Sold my 03 Corolla to brother in law a couple years ago and he has 80,000 trouble free miles on it. Capitol Toyota in San Jose.
  • Walk in and ask to speak to the internet/fleet manager. Don't bother with any salespeople. Tell the guy you want to pay invoice on any Corolla on the lot minus any rebates/incentives. Tell him you are a serious buyer and you will buy if he agrees. Don't say this if you are not sincere. Trust me, he'll go for it. Don't get hung up on the actual dollar figure. Stick to invoice pricing. Be careful not to get gouged by the finance guy when you sign the papers. See your bank or credit union to get pre approved for a loan if you are financing. That way you'll know if you're getting a decent rate from the dealer. Good luck.
  • I'm trying to buy an '07 Corolla S in southern Nevada with stick, ABS, side air bags, and power window/keyless entry package, but in one internet quote and a quote from an internet salesman on the floor at another dealership, the invoice includes around $330 for TDA, over $300 for Dealer Holdback, and another $150 for Wholesale Financial Reserve. Internet Dealer offered $500 under invoice, Floor Dealer offered $100 over invoice. At the Floor Dealership I visited today, they also said I would have to pay $389 in documentation fees and $299 in Vehicle Theft Insurance (VTR). This adds about $1500 to the ~$15,500 invoice price, and I still haven't paid taxes or tags! Since it wasn't on the invoice, I'm thinking Internet Dealer will be pulling similar moves if I buy there.

    I tried to argue the point of why I should not have to pay dealer holdback or WFR, but the salespeople (two in team, of course) at Floor Dealership I visited said there's no way they can drop it, good luck finding a dealership that will.

    Let's not even discuss the documentation and VTR fees - yikes! Why do I have to pay these?

    I had some questions on various features of the car, like how DO I fold down the backseat, and what is this Security light flashing all about? But the guy they sent out with me wasn't able to tell me if it was an alarm or just some flashing red light, what this other cryptic button was, and insisted the rear seat did not fold down. Yah - nothing like knowing your fleet! Considering how ill-informed he was, I can't say that I trust their salesmen to know about what fees are bogus or not.

    So, I'm waiting for my Fighting Chance packet to see how much I should really pay for this thing, but worry that I won't find a dealership nearby that will accept *MY* reasonable offer. I'm planning on doing a "fax attack" to dealerships in NV, AZ, UT, and AZ. Hey, I'll travel if it means I can save a couple of thousand dollars! While I wait, I fret. That Corolla S I test drove today was mighty cute!

    Ah, well, gives me time to sell my Kia Sportage for downpayment money.

    Are documentation fees and TVR valid? They aren't even on the invoice, I just asked if the price they gave me was the out-the-door price, and then they told me about the added $700+ (there's also a $29 title fee, which I can see as valid... I think. I mean, at least it's under $100!)
  • The $500 below invoice sounds great, but they are trying to hit you for $389 doc fees and $299 VTI. Both are bogus adding $688 to your deal. Really they are selling at $188 over invoice. The TDA is the fee Toyota charges the dealer for advertising. I don't squabble over it. IMO, it's a legit cost the dealership has to pay. Holdback is money Toyota gives to the dealer once the car sells. It's extra money in the pocket of the dealer. I usually don't even squabble over this either. I figure it's the dealer's profit on the deal. They gotta make something to pay the electric bill and to pay for the free hot dogs. It's only a 2% profit. Now the dealer pays for the car and finances is from a bank just like you do. They pay interest on the car. The longer it sits, the more they pay. Not exactly sure what that $150 charge is, but I think it's related to the interest the dealer has to pay to finance the car. Here's my take. Have the internet manager print you the invoice. Offer the total invoice price. Tell him you won't pay doc fees or any other fees other than tax, title, and registration. Finally, don't trade in your KIA. They will at best give offer you 80% of the Trade in Value. Sell it on your own first. Corollas are always on the lot. Good luck.
  • You should be able to get that vehicle for $15,581.00 plus TT&L. Some states regulate the maximum document fee others don't however $389.00 sounds excessive. Keep in mind this is the last year of the current generation of Corolla's so prices have come down as have the Civic prices.
  • I bought my corolla LE automatic -2007 in Harrisburg,PA faulkner toyota
    It includes
    BE - driver and passenger side curtain airbags
    CK - All weather guard package
    W - Audio value package am-fm-indash cd (6)/6
    speakers CRUISE CONTROL
    DK -- Preerred owner's porfolio
    Z1 -- carpet floor mats cargo mat cargo net

    $ 16,372 BEFORE tax is it too expensive???
    I paid too much ?
    Thanks for your reply.
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