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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    i would check an independent garage that has experience working on Toyotas. $350 is a lot for a 12 year old car esp for power windows
  • pasqualpasqual Posts: 22
    I feel the same way.You wonder the markup dealers make when they know the item can't be bought aftermarket.
  • aaron300zaaron300z Posts: 19
    it's not worth it to fix it. If i were you and you are in the mood for a nice ride, get the 2003 Corolla S model.
  • farrizfarriz Posts: 10
    I have a 92 corolla with the automatic transmission shift lever cover damaged. Iam able to shift the gears but I am not able to tell if the lever is in D or 2 or L since the gear shift indicator is damaged. I checked with the dealer he says the part costs only $6 but labor
    will cost around $200. Is there a cheaper way to fix this. I do not have a problem driving the car as it is but when I took to inspection here in NJ they rejected it saying that the indicator has to be fixed. Last time they passed the inspection without any question but this time they want me to fix it.
  • valleyguyvalleyguy Posts: 11
    Recently had to replace the engine mounts on my 120k '94 due to the same thing. Made a huge difference. Have it checked out.
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    I've had my Matrix for 24 hours; this morning I noticed that the door ajar light won't shut off even if all the doors are shut tight and locked. The only way to get it to turn off is to walk to the back of the car and open and shut the hatchback. The next I time I start the car, run it, and then shut off, the light comes back on, even if I haven't touched the hatch. Anyone else having trouble with the hatch?
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    Okay, my Toyota is smarter than I am. In case anyone else experiences this oddity, here's the explanation: when you lock the hatchback door, if you turn the key too far to the left, it causes the hatch window to open (it may not appear to be open, but it is unlatched). So that's why the door ajar light stays on even when everything seems to be closed. To properly lock the hatch, you have to turn the key to about 7 o'clock and then stop-- don't let it go all the way to 9 o'clock or the window becomes unlatched and you won't even know it.
  • Why are the keys even coming near the outside of the car? Your remote unlocks and locks everything. If you haven't touched the hatch there there is nothing to lock. If you use the hatch all you have to do is close it, it re-locks automatically.
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    I have the base model with no power locks or windows, hence no remote. So, to use the hatch I have to turn the key (pretty primitive, I know). When you turn the key too far to the left it pops open the glass. It's pretty awkwardly configured. But for the 99% of you who have power locks this will never be an issue.
  • Visit and search on NHTSA Campaign ID Number 02V074001 for an unpleasant surprise. I am going to call Toyota Canada tomorrow.
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96
    Wow...that is not good!

    As the Matrix is essentially the same vehicle mechanically and built in the same plant in Ontario, I would recommend that current Matrix owners tell your local service manager about this and he/she may suggest bringing it in for a tension check on those bolts. I would if I was the service manager...It would only take 10 minutes for each vehicle...and there aren't that many out there yet!
  • LOL never thought of that!!!
  • I've seen another post either here or on Usenent with a link that says this ONLY affects Corrolas and Vibes made at the US plant. I think I remember reading somewhere that no Corollas are being made at the Canada plant right now.
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    Yup, just the nummi plant...however, Corollas are being made in Canada. In fact I think all corollas sold in Canada are made at the Cambridge plant.
  • I received this reply from John Granery within 24 hours of sending my question. Impressive. Thanks John. Here it goes:

    Thank you for your query to Transport Canada's Road Safety web feedback. The 2003 Toyota Corolla US safety recall issued by the NHTSA on March 26 applies only to vehicles built at the NUMMI plant in California. All Toyota Corollas sold in Canada are built at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada plant in Cambridge, Ontario. Canadian Corollas do not have the axle assembly problem, and Toyota Canada is not issuing a recall. Road Safety is everone's concern. Thankyou for participating in our Road Safety Programs.
    John Granery
    Transport Canada.
  • I bought my matrix the end of February, XR model indigo ink blue. Had some problems, the passenger side window did not work (power windows). So that turned out to be a wiring problem. The CD player made scratching noises constantly, so the whole thing was replaced. Now, I just recently got my windows tinted, and my back windows will not roll down properly. Seems to be the rubber molding on the inside of the car, is causing too much friction with the windows. That needs to be fixed yet. Anyone else having these problems? or do I have bad luck? The dealer told me they have no other complaints so far with any matrix they have sold. Other than that, it's a great car.
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    No problems here with the Matrix. The rear hatch does sometimes make a short squeek when it's opened after being closed for some time. Also, there's a small rattle from the passengers side area but I know how to stop it so it's just a matter of taking the time to wedge someting to prevent the rattle. Other than that it's been fine.

    Normally when they tint the windows they take the door panel off...could they have caused your rear window problems.
  • 1matrix1matrix Posts: 47
    Can any Matrix XR owner confirm whether this vehicle comes with a "lockable illuminated glove box" and "interior mirror-mounted maplights"? The U.S. version of the 2003 Toyota Matrix brochure and Toyota's website seem to list them.

    However, a previous response I received said reading lights only come with the moonroof option. Is that true?
  • Hi 1matrix,

    I don't have a lockable illuminted glove box, but I do have interior mirror mounted map lights, that comes standard with the XR. I'm not aware of any moonroof option (probably a different cdn package).
    I know there are different options and packages in the states.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    who else has a corolla thats pulling left. funny my geo metro drove straighter than this. my car is started to make me not happy
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