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Corvettes and all things about them



  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The price sounds pretty good. Looking for the best available deals in corvetteforum I came across 2 dealer postings that showed coupes and verts at about $5.5k off and then $2k rebate for total $7.5k. That was what they had in stock.
       Your deal is $5.7k with $.5 add back for $5.2k off. What is local delivery and getting what you want worth? Sounds like you are very close to a deal, especially if it's what you want. That was critical for me, still enjoying it 20+months later and I even own a 2nd Vette now as well. Once to the track and couple times to the drags with a few autocrosses added in and it really can develop a huge smile. Then again just drive it for a touring car and it is superb!
       SAve the Wave!

    BTW, ruking1, any chance you are going to the all Vette Autocross in Marina on Saturday the 12th?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,475
    Sadly no. I will be out of town !
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I saw a convertible vette with the Z06's rear brake vents this morning. A few weeks ago, I saw another Vette (blue) with a big aluminum wing. The funny thing about Vettes is that the rear trunk is so high whereas the roofline is low. So, when someone puts a tacky aluminum wing on the trunk lid of a Corvette, you get the unusual effect of having the wing actually sitting HIGHER than the roof!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Left out the Vette's. As to the Z06 brake ducts on Coupe's and Vert's I understand that they are functional and actually help brake cooling, may not be true but some think that is the case. It is nice that most Corvette owners don't see any need to trick out the exterior. Most of the mods I've seen and read about are just performance, but with only 350hp it's hard to see the need for the 450 to 550 rwhp I've seen several times at the track. Guess it's a question of learning how to deal with what you have and then the need for more might grow.

       Ok, the wife corrected me, the X-Pipe and new mufflers are supposed to add just over 15hp, and they do look good. :)
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Starrow (and all)...My wife and I are about to place our order for a 2004 Mag Red Coupe. We are located in SoCal but are ordering from an east coast dealer and having it drop shipped to a nearby dealer. Reading through your posts on this thread was very informative and probably contributed to our reaching where we are right now in taking the "plunge. Do you have any advice to offer on this process? We will most likely finalize the order in the next few days with a projected delivery of late Aug.

    Thanks in advance, Bill G
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,475
    It is truly a unique experience to know that a "car with your name on it" is being built! Mine was ordered and I got a 2001 Z06 pretty much sight unseen. The GM build order system seemed byzantine and I don't think that it has gotten much better :)!

    As I remember the experience, once you get in cue, the key is to keep in fairly close contact with person that you either bought it from or the person who is responsible for monitoring the contact. I bought mine in CA in the Napa Valley, so one other treat was to be able to tour the wine country. While I was getting the winery tour , during the "orientation ride" (sure glad the car knew the way around, "the gals" went to Napa to do real damage at the outlet stores! I had a great experience with a GM dealer and if you want contact information, just send me an e mail.

    Corvette forum has a dealer vendor who writes a newsletter column and it is quite informative both on the process and news about new Corvettes. All the best!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The Corvetteforum newsletter from Ken Fichtner in Montana was a great source of info for me before I bought and was why I finally got mine from Ken in Montana. Since we went to Montana and did the pickup I can't comment much on the courtsey delivery option much, other than what I've heard. Ken's crew prep'd the car the day we drove it on a test drive and then washed it again the following morning before we signed all the papers and took off on our 4 days to home. Fantastic service.
       Keeping track of your build as it goes through the GM system is something that helps you get past the worry along the way, at least for me. Again, Ken's news letter info helped. Linking up with your local Corvette club and actually having a few folks show you what to look for on delivery inspection is also a good idea. There were still things I thought about asking after the fact so the more background you get ahead of time the better. Also there are local corvette shows which can provide lots of personal insights if you can track one down. Most Corvette people love to discuss the experience, if you are up to it. ;)
       Last thing is the obvious, easy breakin, early oil change, most recommend magnetic oil drain plug if they aren't standard now. Even with stability and other aids it is easy to lose it some in spite of the massive rubber contacts. Fun when expected but scary when not expected. Then again you can drive it like a touring car and never hear a tire squeal if desired. I have a couple of freeway onramps with good visibility that I now enter without touching the brakes from speed limit and it acts like it's on rails, maintain balance into turn and easy power out to set the rear and the car can amaze you if you turn in correctly, apex and unwind. Oh, btw, a day at a defensive driving class is also a very good idea.

       Ok, I'm curious as well, willing to discuss how much off MSRP they are going for at this point? Sure my $2k off from back before 911 is way out of date. I know what I read but actual deals put it in better perspective. Enjoy the ride, save the wave, and be safe.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,270
    My wife and I just bought a 50th anniversary convertible and I am a happy camper. Actually, I talked her into going for the 6-speed, so I am a VERY happy camper (can that thing really get 30 mpg on the highway like the instantaneous mileage display indicates or am I fooling myself?) But I digress. Presently, when I put the top up, I leave the ignition on, get out, open the tonneau cover (which lowers the windows), put up the top, get back in, latch the top down, and put the windows up (which is why I left the ignition on). While this is not a big deal, I wondered if anyone had developed a more efficient method.

