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Dodge Ram Owner Experiences



  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Just purchased a 2003 Ram 1500 ST reg cab shortbed with 4.7L/auto tranny. I've never owned a Dodge product before, but use a Dodge 2500 as a work truck that's been trouble free for about 60k miles.
  • Hello all,

    Purchased my 02 RAM QC 1500 Sport back in May 02. Got a great deal on a demo, heck I was selling them I thought I should get one too. Not in the car business anymore but still loving my RAM. Atlantic Blue Pearl, 17" painted alloys, 3:55 anti spin diff, 4.7L, multispeed auto, slate grey leather, power everything, 7spker infinity sound package. I've got more toys than I've ever had on a vehicle before and absolutely love my Ram. I've experienced and seen alot of what I've read on this website. Fairly low mileage, problems with power door locks, and a whole lot of people who can't say enough about their new Ram. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made any performance improvements to their Ram and be happy to answer any questions I might be able to answer, I sold a few of them up here in the Dallas area and know a little bit about them.
  • Where in Dallas?? -- I bought my 02 quad 4x4 from Grapevine Dodge July 02. Love the truck, and the gas mileage ain't that bad for a mammoth truck. I've got the 4.7 - 5 speed manual trans. Getting around 16 to 19 MPG around town, out to the lake, etc. Where can I get a good deal on a camper shell?
  • amoralesamorales Posts: 196
    Name is Andy. Been driving pick-ups since '61. Just bought my first Dodge truck, a Ram 1500 HEMI-EXPRESS Laramie club cab with the ground effects, 20 inch wheels, 5 sp auto. Am breaking it in now, so far 120 miles. Always wanted a HEMI, since '63

    Regards to all
  • hello my name is John i bought a new 2002 dodge ram Quad Cab in June of 2002.Well here's the scope I would like to put a good grille gaurd on the front of my truck, does anybody that has a 2002 Quad Cab have one on there truck? and what kind should i get that will look good.thanks hope too here from somebody soon. glad to be a part of the dodge truck ram team.
  • roper2roper2 Posts: 61
    Hi im dennis from Texas have a 2002ram lonestar reg. cab 4.7 auto and love to drive it.This is my first dodge.Very impressed.
  • iwphilliwphill Posts: 48
    I've had my 1500 reg cab V6 manual short bed since early June (1850 miles), and so far, it's excellent. The vibration which I noticed early on seems to be smoothing out now. This is my first Dodge truck, and hoping it will last a long, long time.
  • I just purchased a 2003 Ram 1500 Hemi regular cab with 17" tires and I got to say this truck is bad to the bone. At 70 mph you get into it and before you know it your pushing 100 mph. I had a 2000 Ford F150 and there's no comparison. Haven't burned a tank of gas yet but I know if I don't keep my foot out of it the mpg will not be to very good.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Yes, I'd venture to guess that the reason the Hemi trucks aren't getting very good mileage is that it's just so much fun putting your foot down! My Cummins Ram is exactly the same way - I should be getting 18 - 20 mpg, but that wouldn't be as much fun.
  • #noname#noname Posts: 58
    I want to put a liner in my 2003 Dodge 1500 short bed, but can't decide which one would be better. Spray-in are drop-in. If I put a spray-in would a bed cap be better than wrap over with the spray-in. Any input would be appreciated.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Well, my '03 2500 short bed has a Rhinoliner - got it about a month after I got the truck, then put a cap over the whole thing. The people who like spray-ins (myself included) will point out the lack of rust and the non-slip surfaces, while people who like drop-ins will point out the dent resistance. It depends on what you're going to use the truck for - if it involves a lot of rocks or other heavy materials in the bed, you probably want a drop-in. For things that won't dent it all up, you probably want a spray-in. Not sure what you mean by 'wrap over'.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    If you think you might keep your truck for a while, consider both. The spray-in type will keep the box pretty much rust free, and the drop-in liner will prevent dents.

    I like my drop-in, but vehicle vibration is probably rubbing paint off somewhere.

