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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    ...and everything to do with how the brakes were done.

    Front squealing can usually be traced to the improper use, or worse yet, no use at all, of the small amount of lube necessary to allow the pads to move within the caliper, and where the pad actually rests against the piston inside the caliper. Most manufacturers use a proprietary formula for the stuff that lubes the caliper pins and piston, so the wrong stuff [or none at all] can mean that the pads start a high-speed harmonic vibration when applied, and this is the squealing you're hearing.

    In the rear, it can be a number of things, including improperly adjusted drums, wrong springs, or a bad bearing.

    You need to find someone else to look at the brakes - gasp, maybe even an authorized dealer - but certainly somebody other than the shop who did the work. Noisy brakes are NOT NORMAL on this car, period.

    (As a matter of principle, I never take a car I really care about to have the brakes worked on by any shop not affiliated with the manufacturer. You have lots of recourse if an authorized dealer messes things up - not much when done by an independent. If you really know who you are dealing with personally, and KNOW their competence level, of course this advice doesn't apply, but that doesn't sound like what happened in this case.)
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    I have a 2001 LE.It has just 42,000 miles and I am hearing a little louder than normal sound from the middle pipe section of the exhaust system, which I think there might be crack in the middle pipe.Does anybody has this problem that early or is there any TSB with exhaust system going bad that earlier? Thanks for the help!!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    You really should have had a Toyota dealer do the brake work, or at least had someone use Toyota parts. The Toyota parts last longer and you won't have the squealing. By the way, I question having the rear brakes done so soon. I would be willing to bet that the rears had miles left in them.
  • i got an old corolla sr ke-35. i took it to a repair shop because of yielding and steering wheel vibrates left and right after it ran over a pothole. they replaced some bushings and welded some support that have gave up from the chassis itself. the car never got a wheel balance after the repair. after few months of driving, the steering wheel vibrated again and this time it vibrated stronger making the whole car shake this always happened at 50mph. ive read topics here regarding steering vibration and came upon wheel balancing and alignment. i think its only applicable to corollas with macpherson(correct me if im wrong) suspension system. the question is what is recommended for old suspension systems.
  • I have a 2005 Corolla S with about 6,000 miles on it. I don't seem to be getting very good gas mileage, at least not what the sticker estimate was when I purchased the vehicle. I am getting about 325 miles on a full tank in the city which is about 25 mpg. While 25 mpg is not bad I believe the sticker has a 30 mpg /city. Any suggestions?

  • last winter and now this one too...i will get up in the morning to start my 92 corolla and all i hear is nothing.the power is there;ive checked the battery and cables.i just dont know.if i turn and hold the key;sometimes it will start.i dont know if this is coinsidence or not.
  • hoodyhoody Posts: 25
    hmmm well could be a few things...... like my 88 dodge caravan that kept dyin on me every time i turned right....... after a lot of head scratching and parts, turned out it was a simple deal of tying up the wires from touching the manafold......... sooo...... check your wiring again..... make sure nothing is touching metal...... if not that could be your ignition key isn't making proper contact..... and the ignition may be the problem if the battery has power. just a thought.....
  • thanks...ill be sure to check my wiring.but im afraid ill prob be buying a new ignition.
  • cidvicious:

    My roomates Nissan had the same problem (dying every time he turned left).

    It turned out to be a bad serpentine belt pully. Every time he turned it would do something to the power steering and cause the car to die. Wierd.

    New Ignitions aren't too expensive, my roomates also been through two on his little sentra. sux. *chortle*

  • hi all i have a 84 corolla done timing new plugs leads condenser points but on start has a miss as i speed up it (is still there) diminishs does 140ks bit slow on hills as is the a2 1300 i took out fuel filter was full of metal fillings replaced need to know if iit is fuel or electrical also did compression 170 evan ????
  • I have an 05 LE with auto tranny. I'm only getting 22-24 mpg city and 33-35 hwy. That's not bad, but it's not the 30/39 mpg advertised.


    Do you have an auto or manual transmision?
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I have an 04 Corolla automatic that got beyond belief piss poor mileage - It actually declined from 18 city to 12.5 over the course of three months from the date of purchase (same commute, same driver day in day out - old accord got 24 mpg on same commute). Strangely it got its highway miles handily. Also a bad sulfer smell would sometimes be evident - Dealer contacted Toyota. Toyota's response was to tell to me to get lost. No really! they told to sue them if I wanted, they were not going to do a damn thing. Since I bought a Sienna and a Corrola from the same dealer on the same day you think they might try and go to bat for me. Nope! gee whiz our hands are tied blah blah blah. After three months the car Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, in the middle of the same tank of gas, jumped up to 22 city - We initially thought the gas gauge was broken because it did not plunge as it had in the past. No one ever figured out what was wrong with it. Though now that winter gas is back the mileage is again declining. - The point is, Toyota does not give a rats [non-permissible content removed] about you or your car once they have your money.
    If you get 25 city, believe me your lucky. 25 city is well within the normal range of the rated mpg anyway and even a reputable car manufacturer would not see this as a problem.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367

    This is right on the money for a new-gen Corolla with an automatic.

    Can't say it often enough: unless your driving is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE EPA TESTING CYCLE, you cannot expect to match those numbers. Some trips will do better, some will do worse; some drivers will do better, some will do worse. Your numbers are very close to ours.

    One thing you can be fairly confident of: the engine won't be completely loose and fully broken in for about 5-7000 miles. Mileage and power will both very gradually get better right up to that odo reading. This has been consistently the case for every new car we've owned [both Japanese and German] for the past 20 years.
  • I understand the EPA figures are estimates, but I'm disappointed I've never came close to the estimates. 26-27 mpg city would be acceptable, but 22 real world mileage for car rated at 30 mpg is disappointing.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Your mileage may vary, as they say. Lots depend on such thing as your driving style. Do you accelerate hard from a stop? Lots of stop and go? My 02 Corolla with 5 speed gets 36 MPG in my 60 mile daily commute. Sometime I get 40, but it's been consistent.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Thanks to all involved in getting the word out about out the TSB on the stink mobile. MY dealer of course blew us off and never got back to us when Toyota acknowledged the problem. Its now November 04, I bought the stinkrolla in Oct 03 and never got any notice from the Toyota. Thanks again!
  • stinkrolla..haha, clever
  • I have a 2005 Corolla S and at 5000 miles the Maint Req light came on. I know this is for the oil change but I would like to know how to reset it?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    My recollection is that the reset instructions are in the Owner's Manual. It is a simple procedure involving the odo reset button, but I would have to have the manual in front of me to remember the details. You can look it up...
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    the ODO reset button.
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