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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • Those people who have posted about the sulfur smell in the Corolla, would they please post what State thay are from? I'm trying to see where people seem to have the problem and where people do not. I am from N.Y.S. and test drove the '03 Corolla and did not notice the smell. I suspect because N.Y.S. has low sulfur in their gas.
  • I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I bought my Corolla here in Brooklyn, but I get my gas mostly from NJ because of cheaper gas prices in NJ. I didn't notice the smell in the beginning either, but lately, I smell it but after a while it goes away. I haven't taken it back to the dealer yet to see what they can do.
  • I live in Stafford, Virginia and I periodically had a sulfur smell -- about once every 3 days. As an experiment, I recently switched to 89 octane, which seems to have worked. I've only had the smell once in two weeks.
  • We're from Atlanta, Ga. Have tried lots of different brands of gas, but they all stink. It seems smelliest when I pull up to a stoplight. I took it to the dealer, and, for some reason, could not replicate the problem that day. Ugh! People say I should try premium gas, but I did not buy a corolla to use premium gas!
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Gagwagon is a great name but it should apply to the Matrix since it is functionally the Corolla wagon and some of them have the problem.

    How about gag a rolla for the sedan?

    It's the Toyota word for stinks while moving! Pass it on!

    I bet we can get custom bumper stickers done! Get them in either swamp gas green or lemon yellow!

    Mean me!
  • I've had it with Toyota. I've averaged 23 highway MPG since I got the 2003 Corolla. I took it to the dealership, where I was told they don't warranty MPG. They wouldn't comment if 23 MPG highway was normal, which isn't I guess, if it was a Cadillac. Plus I get the sewer to boot. Boy am I pissed, the biggest reason I bought the Corolla was for the gas mileage since I drive 80 highway miles a day. Toyota couldn't care less either. Here's a tip for anyone concidering buying a Corolla, RUN as fast as you can till they decide to fix the problem. Don't hold your breathj though.
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 118
    Can you folks with the stench comment on your mpg?

    Just trying to see if bad smell = bad gas mileage.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i get this smell (more like gas) when the car is cold, the smoke coming out of the tailpipe is white. after the engine warms up, smell is completely gone. doesn't bother me that much. same thing with my sienna van and even my sister's camry.

    dont know if this is the smell you guys are referring to.
  • I'm in Texas. We consider 50 as a cold weather here. I have sulfur smell on a cold start. But I turn off outside air flow and don't smell it. I'm turning it back on after car warms up. I'm averaging 27 Mpg on 50/50 driving. I visited Dealership with this problem and they changed air flow meter. But it didn't help. My Corolla LE came from Japan. I think converter is a real problem.
  • My 2003 Corolla has the sulfur smell, I live in COLD WEATHER now and my MPG is around 24 and I drive conservative, 80 percent interstate driving, short idle periods also. Sulfur , cold weather makes for BAD MPG..... Car has been back to the dealership .. same old Toyota story.. They do not even admit a problem... bunch of jerks they are!
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    any car uses more gas during colder weather as it takes longer for the engine to warm up. can't really blame this on the car manufacturer. just like my sienna, i use more gas driving the vehicle between short distances - more so during cold weather.
  • With all the notes on poor mileage on the new 2003 Corolla, let me chime in that lately my mileage on my 98 Corolla has been awful. For years it has remained above 30 mpg even with primarily city driving. Recently it has dropped to 21-24 mpg. The injectors are clean and no apparent engine problems. Replaced plugs, cleaned throttle body, and replaced air filter.

    Strange...have the refiners changed the gas formulation perhaps??
  • dcddcd Posts: 25
    For those wondering what this problem is, it is bad! You will know if you have it. I test drove an 03 CE built in Japan with 350 miles on it. The interior smelled like a stink bomb before I even started it. After the 10 mile or so test drive, I got used to it. But when I parked and turned engine off, the cabin filled up with Sulfur aroma. The salesman said it was because the car was new, and it would go away. I still tried to negotiate a deal, and they would not come off MSRP. I drove down the street and bought a Civic.
  • Congratulations! VERY SMART MOVE! The sulfur problem DOES NOT go away! Toyota and their dealerships have been lying and lying about this problem! They do not admit the 2003 Corolla has ANY problems! Sulfur and poor gas mileage is VERY COMMON in the 2003 Corolla, especially in cold weather!This is coming from a 6 time Toyota owner, but this 2003 Corolla will be the LAST Toyota! Good luck with the Honda!
  • hurler4hurler4 Posts: 104
    Does anyone know of a solution to the glare that comes from the rings around the gauges in the Matrix? I am thinking of buying a Matrix, but am prone to migraines from light glare. I’d be really upset if I bought the car, then realize that I am getting migraines all the time from the glare!
    Does Toyota have black or matte versions of the rings? Or has anyone out there tried anything that has worked? So many people I talk to who have the Matrix or Vibe say it can be very irritating to deal with.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Have been cold days (below -25C) in last weeks.
    It proves out the fix I made for speedo noise it works (see message #825).
  • I love my Matrix but the gas and brake pedals are too high for me, causing serious pain in feet, legs and lower back. Toyota service mgr said there is no adjustment, nor can the seat be moved higher. The hatch door does not open high enough for me; I keep hitting my head and shoulder on it. Car only has 1100 miles on it, but will be sold soon unless a solution is found. By the way, I am only 5 ft. 5" tall. Anyone else have these problems?
  • I am 6 ft tall and have no problem at all fitting in my Matrix. The only problem I have is how close to pedals are (I wear a size 13 shoe....problem in all cars but not trucks). The rear hatch height isn't a problem either. I just perform a slight "ducking" manuver. I love my car. I have had it 3 months and it brings a smile to my face every time I rev it to 8K RPM's. I don't race my car or anything silly. I am past my "hey look at me days". I am 25 and use my Matrix XRS as my "fun" car. My everyday car is a company issued Pontiac Aztek.
  • I am currently driving an 03 corolla LE with a five speed transmission. I love the car when it doesn't smell like dirty farts Also I was wondering if anyone else that has a five speed corolla hears a rubbing noise when releasing the clutch the car has 15000k's on it and I will be amazed if the clutch is already shot in it. If anyone else hears this rubbing noise mostly when switching to reverse, please reply or if anyone has any suggestions on what the noise might be please reply.
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 118
    I hope the mpg gets better than my current 27mpg in mixed driving, in warmer weather.

    I think thaw the MTBE stuff lowers mpg, although Gas Co denies that.

    My '89 Corolla mpg did not vary much until the MTBE came around in the early 90's.

    I still get about 28 mpg (EPA was 27/30) with the 1.6 carb, at I think 90hp.

    Vibe gets me 27 in the same commute (EPA = 28/33)
    1.8 FI with 130hp.

    I'm trying to stay below 75mph on the highway in the next few tanks to see if it goes up.

    Also noted that the RPM's goes from 2500 to 2200 to 2000 from 75mph to 65mph to 55mph.

    Technically, I should see a 5mpg increase if I drive closer to 55mph, but that will never happen...
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