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Corvettes and all things about them



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    No, no, the C6 should be very good on gas on the highway...but in some sections, gas stations are few and far between, like in the Big Sur area, or on HWY 1 between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay (less of a problem). Just don't get too close to "empty" at any point.

    Probably your best views on the GG Bridge are those going North to South...they put up a high rail to discourage people from jumping off, but oddly enough nobody jumps off the Pacific Ocean side.

    You've got the perfect car for HWY 1!


  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,701
    Don't give the sicko's any idea's! :) :( I really still do not like the so called suicide prevention mitigations.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The dealer was in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma has several small towns (2,000 people or so), with dealers that stock 4 or more Corvettes, at nice prices. Norman isn't that small, it is the home of University of Oklahoma. They had the color and general options I wanted.

    The price is only for the car. Tax, title, reg varies hugely across the US, and what I paid will have nothing to do with what you might pay (unless you are in Oklahoma).

    In Oklahoma, you get a temp tag, and a wave goodbye. You get to stand in line with everone else to buy a tag and pay tax. But you also do not have to pay an overpriced fee to the dealer to do this for you.

    Go to the GM online site. If you dig deep enough, there is a badly designed search capability where you look at current dealer inventory anywhere in the country, with list prices. There is also a much better one at I don't know how this guy makes this one work, but it has much better search options.

    Now that you have all tools, are you going to find and buy yourself a Corvette?
  • brit7brit7 Posts: 4
    Thanks for all the advice guys! With just over a month to go I can hardly wait!
  • I know that if I SPEND more for the mag suspension i will have the opportunity to adjust the suspension. my question is will the touring make the car have an even softer suspension allowing th ecar to drive more smoothly over rough surfaces or is it too similar to tell any noticeable difference.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I have not driven a C6 with the magnetic suspension option, so I can't answer your question directly. However, I find my '07 C6 base coupe very comfortable driving in MN where we have more than our share of road imperfections. (With all due respect to victims and families of the recent I35 bridge collapse). My daily driver is a Lexus sedan and frankly the base C6 suspension isn't that much "stiffer" than the Lexus. I was warned that the magnetic suspension would potentially add significant maintenance cost and if it eventually needed replacement would be very costly.

    My suggestion is: if you haven't driven the base suspension C6, do so. If it's too stiff, re-consider your desire for the vette. If it's not "sporty" enough and you want more cornering stability, etc. go for the Z51 package, but expect to feel more bumps in the road.
  • I wanted to know when I am driving the car in sport mode, and shift with the paddles is there a way to tell what gear I am in.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    With Heads Up Display, it's projected right on the windshield display.

    Without, I think it's displayed in the DIC area.

    I thought you were buying one of these things. Why are you still asking questions? Why aren't you asking your salesman these questions? How old are you? Do you have any money?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    "Without, I think it's displayed in the DIC area. "

    - Ray
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I lived on both sides of the bridge while stationed twice at the Presidio. A great place to visit if you can still get out there on the Marin side is the Baker Beach area and the place that rehabilitates seals and such. You have to go thru a narrow tunnel [one way] to get there but it is a nice place to visit. Here is a good rule of thumb for the weather in the SF area near the bridge. If it is sunny and nice in the morning then you can expect fog to roll in between 2-4 p.m. If the morning starts out foggy and crappy you can expect it to be perfect weather in the afternoon. The nights definitely call for a sweater to be handy. As Mark Twain once said : The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in SF. It is a great town, just a lot of the people are weird. If you get to Sausalito look up Artist Bob Tapia who does great seascapes. He has a gallery there. We have 3 of his paintings.
  • before i bought i thought i would rent for a couple of days.
  • I have had my 07 C6 for about a month now and I have to tell you this is the best Vette I have ever owned. My first one was a 1991 C4 that I had for about 2 yrs. the second one was a 2002 C5 that I thought was the best one until I got this C6. It does everything so easy and rides and drives great.
  • I have owned my 07 C6 for 6weeks and I too think it is one phenomenal sports car. I now have 1400 miles on the odo and I have just started to "push" the acceleration enough to be amazed at how much torque there is at any speed. The interior is very comfortable and my wife loves riding in it compared to my old Honda S2000 which I traded in on the vette. This is my first corvette, but I think that I will be enjoying it for a long time. So far, no complaints at all.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I have owned:

    1) 1972 Coupe bought new. Kept for about 7 years. A pretty car. Last year of non-radial tires, which was not a good thing. Base motor, smogged down, low horsepower car. Sold it for more than bought new.

