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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • sshisshi Posts: 2
    I got my 2001 corolla LE 3 months ago, and put 3K on it. One day I found it was difficult to accelerate. It turned out that the transmission was broken. Can you believe it? The service man replaced the transmission with a new one. And it took two weeks for them to do so. I picked corolla because I thought it was the most reliable car. Now I donot believe in it any more.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    Sorry to hear about your tranny trouble on your new Corolla LE - that's what I bought about 5 weeks ago - so far so good with mine - you said it was difficult to accelerate - you mean from a stop or changing gears? Thanks - by the way, what color is yours?
  • sshisshi Posts: 2
    It happened all of a sudden when I try to merge onto the high way. I hit the gas, and it wouldnot go beyond 40 MPH. It was smooth before that. Anyway, I am depressed. It is silver.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    that is depressing - mine is mystic teal - hopefully everything will be OK with your new transmission-
  • dmendeldmendel Posts: 16
    I have been experiencing increasingly louder brake noise on my 99 Corolla LE with 26K miles. About six months ago I first started hearing a faint intermittent squeal from the front right when applying the brakes. I had less than 20K at that point, but I assumed that the brakes pads were wearing down and this was the warning sign. So I took it to a mechanic and he said the brakes were fine -- more than 80% of pads left. But the squealing has now gotten much louder over the past couple months -- you can hear it even with the radio on in the car and it is annoying the hell out of me. Now I just started feeling slight shimmy/vibration in the wheel when applying the brake. I posted a message a while back and was told the noise was normal for non-asbestos pads. But I doubt the vibration is normal too. I am taking it in to the dealer tomorrow. Question: is this a result of normal wear and tear? Or is there likely a defect here? Do other people have such noisy brakes? I can't imagine that this is normal. I anticipate a fight with the dealer, but I want this taken care of under warranty. Do I have a case here?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    I don't think so, since brake squeeling can be the result of many variables working at once. It is an annoyance, certainly, but not a defect per se. Of course, you should have everything checked out to make sure nothing's loose in there. Sometimes changing out the pads for different ones will help. Some cars are worse than others. Volvos were notorious squeekers for a long time.


  • truckdude1truckdude1 Posts: 88
    We rent The CE and LE corolla, they seem to give us the least amount of trouble over all Domestic or Foreign compact cars, the motors are peepy and smooth, and we sell them and people come back to us with 60-80K miles and are satisfied,The corolla is a nice car, but yes breaks do tend to go out on Camry and Corolla for some odd reason, but i would like to know your guy's advice on the LE corolla are the nice and how good is the motor and everyting you can tell us?
  • kareskikareski Posts: 5
    I have a 93 Corolla with 215000 miles and runs great. Recently when I make right, sometimes left, turn I get a chirping sound that sounds like it is coming right below the driver's side area. I was thinking if the power steering fluid was low or the belt loose that may be the trouble but everything seems fine under the hood. This sound only happens when the car is warmed up plus I feel no mechanical difference in the car. Has anyone out there had the same trouble?
  • medardmedard Posts: 12
    Some meat products were left in the trunk of my corolla for 1 week before I remember them. The trunk still smells badly even after thorought cleaning. Any help out there? Thanks in advance.
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    I have a 5 speed corolla with only 200 miles on it, I have noticed like a rotating noise intermittly while driving. But when I press the clutch and hold it down while shifting the noise gets a lot louder......Any ideas anyone???
    I am bringing it to the dealer on Friday
  • Hi,
    What's the difference between SOHC & DOHC.
    I have a 94 Corolla 1.6L. What type of engine does
    that have?
    Is it Interference fit
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    A SOHC has one overhead camshaft that operates both intake and exhaust valves.

    A DOHC has a separate camshaft for each set of valves.


  • txrosetxrose Posts: 7
    Hi, I have a 95 Corolla with 80,000 miles. Bought is used, have had it for two years with no major problems. The radio is not factory, but was installed when we bought it and has never caused problems before. Last week my son drove the car and told me that the radio kept going off. I dismissed it because I had been driving the car and had not had any problems. The next day we were 60 miles from home, the radio went off, the air conditioned went off, everything stopped, and we managed to get off of the interstate. Car would not start, had to be towed home. My mechanic could find nothing wrong except for corrosion on the battery. He cleaned it and charged and the car ran fine all week, going to and from work, approximately 12 miles one way. However, today I was about 20 miles from home and the radio cut off, several times. I got home okay, but needless to say I am afraid to venture far from home any time soon. Has anyone else had a problem like this, I really would love some feedback, I need to get this fixed. Thanks.
  • medardmedard Posts: 12

    Was your battery flat last time? How about the alternator, was it working properly? If the answers are yes in both cases, probably there is a bad ground in your circuit and it is easy to fix. The difficulty is to locate it, and the mechanic has to spend hours and cannot charge you an arm or a leg for the fix. That's why most of them are not eager to do the job.

    Another hint, did you have a collision recently (even a minor fender bender)? Good luck.
  • terceltom1terceltom1 Posts: 150
    I want to find your auto repair shop! I don't know of any repair shops that would spend hours trying to find an electrical short and not charge full rate for the time spent looking for it. Which to me might be an "arm and a leg"
  • My dealer has quoted me $476.60 for the 30K service. This seems a little high. Flush radiator, replace oil/filter, service tranny, replace air filter, rotate tires, clean
    injectors. 1998 corolla auto. 1.8l eng. Only Dealer in town.. - Captive audience,
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    Sorry to hear that:-((

    I have got quoted for 310$ at one dealership and 350$ at another(plus tax). They cover everything you mentioned, besides cleaning injectors. May be you can cut price on refusing a injectors service. You don't really need this..
  • Well, I contacted a local shop. they faxed the requirements sheet for "heavy Duty service" - I checked the Manual - This meets the "heavy duty service" there and they Quoted me - in writing - $240 and for "normal duty" $123. Soo, think I will Go to them... They are ASE of Course.. :-))

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    To answer #410,

    All U.S. Corollas except the 1988 FX model have had DOHC engines since 1988.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I upgraded my tires on my '96 DX from 185/65/14's to 195/60/14's and within 5 minutes, I knew I had made a mistake. Luckily, the store I bought them from has a 30 day ride guarantee so within 24 hours, I went back and had the original size tires put back on. Drove like it used to so I'm sticking with the original size. Could be a fluke situation but think before y'all trade up in tire size. After almost 4 years with the car though, still love the ride!
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