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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,644
    Looks like a lot of oversell. You may have gotten what you paid for, but did you need it, is the question.

    I'd say, in my opinion, that coolant flush was not necessary, throttle body cleaning not necessary, trans flush not necessary. The rest doesn't look too bad.

    The problem is that the "list" at 36K is not all mandatory. Some of it is optional, but they don't really tell you that.
  • rose920rose920 Posts: 14
    "30k, 60k, 90k, 120k Synthetic service $425.95 "? That is the standard charge for service at 30,000, 60,000, etc. I figured that out too late.
  • So here the thing, Went in to change my oil and i belive I might have removed my transmission fluid instead, To make sure I want to know where do I put the transmission fluid. Look in the owners manual, couldnt find anything. I know I didnt change the oil couse its still full.
    Help please :D
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Tranmission fluid is always added to the same dipstick tube where you check the same fluid. Use a long pointy funnel to add it.
  • togrovetogrove Posts: 24
    Hey folks, I have a 1998 Corolla and Air Conditioning just stopped working. Actually I didn't have to use A/C for the past 6 month, and this was the first time I tried to use it this season. I turned it on for about 20 minutes but still no cool air came out. What could be wrong? This Corolla only has 71 k miles. I checked the owner's manual. I didn't find a place where I could refill or recharge anything on the A/C. Does this mean I will have to bring the car to a mechanic? How much would an A/C job normally cost? Thanks.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I agree with Mr. Shiftright that it's a case of "oversell" and that you likely got what you paid for but your car likely did not need it. The good news is that your car is now in great shape! :D

    To avoid surprises in the future, get friendly with your owner's manual and try a little library reading on the topic of auto maintenance and then start practicing the fine art of saying "No, thank you" when replying to a mechanic offering a service not included in the manual. I usually ask for an explanation of any extra service and unless I feel it's absolutely necessary, I decline it. Keep track of the "advice" and if you feel that it actually may be worthwhile get it done the next time or when you notice your car needs it.

    p.s. you may want to find another mechanic, too.
  • airbossairboss Posts: 17
    Okay, I'm a bit confused. Bought my daughter a new 2010 Corolla S today. Dealer said 'it does not have auto headlights'. Forgot to look at the sticker, and the manual is in the car. We went out for ice cream tonight and I was going to show my daughter about Daylight Running lights. Started the car and the headlights AND the tail-lights came on. Turned the headlight switch to on, then off, nothing changed.

    So, does it have automatic headlights? My recollection, with most cars, when Daylight Running lights are on, you have no tail-lights on.

    I don't get it.
  • It has auto lights. My wives '04 has auto lights. There should be a sensor on the dash for them.
  • airbossairboss Posts: 17
    Thanks, will dig out the manual today. Kind of interesting that there is no way to turn the headlights off. Most vehicles I've owned have an 'auto' position, plus a manual on and a manual off position. This car only has off, parking, on, and no matter where I positioned the switch, the headlights remained on (if the car was running). It was dark outside.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Yes, that's the way my 1999 works too. The only way to have the headlights off with the engine running is to set the parking brake and then start the engine. As soon as the brake is released, the lights stay on. I have no complaints with it.

    On the other hand, my '07 Camry has an off switch to completly turn all lights off. The only hazard is you could accidently turn to off and not have any daytimes on.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Congratulations on the purchase of her new 2010 Corolla. I think your the first 2010 poster. Keep us informed on how you/she likes the new for 2009 EPS steering. It should be interesting to see if Toyota retuned this steering for 2010 due to the number of complaints they received about it's roaming phenominum. Best of luck with the new car; I'm sure she will just love as I love our 2009 XLE.
  • msirishmsirish Posts: 1
    I gave my 1997 Toyota Corolla to my daughter in LA. She just called to say that the key willnot work. I believe Ihave heard that replacement door keys (not the new computerized one) can be bought at the dealerships. IS this right?? Anyone every have to replace a door/ignition key?? This car is still good, and her main transportation. So, we will need to find a replacement key quickly!
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    It says automatic headlights on the web site it says (Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with auto on/off feature) Then also (Aerodynamic multi-reflector halogen headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    Go to the site below hope this helps

    Good Luck

  • Due to the design of the older Toyota locks and keys they are prone to failure. I'm a locksmith and repair these all the time. Sometimes you can get by with just cutting an original key. Other times it requires disassembling the ignition or door locks in order to rebuild them. The failure is caused by the split wafers/tumblers inside the lock. There are 2 of these inside all of the locks. They are installed as a security measure but they do more harm than good. I say this because the split wafers/tumblers wear down the sides of the key removing the essential parts need and sometimes it can even lead to the split wafers/tumbles to collapse and trap the key into the ignition. This is rare but not uncommon by any means. So whenever I have to rebuild one of these locks I remove these troublesome wafers/tumblers.

