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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • netannetan Posts: 1

    I am in Bay Area. I am looking for a new corolla 2008 LE. I was quoted on following options

    15" Aluminum Wheels w/P195/65R15 AS Tires
    Driver & Passenger Side & Curtain Airbags .
    Anti-Lock Brake System
    AM/FM/In-Dash 6-Disc CD Changer w/6 ......
    Speakers and Cruise Control ................
    Carpet Floor Mats (4pc. Set) ..............

    The quoted price is 16281 + 1430 (tax) + 212 (DMV) + 55(doc)
    Total out of door price 17978

    Can some one help me decide if this is a good price or should I look around more.

  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I don't know if it will help you but in September I purchased a Corolla S with an MSRP of $19,500 in the Los Angeles area and paid $15,515 after rebates. We took it out of state to register it so that price included no other fees, all we had to add was the processing fee of $55 and the state sales tax. Then when we got to the state it was going to be used in we had to pay the registration fee costs.
  • Sorry if this is too late to help you - but I've been shopping around a lot for mid-size sedans in Houston.

    An elantra was offered to me with all the same features and more for an out the door price of about 17500. - Burl at Hub Hyundai. Very nice man.

    I kept looking because it had more on it than I wanted...I have been able to find a Corolla CE with BE and UP and Keyless entry for 15100+TTL. I hope that's a good deal!!
    Hub Hyundai couldn't match that price and it wouldn't have been reasonable for them to do so since the CE I'm getting didn't have cruise control, fog lights...even floor mats.

    Anyway, all that to say, you maybe should visit a Hyundai dealership and get a quote on the Elantra with those items. Your salesman will tell you that the Elantra is not as good and the Corolla will last forever, just point out the Elantra has a better warranty and ask them what they can do. It's only about 500 bucks off so they should work with you after that.

    Or get an elantra, they are very nice cars, maybe next time for me :)
  • I just started researching compact cars for my husband and based on the rebates being offered, the Corolla seems like the best value for the money....but after reading some of the posts I'm wondering if I'll get even MORE value for my money if I wait until the 2009s come out.

    This latest rebate for $1,500 on the CE "ends" on 1/2/08, but then again it looks there was already a rebate for $1,000 on the CE which "ended" in October (unless I misread the posts and that was for the 2007 CE).

    Should I wait for even more rebates and deals? It seems odd that the 2009 would hit the dealer lots in February when the all the dealer websites I checked out (I'm in the DFW area) show that their lots are FILLED with the 2008 Corolla CEs?!

    I don't want to miss a good deal, but I also don't want to buy too early if there really will be some serious deals happening after Feb. when the 2009s hit.

    Should I buy or should I wait?
  • Generally speaking, a $1,500 rebate on a $15,000 Toyota car is pretty darn good. Things will almost certainly get slightly better if the lots are full of 09s in Feb., but the dealers know what they doing and much of the discount available then can be gained now. People are getting stripped CEs in the $12,000s. That is what my Mazda 323 cost in 1988. This car isn't going to be $5,000 off, you are probably just fighting for the last few hundred dollars. If you can get a good deal now, I'd go for it, especially since you will have much more of a choice of options and colors now. I would imagine that whatever is left of what you are seeing out there now is what you will still be picking from in 2 months.
  • joep3joep3 Posts: 4
    On December 24th I purchased a loaded Corolla S for $15,444 plus TT&L (after rebate) from Longo Toyota. This car had a MSRP of $19,500. I'm from Orange County, CA and wanted the car for my daughter's Christmas present. I could not make a deal with any of the local dealers in my area after 3 days of trying. I then decided to look at Longo which is 55 miles from my house. To my surprise I made the deal over the telephone in less than 5 minutes at a great price. I used Longo's Internet Dept. and dealt with David Cheng. I was even more surprised at the level of service the dealership provided, no hard sell on low jack, extended warranties, alarm systems, etc. I would have to say it was the most pleasureable car buying experience I've had.

    Needless to say my daughter was thrilled on Christmas morning when she saw the car in the driveway.
  • Central Arkansas, Northpoint Toyota

    Paint/Sound Shield Package.
    List: $$15,640, $1,500 Rebate.
    Paid $13,300 out the door.
    I refused to pay the $129 DocFee & $15 Mystery Fee?
    Thanks to Toyota, Vibe & Matrix Forums, I will install (with factory parts) Cruise control for $75 & Fog Lights (Factory Switch) and E-Bay lights/relay for about $120.
  • Hi All,

    It would be really great if anybody could help me out on this issue. I have a 2006 Corolla LE with 41000 Miles in it. Am getting 10 MPG in city driving. And i tested in the freeway and am getting 32 MPG. What could be tthe reason? I bought this car from a dealer as a used one.

