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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    right, your second question is what Im talking about.
  • danyos777danyos777 Posts: 4
    I like your comments. You are very honest in your answers. I would like to ask you for advice. I own a toyota 2000.
    Do you have idea on what type of tune-up should I do like what I am supposed to change by doing it. My car has close to 65000 miles. I want to know if I need to change the spark plugs and for a better fuel economy, what type I can use without affecting the engine's life. I thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
  • danyos777danyos777 Posts: 4
    Hello: Does anyone know about tune-up? I own a toyota 2000. Do you have idea on what type of tune-up should I do like what I am supposed to change by doing it. My var has close to 65000 miles. I want to know if I need to change the spark plugs and for a better fuel economy, what type I can use without affecting the engine's life. I thank you in advance for your attention to this matter
  • danyos777danyos777 Posts: 4
    I would like to know the difference between wax and polish if you said that you do this i time against 3 a year. Thank you.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    check it out, zaino z-2 won over mcquires in a wax test.
  • randsrands Posts: 1
    I am having what seems to be the exact same problem as you in my 97 Corolla. My intuition says it is an electrical problem, which is the only type of problem I've ever had with this car (AC problmes and oxygen sensor in fuel went in past). I hear the same buzzing and no turn over. I haven't done anything to fix it yet becasue I eventually can start the car after several tries (though today it took the longest so I am getting worried). One thing: it has rained here like 10 straight days so that might be an issue...maybe moisture on some poor wiring connects? If you find anything out please contact!
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    My guess would be the starter solenoid. Not cheap, but cheaper than replacing the whole starter motor. A good technician should be able to diagnose this quickly and easily.
  • m_c_1212m_c_1212 Posts: 2
    :cry: Hello All,

    Ref : ENGINE BREAKDOWN for corolla 2000, with 62k miles.

    My car is Toyota Corolla 2000 CE, Automatic. It has 62,000 miles on it.
    Yesterday while I was driving for a trip, it made some noise and then "check light" cameup. I stopped and then tried to start, it would not start again.
    It had to be towed to a toyota service shop. The service man said that the "engine has broken down" and would need about $3500-4000 to put a new engine.
    I WAS IN TOTAL *****SHOCK*****.

    Since it is a Toyota dealership shop, I am inclining to trust their diagnosis. To be exact he said, the 4 rods of engine has broken down and this is the first time I have seen any such problem.

    I am very very surprised and shocked to see car like Toyota corolla, with just 5 years and 62,000 miles on it, have its engine breakdown. I did regular maintainenace with oil changes and in fact just had my 60k few weeks back. I dont understand what would have gone wrong...... ( The car is not under warranty now so no way they will take care of it by their money ...)

    Questions need help :

    1) Does anybody knows how much does it cost to replace a new engine in corrolla? Is $4000 , (california) too high for a new one with labor charges ...?
    2) Could my car have some manufacturing defect from beginning that may have caused this case? How do i deal with this case ??
    3) Would the main toyota centre help in reimbursing this amount since this looks like such an unusual problem... or do you think they will just say "What can we do" ... You must have not maintained it--- Though i have most of the records to support maintanenance... Has anybody come across any issues out of warranty and talked to 800-331-4331 ( toyoyta line) and reimbursed from them...
    4) Any other ideas suggestions, inputs ( I know i could get a new car for like 10-15k so 4k is a big amount .... so buying a new is an option )

    Overall I am shocked at this "engine failure" event. I will talk to the Toyota service center tomorrow and see what can they do. Already talked to my dealer .. he says "do what you want to do" I cant help .... you must have not maintained your car ... ( thats pretty "rude" ) .....

    anyways... thanks for taking time to reply.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    the price sounds good but I'd get another dealer to do it since theyre service isnt pleasant. I'd tell the dealer that was rude and youre leaving. then I'd leave a complaint to about them saying that.

    Im at a loss of why that would happen too but a mechanically enclined person should know better than to say that since anything mechanical can break down without abuse although its rare but that doesnt mean it cant happen.

    you may be better off selling the car as is and buying another one since youre having to spend 4k. I'd think that money would go better towards a newer vehicle. but I'd absolutely get toyota to examine the motor and find out why that happened because that is very rare.
  • aj2aj2 Posts: 12
    hi, i have a new corolla and have noticed the same thing since I bought the car...I also rented a car a month ago, and it was a 2005 corolla, and it did the same exact thing...I think it's just the car to be honest.....
  • aj2aj2 Posts: 12
    i have a 2005 and it had been doing the same thing since I purchased the car...i took it back twice, and it was something to do with a backing plate not fitting exactly right on the car. You may want to have them look at that on the car......apparently the dealership I took it to, also reported this problem...
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    I agree the corollas are prone to this problem so it must be thru design. the problem is mold growing around the ac evaporator. its a dark moist place that apparently wasnt designed to air out properly which causes gives mold a great place to grow.