    I recommend skipping the dealer all together. Most of them can't cut a key right to save their life. First lubricate the locks with either WD-40 or TriFlow (my preference) and by all means don't use graphite. Next find a local locksmith (with a shop, this could be a hard task) and see if copying the key will cure the problem. If he doesn't think that will work after looking at the key ask about a code cut original key. If the keys aren't too badly worn he may be able to read the cuts and cut an original. If you can provide said locksmith with the key code number that will be most helpful. It is possible the dealer can provide you this number but the vehicle could be too old. Around here we go with a 10 year rule. If it's older than 10 years the dealer will not have it in their system with the exception of Honda. Your Toyota dealer may still be able to access it though so there is no harm in trying. If you were/are the original owner then it should be recorded on the paperwork somewhere along with the little metal tab given to you on the key ring. Last but not least the key code is also located on the passenger/right side door lock cylinder but you have to remove it from the car in order to see it. If you decide to remove the lock just take it to the locksmith and let him retrieve the code off of it.

    Next if the the key fixes the problem but not completely ask the locksmith how much he will charge to remove the ignition cylinder and possibly the drivers side lock to repair them (usually the 2 most commonly used and troublesome on the vehicle). If he tells you that you will need a new ignition and or door lock (assuming you drove the vehicle to him) find a new locksmith because he probably doesn't work on these often or he is trying to get over on you (most locksmiths are very trustworthy you will find so I don't think this will be an issue) and you need someone whom is used to working on these from day to day like myself (sorry I'm on the east cost).

    If after all is said and done and you can't drive it at all check into having a mobile locksmith come out. Make sure you call a company that is reputable and stay away from any locksmith whom is using a 1-800 number. Go for the companies that have the nice ad's and or have a shop. There are a lot of so called locksmiths out there taking advantage of our customers and most of them seem to be stemming from the 1-800 number ads.
  • sep1078ussep1078us Posts: 6
    Hi, i have a 2009 toyt coroll LE, it is allmost 1 year i brought this and i am in NJ, for the first 5000 miles when i went for serviceing they charged me 60 doll, next 5000 they charged me $ 160.third 5000 they charged me $ 260, fourth again they charged me $ 160. is it every where or only my dealer...Please
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,644
    Well it's up to you to monitor what's going on here. Some of the "services" they perform may be optional or discretionary, and you should go down the list with the dealer and specifically delete those items you have found not to be necessary---like "fuel injector cleaning" or "oil additive".

    Also you have the option of going to an independent shop to have these services performed. Just keep a written record.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Just get the tires rotated and change your oil regularly and you'll be fine. Why waste your money on this unecessary servicing?
  • act2047act2047 Posts: 1
    I think I have blown a fuse on my Interior Power supply, The one that Is located In the rear console box. I plug my navigation system in to It, I had to pry a metal spring that was accidentally pushed up into it out, and I think it caused a short. I know where the fuse box is under the dash but cant locate the blown fuse. Anyone know the exact fuse location and what size it is as in 15A, 10A, .
  • mxmurphymxmurphy Posts: 1
    6 months ago I bought an 05' Corolla CE form my high school aged son, from an elderly man. The car had 8900 miles. Last week the check engine light came on and after mush diagnosis my mechanic says he thinks the computer needs to be replaced. Did you have an extended warranty carrying up to 80k miles or is this standard?
  • xsupan0vaxsupan0va Posts: 1
    Hi I drive a Corolla 07. One day I returned to my car in a parking lot and I saw this damage on my car. My insurance is $750 deductible. The Insurance rep told me it would cost less than 750 so I will have to pay for it out of pockect. Can anyone tell me what that part is called and where/how much I can order that part from? I think it is cheaper to have to order myself than from the shop. Thanks for any help!
    These are pictures of the car.
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