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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • 95lsi95lsi Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 95 prizm (same as corolla). It was the ignition coil. Shop online for the part. Or if you can't wait go to the chevy dealer and ask for the ignition coil for the prizm. Same part but they will charge less than toyota.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2005 Corolla S. Up until a couple weeks ago the headlights worked fine. During the morning, they would automatically come on if it was still a bit dark out. They went out automatically when it got lighter out.

    Now, when I started the engine the headlights come on and stay on until I turn off the engine. It's almost like the light sensor doesn't realize it's light enough to turn off the headlights.

    Any ideas on what I can check? Dirt on the sensor?
  • bean24bean24 Posts: 2
    I don't have coil ignition, it is a distributor. Does that mean i need to buy a new distributor? Thanks.
  • c2cpc2cp Posts: 11
    My 01 corolla s has a rattle when the engine is idling high from first start up and when its in gear from the engine being under a load from backing up a hill. I checked exhaust plates and everything was ok. My father has a 02 corolla ce and its doing the same thing I also have a work buddy who has a 02 and his is doing the same.
    All three have over 60,000 miles. Has anyone else had this problem or know what it could be? I was at a local dealer the other day picking up parts so I decided to ask about it and they said they never heard anything about it before.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    You have daytime running lamps that are always on, the sensor just increases the intensity of the headlights and turns on the rest of the lights. Your car is fine.
  • celenacelena Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 Corolla with about 114k miles. The check engine light has been on for about two years now. When it first came on, I noticed no difference in how it ran. Then as the weather got hot, it started to hesitate or skip, or cut off. And when it's really hot outside, I have to start it two or three times before it will go. But once it starts, it's fine. In the winter, I have no problems at all.

    It has been to the mechanic twice and they are basically screwing me around. The last time I took it it actually ran worse when I got it back. Now it doesn't accelerate properly at low speeds. Before I have to find somewhere else to take the car, I decided to try to get some kind of idea what is going on. The codes coming up on the check engine light are "bank one too lean" and "cylinder misfire." Now, please forgive my ignorance, but from what I've been reading this could possibly be caused by a dirty or bad MAF sensor. It also seems that this may have something to do with how it starts in hot weather. Am I right in this? Or do I need to keep looking? Also, if it is the MAF sensor, where is that so I can check it?
  • I have a corolla 2000 and have over 70000 miles. When I drive the car below 65mph, I don't have any problem. But as soon as I go beyond 65mph, the steering wheel shakes. Other than that, the car runs smoothly. Is it a serious problem? Thank you.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    You need to have your wheels balanced.
  • alex24alex24 Posts: 54
    Hello, I have the same problem with my 98 Corolla, I balance the wheels, turn the brake rotos, check the brakes and calipers,the CV axle joints, and none of this has helped, my steering wheel vibrates left to right and feel floor board vibate too at high speed, what I found as the possible problem, is the axles shake up and down right where it sits in the transmission or transaxle,So the axle rotates in a out of round rotation causing the vibration at faster speeds, which this should mean the transaxle bushing or bearing is worn out big time, right where the axle slides into the trans. get under car and put your hand on the axle near the trans and shake it , its not suppose to move, I am still working on this problem, this is something that should not have happen, I notice that my older Camry has a extra support bearing at approx. half point on the axle shaft which helps support thr axle, and the 98 Corrola does not have the added support bearing on the longer axle side, this is why it looks like it may have wore out the trans bushing that holds the axle in place. I am still in the process of finding out what needs to be done to fix this loose motion in axle where it goes into the trans, both axles do this in my Corolla but the passenger side is worse,if this seems to be your problem too keep me posted , and email me , so we can discuss this issue ans what can be done, write to,
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    The mass airflow sensor will always be right near the throttle body. Find your air filter, follow the plastic tubing to the engine block. The point at where they meet is the throttle body (a plate that controls air flow into the engine). The MAF will be in that area. It must be tested electronically. The symptoms you describe seem consistent with a defective MAF, however, I am not qualified or experienced enough with Toyotas to give you any assurances. The "too lean" statement implies an excess of air relative to fuel. If you already paid the mechanic twice, make him prove that it wasn't the MAF before going to a different one. The symptoms are in line with your self diagnosis and a mechanic should have definitely ruled this out.
  • theflushtheflush Posts: 100
    This is a common problem from what I have read. The MAF sensor is on the air intake box and can easily be removed by disconnecting the wire harness and removing 2 phillips head screws. Get a can of electrical contact cleaner and spray the 2 tiny wires inside the sensor and then reinstall. This is not the only cause of the P0171 code, but is a common one and costs almost nothing as a first attempt at fixing. If the sensor is bad and must be replaced, I think the part is under $100 at most auto parts stores and is easy DIY.