    Ive gone thru 2 cans of odor out bacteria killer that you spray in the ac vents to get rid of this smell. its only temporary because the smell came back both times so the only fix I know is to take it to the dealer and get them to clean it out themselves. I started smelling it when it was brand new so Ive had that problem with the corolla the whole time Ive owned it.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    someone told me it sounds like antifreeze came into the block thru the headgasket and all the pistons welded themselves to the walls, breaking the rods. he said I have never heard of four rods failing at once except through water coming in and causeing hydraulic lock.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Wow! Antifreeze (you mean "coolant") came in to the block (you probably mean "combustion chamber", its already in the block) and welded the pistons to the walls (impossible). Your mechanic said he's never heard of it EXCEPT... That means he HAS heard of it.

    Nothing is welding itself to anything during hydraulic lock.

    Find yourself a real mechanic - real fast.
  • My Corolla wagon has 170k miles. In Jan. the front left axel broke, yesterday the right front axel broke. The mechanics are even surprised. $1000 each for repair at Dealer. Both had warning signs of slipping and rattling sounds after accelerating, but has anyone had a similar experience?
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    if toyota did any kind of engine work that couldve contributed to that happening then I'd get a lawyer.
  • tsilva25tsilva25 Posts: 2
    Hey all,

    I have a 2005 Corolla CE which I'm fairly happy with so far. No major problems, except for the last two weeks or so I have noticed a loud hissing sound coming from the engine compartment ONLY when I turn left and the a/c is on. Any advice?? Wouldn't this sort of thing be covered under warranty? The car is only six months old!
  • cwd2cwd2 Posts: 1
    Your original post leaves some gaps in the information. You stated "it made some noise and then "check light" cameup. I stopped and then tried to start, it would not start again." Did the engine quit after the engine light came on and you coasted to the side of the road or did you pull to the side of the road, turn the engine off and than later try to re-start it? When you tried to start it, did the engine turn over and just not start or did it not crank (turn over) at all when you tried to re-start it? You mention 60K maintenance a couple weeks ago, was the oil changed and are you sure the oil was refilled? Was the timing belt replaced? I believe this engine uses a timing belt. Piston rods don't usually break in normal engines and even if one broke, the engine would normally continue to run but would be beating itself up inside and not last long. Someone else responded to the comment on "hydraulic lock" and is correct, that would not "weld the pistons" to the cylinder walls. A leaking head gasket would allow compression leaks between cylinders or coolant/antifreeze to leak from a water jacket to a cylinder but it is highly unlikely that coolant would leak into all four cylinders at once. If the engine is running with a leaking head gasket, most of the water would be burned off as steam. If there was a massive leak, hydraulic lock occurs when the water fills the cylinder on the intake stroke and on the compression stroke the water cannot be compressed and stops the upward movement of piston. Since all four cylinders are not in the compression stroke at the same time it would be near impossible to break all the rods at the same time. Pulling the spark plugs would provide a quick check of whether there was water in any of the cylinders or not. A blown headgasket and water leak would normally be identified by by excessive steam/water from the exhaust with the engine running or by hard starting/hydraulic lock after the engine has been turned off for a while and water has had the time to seep into the cylinder and fill it up enough to cause the lock. If the "pistons are welded" that would only occur from severe overheating, as possible if the engine was run without oil.
    Another possibility is if the timing belt broke or came off, the engine would die almost immediately but not before the valve timing was thrown off and on some engines, that will result in a collision between the valves and pistons. I do not know if that is the case with the Corolla engine. However, the starter would still be able to turn the engine over but it would not start.
    None of the above solves your problem but it does give you some things to ask your mechanics about when you talk to them, if they haven't given you a clear understanding about what happened.
    Good luck,
  • poppop1poppop1 Posts: 2
    Since a well maintained Toyota engine should not fail at 62K miles, and following the "simple explanations first" principle - I suspect that whoever did the 60K mile service did or failed to do something. You have a case for the Car Talk guys on National Public Radio. Call them on 1-888-CAR TALK. It is s a car problem call in talk show and they do over the air diagnostics as well as giving tactical advice
  • mllockmllock Posts: 1
    I have a 03 corolla and I am so unhappy with the rattle on a bumpy road. Like you said, when riding on others car, even they are older, most of them doesn't feel as bad as my corolla. It just seem that the suspension is too hard and something in the car are not fit properly. I am going to the dealer.
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