    Best of luck,
  • #noname#noname Posts: 58
    I was referring to having the caps sprayed to protect them. Thence (wrap over) sorry should have explained it better. I use my truck more for a car than a truck, so not much heavy carrying.
    Has anyone used the K&N Performance Air Filters on their Ram 1500? Is it all that it's cracked up to be with increase horsepower and better gas mileage?
    Thanks for the reply Chet
  • Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    Hi, all. My '94 1500 short bed has been a winner since the day I picked it up! Coming up on 150K miles, and couldn't be happier with it!

    I hope you guys and gals with the (even) newer body styles (hydroformed, etc) will have as good results, because that's my NEXT truck purchase! Got my eye on an '04 or '05 quad cam short bed 4x4 w/ the Hemi, of course!

    I just have to wait a while... still enjoying my paid-off workhorse (5.9L, SLT Laramie, custom woodgrain interior package, custom tow package). Gonna put a new coat of paint on the old boy and see if I can get another 50K miles or so.

    I've never had a vehicle age so gracefully. Very few mechanical problems over the years, and nothing really major nor unexpected (I mean, it DOES have almost 150,000 miles on it!).

    Good luck!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    You mean you've never had a transmission problem? Golly, EVERYBODY knows those Dodge transmissions only last a year or so! (:>)

    Best regards,
  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    I actually bought the truck used several years ago, and it had a lot of mileage on it, then. Since I've owned it, I've not had to have it in the shop for an unscheduled repair but once, and that was right at 100K miles, so I had them do a complete workup on it, then.

    However, the one issue I have is with the transmission. It's not a problem, per se, but it could indicate one. I noticed a TSB on it, so I'm going to try and check it out at the NHTSA site when I get a chance:

    The truck (and my Intrepid, too, BTW) doesn't always want to shift from 2nd to 3rd. If I get the RPMs up to about 4K and let off the accelerator a tiny bit, it'll shift, and then go into OD with no problem.

    This doesn't occur under a load (like, towing a boat), nor does it occur if I'm being a lead-foot. The temperature doesn't matter, nor how long I've been running the engine. I figured I'd check through the boards to see if anyone else experienced the same thing, and am doing that now.

    But, other than that, I couldn't be happier. I'll be sad when this truck finally bites the dust, but I'll replace it with a newer Ram and keep going...

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    You probably have a 46RE transmission. This symptom is most often associated with a misadjusted or binding throttle (modulator) cable or sticky throttle linkage. On high mileage units I've seen cables that were binding internally. Never use a lubricant of any type on the throttle linkage or the modulator cable. Try spraying the linkage with a good solvent (carburetor cleaner) including spraying some in the cable end itself.

    An intermittent Throttle Position Sensor will also cause the same symptom.

    Beyond that you could have low pump pressure from a clogged filter, a problem with the overdrive solenoid sticking. Beyond that it's a little more serious (overdrive clutches sticking, bleed valve or OD check valve sticking, worn OD clutches).

    Best regards,
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    I have a 2003 Ram 1500 2WD with the Hemi. My next oil change will be at 15,000 miles. I noticed that the rear differential requires service at this point and inquired at the dealer the charges for the 15K and 30K service. I was told in the $100 range for servicing the differential, $135 range to service the 5 speed auto trans and between $150 and $200 to change the spark plugs.

    My how times have changed.

    Differentials used to go 60,000 without service with no problems.

    I figure I can change the differential lube with no problems. I'll leave the transmission to the dealer for service. I figure I can change the 16 spark plugs on the Hemi for closer to $15 to $20.

    Has anyone changed the spark plugs on a 1500 series Ram? Are there any pointers you would like to share. Are there any special tools that might make things easier? The back 2 cylinders on the drivers side look like the problem area as the Brake booster seems to intrude into the working space.

    I have seen where people have suggested using brake cleaner to clean the inside of the differential housing. Would you just spray clean the housing or everything? I would worry the cleaner might cause problems with the friction material in the limited slip housing. Here again any advice is welcome.

    Is the transmission something that a person handy with tools could tackle at home. I know that on the older transmissions the bands were an adjustment item but everything I seem to see on the new transmission suggests no adjustments are made, that the transmission is self adjusting. Does the service just require dropping the pan and replacing a filter?

    Thanks, Rick
  • tfudertfuder Posts: 36
    I'll get that cable looked at first (always go for the simplest solution first, right?), then work my way up, if that's not it.

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