    The misfire code could be completely unrelated to the MAF. Check you spark plugs for fouling and make sure all wires are secure.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    I am betting that it is a wheel bearing. Do you have any irregular tire wear?
  • alex24alex24 Posts: 54
    The wheel bearings are fine, and no irregular tire wear,I feel the vibration only when going between 60 to 70 MPR, and then there are some days of driving I do not feel this vibration, The Toyota Mechanic said it may be poor qulity tires I may have on the car.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    imidazol97, bottgers, user777
    There is no question that the dealer wanted and tried hard to take me to the cleaners. Also, this was my first visit to this dealer svce. dept. with a 2004 car. They didn't know where the car had been serviced, and attempted to scare me into letting them perform expensive work on it.

    I was assertive, firm but polite in asking to perform the work under warranty only. I was painfully aware that the car was in their hands and was worried that they were going to do something to screw me for refusing to let them double dip. As it turned out, the right side of my bumper had a pretty big scratch, which I didn't see when the car was brought to me.

    The service adviser explained that the charcoal canister and VSV part regulate the fuel intake and cheap gas may have caused the parts to fail. Which it means that the injectors, lines and the tank needed to be clean, the guy said. He said all this after hinting that I may have neglected the car somehow.

    I wrote a letter to Toyota as soon as I received their questioner. I don't expect anything to come of it though.
    Toyota is huge and why should it pay any attention to me?

    Overall, I'm satisfied with my Corolla after 2 years. Other than this problem, the car has been reliable and continues to be frugal on gas. Two complaints: The driver seat is not very comfortable and the gas and brake pedals seem too close to each other. I don't know whether the Corolla is the best car around, but it's a very good value.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Yeah, my prime suspect is tires that are out of round. These days, this is a much more common problem than balance - any idiot with the right equipment can balance it properly the first time, but all it takes is for the tire/wheel assembly to be off by as little as 2mm, and you're going to feel it. One of the classic symptoms is that it will "come and go" - depends on how the tires sat overnight, and where the high and low spots are on each tire.

    This is a sensitive chassis. It needs four quality balanced and round and straight tires to run without the shakes. There are no shortcuts.
  • acarlsacarls Posts: 1
    hi i'm also experiencing a hard starting problem specifically in the morning when the car is parked all night and in the evening in time for me to go home from work. i've had the electrical system checked (except for the alternator) they said there's no problem, i've had my carburetor cleaned and some parts were replaced such as the pump jet and some jets inside the carb, still the problem persists, any suggestions? i badly need one. thanks.
  • ducexcrewducexcrew Posts: 4
    Bought a used '95 Toyota Corolla with about 100000 miles on it, ran perfect for a couple months and now it has about 110000 miles.

    With no particular cause that I can think of, three days ago the car started violently shaking when it was in any of the drive modes, or reverse, when I was fully stopped. It now has rough acceleration from a full stop (Or near stop, car just shakes a LOT when under 10-15mph). Ride is as usual when about 20+mph.

    Sometimes I'll be driving, and it won't be shaking, and I'll come to a full stop. The car won't shake, and then I hear a noise that I can only relate to a mechanical switching over of some kind, and the car resumes shaking. So the problem is sort of intermittent, but I'd say it does it 95% of the time when under 15mph.

    Two questions:
    1) What the heck is wrong? (I'm assuming it's the transmission, but does that mean it's dying? And how long 'tll then do you suppose?)
    2) I am going on a trip tomorrow of about 450 miles non-stop (Only a gas stop). Suppose it's safe to take my car?
  • alex24alex24 Posts: 54
    motor will shake if you have low compression in one or more cylinders, Do a compression check, if one or more is out of range, its most likely a valve leaking, the pistons and rings should not go bad, If possible you need a valve ajustment job, my 1993 toyota 4 cyl. motor shakes at idle and on some exceleration, I had low compression in number 3 cyl. I had to pull the head off and take to machine shop, A valve in number 3 was bad, gave it a complete valve job, reinstalled the head and now runs great.
  • ducexcrewducexcrew Posts: 4
    Would that be a horribly urgent problem? Or could I proceed on my trip tomorrow with no hesitation?

    (Assuming that is the problem, I understand that it may very well not be)
  • gmt1993gmt1993 Posts: 2
    I have 1991 Corolla, it has a problem with the 5th shift Gear. When I put it, it comes out after a while.
    What is the possible problem and Soln. Please :cry:
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