    Also, while I have your attention, the owners' manual 'recommends' using premium, saying that it will give the best performance. But it then hedges by saying that you actually can burn any high-quality gas in it. I am tentatively assuming that there is a real difference in performance between using premium and using mid-grade, but I invite any information anyone can give me. Thanks.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Us guys in Coupe's just pop it off and tuck it in the hatch, really easy. Enjoy the vert!

       As to mileage it is amazing, at one rally this couple in a C5 got over 30 miles per gallon for a 100 mile trek not all on freeway. Back to reality, not many Vette drivers are trying to get good mileage so don't be surprised if some ask, why would you bother. OTOH I've tried to get top mileage several times and gotten close to 24 combined with much on the freeway. All it takes is lots of driving around in 6th even as low as at 35mph, just have to be very easy on the throttle if you need to accelerate, gobs of torque helps. If I stay under 65 on the freeway with very few hills it will get into mid 30's but drops off after that. Crusing at 100mph it still will get close to 22mpg, I've seen a claim of 23 but how would I know? Where could you do that legally?
       As to premium, never considered anything else, I'd hate to hear that sweet purr start knocking and I think that is where you might end up if the octane gets a little low. I've talked to several performance oriented drivers who keep 96 octane around, it is available, to bring up the average from the available 91. YMMV
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    While it is possible to run on less than 91 octane, you will have degraded performance. This is due to the knock sensors cutting in and changing the ignition timing in response to pinging. Changed timing results in less power output. So, where once was a quick Corvette on 91 octane, with 89 (or 87 god forbid), you will have a very slow (sluggish) ride. You also run the risk of intake valve deposits with the lower octane gas (less detergent is in the lower octane gas), which brings its own set of problems.

    If it were my Corvette, I would not run anything less than 91 octane.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Mileage is incredible. I have a Z06, took a 600 mile trip up to see my folks running 75-85 on the interstate. MPG came in at 27.+. On the way back I held it to 70 MPH and hit 29.3----to me, that's awesome but 6th gear is really tall.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,270
    I asked about the mileage because my spousal unit and I will be taking road trips in it and I was curious. I especially appreciate the input on the use of premium gas. I don't believe that I could ever bring myself to put anything less in this sweet little rocket, but I needed the validation.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • diablo4diablo4 Posts: 40
    Does anyone know how to pics in there message please help me because i got pictures of the new C6.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,626
    Okay, I'll show you but be VERY careful of the SIZE you use and the NUMBER of photos you post. We don't want these pages to a) be too wide and skew the page for viewers or b) to load too slowly.

    If your photos are too big or too many I'll have to delete them, okay?

    Now then--I'm going to use the [ ] key instead of the correct < > keys so that when I show you the tag it won't actually work. But you should use < or > wherever you see [ or ]:

    [img src=pastetheURLoftheimageinhere]

    Be sure there is a space between img and src and don't type "scr"

  • diablo4diablo4 Posts: 40
    Do i copy the picture and then paste and do i write it like this [img src= ] but with these <>.I posted my message and a little box with a square,circle and triangle comes up.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,626
    Nope, you copy the URL address into the string, not the photo itself.

    So it's

    [img src=http://www.pinkcorvettes/martyscar.jpg]

    or something like that.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    Question, how much and how available would a 90's vintage yellow ZR-1 be able to be had for? Also, did the ZR-1 only have the new 'curvy' dash or could the first year of ZR-1's been had with the older style flat dash?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,626
    Low to Mid 30s for a very nice driver
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,270
    OK, I've had my 'Vette for 2 weeks now, and I am already addicted. However, the 1-4 shift thing makes me nuts. I probably will learn how to get around it by either learning to recognize the conditions under which it will happen or learning how to manipulate the shifter (e.g. far enough into the 4 gate to make it go away, and then into the gear I want). I invite ANY advice from others on how to live with this 'feature'.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,626
    It can be defeated. You may have to search around on corvette forums to get that information. I think you can even buy a kit for that.

    It's a regrettable piece of GM engineering and to me personally not worthy of such a fine car, but I'm told necessary to meet the EPA fuel economy cycle. It was either that or charging the customer a whopping gas guzzler tax.

    POSTERS: If you know where <bhill2> can get this skip shift eliminator kit, please don't post any automotive site that has a forum on it, as I will be forced as Host to delete such a link.

    You can either e-mail him directly or mention the site without any URL address. That way he can do a Google search when he has time.
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