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What's new for the 2003 Tundra?



  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    Natural White
    Silver Sky (NEW)
    Phantom Gray
    Salsa Red (NEW)
    Desert Sand
    Imperial Jade
    Natural White
    Phantom Gray (NEW)
    Salsa Red
    Imperial Jade

    2003 stepside will be its own model number (7726,7728 for 4x2 and 7826,7828 4x4) both are available in V6 and V8 and it will be for September delivery

    2004 will be the Tundra doublecab and it will have the full size bed. (2004 info is always subject to change)
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    When you say the 2004 double cab will have a full size bed - do you mean same as the current Tundra or full size as in F-150 / Silverado / Ram size?
  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    Is Toyota considering adopting the Sequoia coil spring rear suspension for the '03/'04 Tundra?

    Thanks, John
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    xyz71, 6 foot bed that is on the Tundra now. Not the 8 foot bed ont the regualr cab.

    johnxyz, I havn't heard anything about changing the rear suspension.
  • rosey4rosey4 Posts: 42
    I've seen a picture of the step side version of the 2003 Toyota Tundra, but nothing of the double cab Tundra. Motortrend says Toyota plans to come out with the heavy duty crew cab in 2003, but Toyota isn't saying anything. A few sales people have told me the double cab will be a 2003 model. Does anyone know for sure?
  • lustofinlustofin Posts: 1
    I am buying the 03 Tundra and have narrowed my choices to white or black. My bad boy side tells me black but my practical side screams white. If you own one of those colors, would you change anything? Thanks in advance!
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    I had a black nissan pu before that. If you don't mind washing the black one every week, then it's ok. Also scratches show up on the black fairly easily. But when you got it shinin real good, its a nice site! The white is great also it's not bright white, sorta off whitish.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    a pearl white. Other than that, black is the way to go.
  • Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about the 2003 Tundra? In paticular the double cab like the Tacoma.

  • Looks like the doublecab Tundra will be introduced in '04, possibly with a higher horse V8. See for more info.
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