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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • qualia8qualia8 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Prizm (Corolla that depreciates like a Chevy) is pulling left too, like someone else here... Also used to have a Metro that went straight, although otherwise there is no comparison between these cars that favors the pitiful Metro.

    I just got new tires (after 40K on originals) and had alignment double-checked. Still, at 60+ mph especially when accelerating, the car pulls left. It'll take me around a bend on the highway... a major pain.

    It's almost like the front right wheel is getting a disproportionate amount of power from the engine. Any ideas?

    Also, about high speeds, with my 5-speed manual, I've been up to 95 while pretty stable on the highway. 80 is rock solid.
  • themanzthemanz Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Corolla S model and have already put on 20K. My problem is that ever since the first 5K tire rotation, I been having a very rough and unstable ride. I have a feeling the tire company has been rotating the tires in an X-pattern rather than what the manual recommends and that is front to back & back to front only. After spending 4 hours a day driving and tired of the rough ride I had the tires replaced and still have the same problem. Wheels are not bent and I had the front end lined up. Any suggestions?
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33
    Does any one know where is the feul filter
    located in engin compartment?

    Your help is appreciated.

  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    jsleesi: try underneath the air box (you need to unbolt the airbox), typical location for toyota

    themanz: the X-pattern is a bit better, than the front & back method (which is easier to do). Just check each tire carefully for even wear.
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    I'm on my 3rd tank of gas and my mileage has been getting steadily worse: 1st tank=25 MPG; 2nd tank =21 MPG; 3rd tank=18 MPG.

    My car is the base with auto, and I drive in heavy Atlanta traffic, A/C on most of the time because it's already hot here. Also, I'm still in the breakin period. BUT I'm still concerned about the MPGs. How are your Matrices doing for fuel efficiency?
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    Thanks alot for the information, however I have one more question.

    Where is the air box located at? Are you referring to the air cleaner casing?

    Your help is appreciated

  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    air cleaner casing

    I call it the air boxYou're be needing some flare nut wrenches also (can't remember what sizes)
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    Thanks million for your information, now I am getting little bit smarter.

    God bless you

  • dogtrainerdogtrainer Posts: 96

    That shouldn't be happening. I haven't used the A/C much because it's not that hot here yet, but even the combination of traffic and A/C shouldn't drive mileage down to 18, IMHO. I'd suggest a trip to the dealer.
  • 1matrix1matrix Posts: 47
    I have owned a couple of Toyotas, and all of them had/have gas mileage equal to or greater than the EPA estimates. It does depend on how you drive the car, but 18 MPG is probably close to just 50% of what you should be able to get.

    What method are you using to figure out MPG?
  • Just picked up my matrix last week and I did notice the rotten egg smell coming through the vents. Thought I was crazy.
    Also have a problem with condensation in the headlight, they have to replace the whole unit.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • hwaithwait Posts: 1
    In test driving the Matrix XR, I noticed a loud vibration in the interior of the vehicle coming at high revs during acceleration esp. during startup from 0 mph. My partner says there was vibration felt esp from the passenger seat. Question, 1) does anyone agree, or is this an exception in my test-drive vehicle; 2) has anyone compared the XRS 180 hp engine against the XR 130 hp engine for this problem?

    PS My partner asks: is there anyone with a Matrix at 1000 miles + still experiencing RESS (rotten egg smell syndrome)? Or, has anyone actually received any help with this from their Toyota Dealer. We keep seeing alot of complaints about lousy service.
  • matthewemmatthewem Posts: 2
    I have never experienced the RESS, but I can say with out reservation that the service I have received is not the typical Toyota service. I purchased an XR in Lunar Mist, the same color as my Pre Runner which wears very well in the Phoenix sun. After returning home I was looking at all the details on the car and noticed that on the drivers side door the tape on the window frame had a bubble just above the door itself. Took it to the dealer and they told me several different stories, needless to say it has been three weeks on back order and still no satisfaction. Also in looking at what they will have to do to repair the problem I am worried that they can't do it with out causing more damage. Very disappointed that toyota would let this slip through final inspection. Note: I looked at all the Matrix's they had on the lot and everyone had the same defect to some extent.
  • dogtrainerdogtrainer Posts: 96
    I had a mild RES from outside the car when the engine was very new. Suspect it was something in the catalytic converter relating to being new. It went away by 500 miles.
  • dogtrainerdogtrainer Posts: 96
    I have not experienced the vibration in my XR. After reading a report of the door trim tape bubbling here, I inspected mine very carefully, and no bubbles. I'm happy to report that I have not had a single problem with my car!
  • leafguy2727leafguy2727 Posts: 83
    Still got it, I find I have it most when first putting on the heat in the morning. I have just over 7000km on mine so it will be going into the dealership soon for an oil change, I'll report back what they say.
  • jciprianojcipriano Posts: 4
    I have a Matrix XR...
    I wish I was on this site in the last three weeks, because I could have also contributed to the cd player and rotten egg complaints.
    I have had the player replaced already, it made scratching noises when braking. The new one does do the scratching a little bit when braking as well. That is Delco stereos for you! I called the dealership about the rotten egg smell, he said that it should go away over time.
    The gas mileage, has gotten a bit worse from the car's first or second tank. Is that normal? I'm thinking it could be the way it is driven, or heat? I never had the A/C on.
    I think I will be calling Toyota Canada over the CD player...since there are more complaints as well, I'll mention this site. My sister also bought a matrix, and she has these same rotten smells, interesting.
  • kaunukaunu Posts: 1
    What are we going to do with that Elbow killer between the front seats? It is supposed to be an arm rest ... but it is hard as a rock?

    Has anybody figured how to make it softer or found a padded replacement?
  • ski46ski46 Posts: 24
    Ihave a 2003 LE with automatic trans and have gotten 36 mpg on a long trip. I regularly get 33-34 in my mostly highway driving and about 30 around town. This car has never had the rotten egg smell that everyone else seems to have, I guess I'm lucky!
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33
    Hi 8u6hfd,

    After your information, I looked under the air filter, there was no fuel filter can be found.

    I called local auto parts store, like NAPA, GI Joe and Schucks. They all told me none listed
    in their parts book.

    I called local dealer, they told me that, the fuel filter is in fuel tank and no need to
    change, it is permanent.

    What do you think?

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