    Hope i can hear a solution soon...
  • Bought 2008 Corolla S

    Extra Value Package #1
    Includes cruise control, steering wheel mounted cruise controls, power windows with driver's side 1-touch down, remote keyless entry, color keyed rear spoiler and 15" x 6" alloy wheels

    AM/FM 6CD Changer w/6 Speaker Audio
    Includes AM/FM radio with 6-disc in-dash CD changer and 6 speakers

    $14500 + TTL (INCLUDES $1500 INCENTIVE)
  • fer2fer2 Posts: 3
    Dude, Awesome Deal Where did you buy this , how did u get this deal ?
  • fer2fer2 Posts: 3
    I am planning to buy 2008 CE with Power window, doors and cruise .. what will be the decent price. I am getting quote 14.8 + 231 (DMV, ttl )... Is it good deal ?
  • 1. Research the car on the internet. Look up the retail price, invoice price, the average selling price, price of options, and any rebates offered.
    2. Email all your local dealers and ask for quotes. Even if you are not planing on visiting the dealer, get a quote anyway! The more quotes, the better.
    3. Plan what dealers you will visit and plan a route. Don't plan on just visiting one dealer and getting a good deal. Start your day early; if the first dealers fails, go to the next.
    4. Be strong and confident when u visit the dealer. After all, you will have a folder with all your internet research printed out. Those quotes and prices you got will be very powerful weapons when it comes time to deal. Do not show the least bit of intimidation, they will take full advantage of it.
    5. Be defiant. They will try to control you. If they ask you to wait, don't wait, go walk around and see more cars. If they ask you to fill something out, tell them you will fill it out as soon as you agree to the right price. If they want to discuss how you will pay or if you have a trade-in, then again tell them that first you need to agree on the price. You can even get up and use the restroom in the middle of the deal; show them you will not be controlled.
    6. Decide what you want to pay and DON'T BACK DOWN. If that's all you can pay, then that's all you can pay. Explain to the dealer why you feel the car is only worth that much and make sure you stick to it. Don't even let them talk you into paying a couple hundred more; after all, would you hand me a couple hundred just for the heck of it?
    7. If all else fails, walk away and tell them you will think about it. Visit another dealer.

    What kind of a deal did I get? Not a bad one.
    Corolla Sport.
    Retail: $18,100.00
    My Price: $15,000.00
  • fer2fer2 Posts: 3
    Great,,Thanks a lot for the detailed information ! also 15K is un imaginable price dealer did n't come down to me below 16.5K$...

    What is the package infor u got for Sport model , just the Extra value Package ?
  • Wow!! Wished that I saw this site earlier. I thought that I got a good deal now I am not so sure anymore. Live in NJ. On Dec 31st: I purchased a 2008 LE Corolla Demo model with just under 6,000 miles on it. Automatic with added features of ABS, Side Airbags, Audio package with cruise, weather package. Got it for $15,600 plus additional taxes and tags, etc. Got it down from $18,300 MSRP to ly $16,200 then with a $600 rebate it was $15,600. I They told me got a good price. Honestly, did I now considering already had miles? Oh, also got them to give me 4 oil changes/filter coupons. (had no trade ins)
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 31
    Unfortunately, I think you were robbed. I got the same car, new, for less. Plus unlimited free oil changes and state inspections.

    This is a great site for researching pricing before you buy. Now that you found it, hopefully you'll do much better on your next car.
  • Hi,
    I am getting e-mail quotes from dealers in the Portland, OR area for a 2008 Corolla CE. The average price seems to be around $15100-$15200. This includes the Upgrade package (power doors/locks), floor mats, weatherguard package and cruise control.
    A rebate of $1000 is factored into this price.

    Does this seem like a good price for this car? Should I wait till the '09 Corollas come out to buy an '08?

  • you should be able to get an additional $1,000 - $1,200 off , plus the $1,000 rebate for a total of $2,000 - 2,200 deduction from the window sticker . Let us know how yeh make out . GOOD LUCK
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me why you think I can get it below invoice (because getting $2000 off $15105 would mean they will sell it below invoice?

    I am dealing with the Internet department in most of these cases and they refuse to negotiate.

  • glenglen Posts: 17
    Hello Cathy,

    From Dec 24th to Dec 31st I was looking at a Corolla. It (they) were CE's w/power package and floor mats. The lowest price I found was 12,899. The dealer in my area was 12,999. The colors available were white, tan, silver, black -if I remember.

    Glen in California. The prices above are after rebate.
  • Hi All
    This thread is amazing. I am gettin 15888.39 OTD on 08 Corolla LE VV ( without ABS and side curtain airbags) in bay area. Could you guys please help me is this a good deal. I am a first time buyer and kinda lost actually

    Thank you
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