    2) A 1964 badly abused, horrible looking coupe, bought in about 1975. (Yes I owned 2 for some time). I learned a lot about working on cars with this one. It had a new GM 'long-block' motor, 300hp. Of the first 3 I owned, this was the fastest by far. And with its suspension, the scarest to drive. When I had the mechanicals in pretty good shape, I was next faced with doing a lot of body and paint work. Did not want to put this much money into it, so I sold it. (It was a manual, which I did not really like.) Made about $1,000 on it, not counting my time as being worth anything.

    3) A 1981 coupe, used, bought in about 1988? Another low power car. But with lower profile, wide tires, this was an excellent highway cruiser car and it also cornered well. It just felt nice at 80mph. Kept it about 5 years or so, sold to member of the family for less than I could have gotten elsewhere.

    4) 2007 coupe that is almost one year old. None of the other cars were anywhere near what this car is.
    -Great seats. I've driven it on a 10 hour trip and was not tired. No other car I've owned could have been anywhere near as comfortable, and this includes two Cadillacs.
    -Beautiful. Velocity Yellow.
    -I've not 'pushed' this car at all. But I can tell, it is heads above the suspension of any of the others.
    -Not a single problem at 5,000 miles.
  • I would like the advice of C6 corvette owners as to when they would recommend the first oil change. Mine is a '07 C6 LS2. According to the "oil-life" computer, the first oil change would be called for at around 7500 miles. My "gut" tells me to change oil/filter before that, as I have in my other cars. I am getting different responses to this question from every Chevy dealer in the area.

    I'd be especially interested in comments from those who have owned other corvettes prior to the C6.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, this question can lead to dozens of responses, with people having a huge range of milage recommendations for the first oil change.

    I drove mine for most of the first 4,000 mile on long, interstate trips. At the 4,000 mile time, it indicated 69% oil life left, and the Onstar email report projected this to 14,000+ miles for the first change.

    I changed it at this 4,000 miles. I think this is very conservative. Just recently I read, from someone obviously much more conservative, he changed at 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 miles. Others have run it to where the oil life indicater hit the 10% or less, which was anywhere from a few thousand miles (a car that had seen time on the track) to the 14,000 mile range.

    I will probably go 4,000 or 5,000 or 6,000 miles between future changes, using Delco filter and Mobil 1 oil. Changing it myself, this is less than $35.

    If you do not drive much, the manual recommends once a year changes, if you put very low miles on a car, and I also agree.

    Except for cars with design problems (Toyota 'sludge' problems), in the last 15 years have you personally and directly known of any auto that had been seviced 'reasonably' (I would define this to be oil and filter changes every 7,500 miles or less) and not being abused,that had a engine, head, etc failure because of oil problems.

    I think not.

    I've not known of one.

    And I'll be you do get a lot of different responses from dealers. I would bet several of them would reach around and pinch your wallet to estimate your net worth, then tell you something like "That there Cor-vet is a high pro-formance machine. It will run lots hotter than any car you ev-er had. You better be sure and get in here at least ever 3,000 miles for a filter and oil change! Don't do that, any you be looking for a heap of trouble!"

    A lot of auto manuals recommend 6,000 to 7,500 miles on 'regular' oil.

    On Mobil 1, lots of cars, including expensive imports, have oil life indicators that will guide you to 10,000 to 15,000 mile.

    The car has a magnetic oil drain plug. It WILL have metal on it for the first change, which is to be expected in a new engine. The engineers that designed the auto, also worked out the logic behind the oil life indicator. I'm more conservative than that. But, I think these guys do know what they are doing. The do not want a lot of Corvette motors having engine failures at 60,000 miles related to oil problems, with documented changes at the oil live reminder. There would be lawsuits.

    Overall, do what you want to do. This is going to be the result of any amount of questions you ask about this, because, as I said, you are going to get a huge range of replies.
  • I have had many new auto in the past and always changed the oil at 2500 miles for the first change. I just liked to get the oil out because of metal that comes with new engines on break in. But with the newer cars I`m not for sure if you really need to do that or not. I guess it couldn`t hurt anything to change the oil and you will know that all of the break in stuff is gone. Thats just my two cents worth, enjoy your car.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,701
    ..."I'd be especially interested in comments from those who have owned other corvettes prior to the C6"...

    C5, 2001 Corvette Z06, 74,000 miles "garage queen", oil change intervals of 14,600 (when the OLM indicates changing)

    Since I was raised old school on this issue, I DID change at app 1,600 miles. It was a complete and utter waste of time, energy and resources to change at that interval.

    Listen to your OLM, since all of us operate their vehicles in slightly different ways and environments. Now I know that some of us need almost any excuse to do something on our Vettes but... just go out and drive!! :shades:
  • I have a 2007 C6 LS2 Corvette . I installed two K&N filters yesterday and I was really supprised at how much more accerlation the car has. I really didn`t think that it would be noticable but it is. I Hope my gas milage doesn`t change,I guess if I keep my foot out of it will help.
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