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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    .....know what kind of highway MPG the '98-'00 Corollas with manual trannies get? I've heard the '01 and newer ones get low to mid 40's, but they are somewhat different than the previous models. I'm just wondering if the two are comparable.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    There is definitely a problem with your car. There's no way it should only be getting 20 MPG. I would ask for the service manager and he's not willing to resolve your issue, I would take it up with the district manager.
  • vinsvins Posts: 1
    I owned a 1992 Corolla for 8 years already. Two months ago, I had the same problem. Do this; if your car is a manual clutch transmission, tried push start the car. If this is successul, then your engine starter is out of commission. Most likely your starter's motor run out of carbon. I had this changed for about US$25 in Malaysia. If you own a auto-transmission, then you can't push start a car. You will need to dis-asemble the starter and have a qualified mechanical verify it.

    If you still cannot start your car but now that your starter make noises(starter+battery are working now) while you turn the car key, your fuel injection distributor (a black cap that connect electricity to all your spark-plugs) is out. It happened to me 3 years ago.

    Good luck.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    My '99 LE 5 speed manual gets 38 mpg flat 70 mph highway, summer gas.
  • Occasional sporadic faltering was cured with gas-line antifreeze (methyl hydrate) to remove water in the gas. A week later the problem recurred, so I replaced the fuel filter and again added methyl hydrate. Problem was solved for a few days... but is back again! What does it take to get the water completely removed; or am I dealing with an additional problem?
  • I just replaced timing belt & head gasket. (168,000miles)I also had head checked & machined. The problem is the car runs excellent. idles great, but check engine light comes on only when I shift from 1st to 2nd gear and the rpms hit 2000.But I can leave the car idle for hours and race engine and there is no check engine light. I read the codes and keep getting code #52 the book says timing retardation. please help!!! anything would be appreciated. thanks
  • When the battery is OK but there's no response to turning the ignition key, the problem is usually the ignition switch.

    This switch is located directly under the key cylinder, and can usually be accessed fairly easily by removing some plastic shrouds over the steering column. ;)
  • I have the same car. One possibility is the safety switch that is activated by depressing the clutch, if you have manual transmission. If for example the floor mat is misplaced near the pedal and you are not completely depressing the clutch pedal, the switch is not activated and your starter motor will not get the message to turn. Worth a quick check!
  • sdesde Posts: 42

    I have an '05 Corolla LE. Last night, I noticed that there was a small, but definite stream of hot air coming through the dashboard vents even though the fan control was in the OFF position. (The temperature control had been turned all the way to hot.) I also noticed that when I turned the temperature control all the way to cold, the air through the vents cooled off. The A/C was off, as was the recirculator. The dial on the left was set to blow air through the dashboard vents only.

    This is my first car (so maybe I just don't get the concept), but I would have thought that with the fan off, *nothing* would be blowing out of the vents. Am I wrong? Does the temperature control actually do something even when the fan is off?

    Thanks so much!

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Completely normal. If you do not want any air coming through, you would have to turn it to recirculate. Otherwise, the force of the car moving through the air is going to give you some air flow.
  • sdesde Posts: 42

    Thanks so much for the info!

  • I have an 03 LE. It has been running rather well for the last couple of years I have had it. But recently, when I try to shift out of PARK, the shifter will not respond unless I press that little square button next to the shifter. I have tried turning the wheel to see if it would click; it keeps on going. What could be the problem because it's getting annoying?
  • I had a geo prizm(corolla clone) that I had to take to the toyota dealership for the same problem. What my was, this is a safety mechanism that tells that you have a safety issue. I had no brake/tailights due to a short. When this was repaired, the problem was fixed.
  • .
    We put Michelin Harmonys on our Toyota Camry about a year ago. They are quiet on bare pavement, and good in wet weather. Performance in several inches of snow is also good. Being a Michelin product I expect they will be long lasting. I recommend them highly.

    Wal-Mart sells an almost identical tire under the Michelin Symmetry name for about $30 a tire less. If I had known about Symmetrys at the time I would have bought them instead.
  • I have a 91 corolla manual trans car.
    when i start my car in the morning and go in the first two gears, it stars jumping a little. when i keep the clutch pressed half way i can get rid of this. But then some times, when i am driving on the second gear, and leave the throttle (to slow down), it starts jumping. Does anyone have a similar problem? does anyone know wht the probs might be?
    i warm up the car for around 5 minutes before taking her out.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    .....a '99 LE. Overall it's a very nice car, but I have noticed one thing about it that's a little annoying. While driving down the road and encountering uneven road surfaces (not short, choppy bumps, but longer, more gradual surfaces differences that tend to make the whole car move on its suspension) the entire car seems to swashbuckle (for a lack of a better term). I can push down on any corner of the car and there doesn't seem to be any excessive bouncing that would indicate worn shocks, but the way the car rides it acts exactly like the shocks are worn. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, what was the cause?
  • I have a 2004 Corolla SE which generates a high pitched intermittent sound when I drive it over 60MPH. I had it checked out at the dealer 6 months ago, but they couldn't find out what was causing it. As a result, I gave up on and just dealt with it. This past weekend, I happened to rent a 2004 Corolla from another state and it did the same thing as my car. Now I believe my car wasn't a fluke. Does anyone know what may cause this and would the warranty cover the repair? I tried to take my car in into another dealership today and they indicated that I have to pay for a diagnostic charge. I can only repeat this when the dashboard is hot and when I am driving in excess of 60mph. It almost sounds like morse code. Thanks.
  • Hi All,
    I have an 02 Corolla LE and while driving to work this morning, huming along @ 70+ I heard a little "boom" and lost power briefly and then the car resumed heater was on. Later, while at lunch, I started the car--I forgot to turn off the heater and the car wouldnt start and hold an idle. I turned the heater/fan (it was on "high"...I wanted to listen to the engine) and as soon as I turned the heater/fan off...the engine started right up and it idled just like nothing happened. I called Advanced Auto to get an opinion...a guy I talked to said that I should check the vaccum. When I got home, I let the car idle again and turned on the fan to low and heard a "whosh" and the engine struggled to idle....turn it off, works fine. I really don't want to take it the dealer, especially when the tech I spoke, doing his best Wizard of Oz cowardly lion impression, cheerfully told me that "it could be about anything".

    Smithy :sick:
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ....for post #2178?
  • I bought ny 2001 Corolla new and have put around 150,000 miles on her so far. Other than a cat converter and o2 sensors the vehicle has been very nice to me. I still get around 30 -32 miles per gallon. Lately I ve noticed that the engine is using oil at a very fast clip. Ok besides that I have developed a low sound coming from beneath engine probably exhaust manifold as the rest of exhaust system appears fine. I took the car into a local exhaust shop and the guy wants to charge me 550 dollars to replace the exhaust manifold because the exhaust is leaking into the passenger compartment and to get rid of the noise, Will this cure the noise problem and is that a decent price. Thanks for any help.
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