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Dodge Ram Care and Maintenance



  • Is it critical to change axle fluid every 15,000 miles as it says in the maintenance schedule? at $147.00 a pop it gets expensive. Is this a job for a novice to tackle?
  • I waited until there was 6000 miles before changing over to Mobil 1. Using the OWNERS MANUAL as a guide and change every 6000 miles along with tire rotation. Other than Nitrogen filled tires, and a Tonneau cover, I haven't made any other alterations and get over 15 mph in city and 21.9 mpg on interstate while maintaining 65 mph when I can which is most of the time since most of my highway driving is from Sanford, Fl to Ringgold, Ga
  • Here, again, check the OWNERS MANUAL! I have worked at a dealership that uses their own menu, and while it seems to make sense, it is EXTREMELY costly, and (I think) unnecessary)
  • Please provide the step-by-step for changing the plugs on the 06 Hemi. I found them for the 05 (had great pic's too) but the 06 is different. I'm working on the 30k tune up.

    Thank you,

  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    Why replace them at 30k in the first place? Isn't that a bit premature? Most cars/trucks can go 100k before needing them replaced. I just bought an 07 Ram 5.7 hemi and only have about 5k on it now so no new plugs for me for a while. From past experience, you will most probably break or screw something up in the process of changing them so I personallly hold off as long as long as its still running well. My last 3 vehicles went well over 100K without plug changes and never had a problem as long as the rest of the vehicle is properly maintained. p.s. Not being a smart-alec, just my personal experience. Maybe Ive been lucky, not sure??
    Ski in TX
  • No problem Tx. The Schedule B calls for the 16 plugs to be replaced at 30K. It runs great but I just want to keep to the schedule. I'm still looking for help or a link to help?

    Thanks, Luke
  • Luke, Where did you find the plug change for the 2005, I need them, they sound good. Thanks, Nack..
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Thanks, Tondeb - I must say, that's the biggest gap between question and answer I've ever seen on any internet forum, anyplace!
  • rxpx40rxpx40 Posts: 10
    Great day in the morning! $147 to change the axle fluid? I replaced the front *and* rear differential fluid on my '06 MegaCab 2500 4x4 with Amsoil 75W-90 and the total wasn't $147! Yes, you can do this yourself. I took the diff covers off and wirebrushed it since the factory paint cooked off within 3000 miles. I painted the cover with high temp engine paint. Hauling my 7500lb trailer has not even faded the paint. Oh yes- the best part: When I changed to Amsoil, my mileage increased from 21-23 mpg.

  • simmeysimmey Posts: 3
    well i dont owen a 3500 but i do have a 1500 4x4 sport. i am third owner of the truck and it had 71,000 on it and i have replaced my track bar tierods a/cright front axcle u joint steering gear other steering componites radiator hole in it on seam 3weeks after i bought it my truck only has 105,000 miles on it know. i have put about $8000 in my truck. more to list but cant remember what they are. did you buy your truck used. never no what you are getting. so you are not the only one. :mad:
  • I have a 2007 Mega Cab 1500, I just left the dealership on a scheduled oil change and tire rotation. I have 28,000 miles on it. The service rep came out and told me that they forgot to tell me to change the differential Oil in the Front and Rear axle at 15,000. Told me it was going to cost $350!!! Are they crazy! I am depending you the guys on here, do I need this every 15,000 miles? If I do, isnt 350 alittle steep??
    Also they said I will need to do a tuneup at 30,000. Are you kidding me??? In todays technology I have to change 16 spark plugs(because of the hemi) and get this they want to charge $350 for the tuneup. Also the transmission and transfer case oil change for like another 300 more. I think DODGE has gone out there minds.... Tell me guys if this sounds right to you..... Thanks in advance for the feedback.

    I love my truck but I am starting to think I should get rid of it.....
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    They told me the same thing. Since I dont tow anything, Im stalling to a later date to do it too.

    p.s. I have a 96 with 110K miles on it and Ive never changed the diff fluid so apparently it isnt that important to do on time??.

    Ski in TX
  • Thanks for the reply, I also do not tow anything and drive it like a baby. I am thinking about holding out to but dont want if its something that will cause me a problem in the long run. I just think 15,000 is alittle early, especially I have not towed one thing and its been driven mostly highway miles. In todays times to give a tune up to truck at 30,000 miles is a joke. Anyway hopefully some more people will chime in on the subject, Time to go fishing and catch some trout before it gets dark...... Thanks again...
  • rollincrollinc Posts: 1
    What is the correct amount of oil to put into the rear differential? Should I fill it until oil flows out of the hole or is one quart ideal? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    If you have a limited slip differential add the friction modifier before filling the diffy. Then fill it until it flows out.
  • I had battery tested, cleaned terminals and replaced connectors. still nothing?/ all prestart lights come on, but not th gauges. the radio comes on but does not pick up stations?? headlights and cargo light come on, but not dome lights?? anyone have suggestions??
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Not a mechanic, but if the radio is on and not picking anything up, that sounds like the connection to the antenna is bad. Perhaps check all the grounds in the engine bay?
  • Does any know the location of the lubrication point on the drive shaft of a 2008 Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi? Is there a Zerk?
  • ellisjay2ellisjay2 Posts: 3
    I 've been looking for a good repair or some what haynes manual to learn about my 06 ram 1500 manual six speed 4.7. It is actually a Big horn edition, which doesn't really make a differ, just added goodies. But I would like to be prepared for maintenance jobs and future repairs, plus also learn more of the truck. Is there a specific manual for a manual transmission 1500 maybe online, or should I just go to a local parts store or dealer???
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