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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews

piapia Posts: 3
edited March 10 in Chevrolet
Looking at Chevy S10 due to great
$2000 rebate and to use GM points.
Would recent S10 owners share their
experiences on '98/'99 models ? Thanks


  • giffgiff Posts: 10
    I have a new 99 S-10 and so far I like it. I must tell you though I do not yet have 1000 miles on it. I got the truck because of the great incentives and I had a GM card discount of 2200.00 to apply to it. I am paying 272.00 per month for the next four years and that is at only .9% interest. For four years you cannot beat it. My truck came right off the lot and it is dark cherry red metallic (identical to the one at the top of the screen.) I got a 6 cyl. with tilt, cruise, air, auto, increased capacity (springs) and alloy wheels. I was hoping to get the extended cab but could not locate any at this time of year with the 6 cyl. The truck seems great so far. My only complaint are the high seat backs which are difficult to see around when you are backing up.
  • s10riders10rider Posts: 1
    Where did you receive the great $2000 rebate? I have seen $1500 and it said it expired July 1st??
  • mick0311mick0311 Posts: 1
    Picked up my '99 S-10 xtended cab few weeks ago.
    Nothing about the truck I don't care for, EXCEPT...and part of this is my own fault. The Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires that came on the truck have received a number of bad reviews. They were reviewed as very poor performers even on dry pavement! I told the dealer that I didnt want the Uniroyals at the point of sale. They said they could not change tires...GMC/Chevrolet policy. I took delivery of the truck with the Uniroyals on it. Beware!!! they are bad news, especially with a 6cyl S-10. They "break" on starts, break on anything like sand on the road and in the rain they are a pure gamble!
    I've written and contacted everyone at Chevrolet I could find. They dont want to hear about it! They say tires are not a part of the warrantied parts list. The BBB couldnt sway them. The NHSTA has a number of logged complaints about the Uniroyals. The dealer finally offered me $25 each allowance if I wanted to go buy new tires myself and bring the Uniroyals back.....Pitiful! I kick myself in the butt for taking delivery with the Uniroyals. Had I walked, I bet they would have found a way to switch the tires!
    DON't take delivery of your new truck with the Uniroyal Tiger Paws mounted...unless you like flirtin' with destruction. The dealership I bought from is in Middletown, Rhode Island.
  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
    of will be our new Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 compact pickup Spin! Watch for the link here.

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • senselesssenseless Posts: 46
    I had a '96 S-10 pickup 2wd, manual, 4 cylinder LS for 40,000 miles with no trouble at all. Consumer Reports gives the S-10 a poor service record, but my experience was all good. The 4WD models may have more problems.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    My '90 S10 4x4 Blazer has 108,000 miles, and has been great. Plenty of them are running around with 200,000 miles. My service experience has been good. It needed a clutch, and exhaust, but parts are inexpensive comparatively.
  • chevy10chevy10 Posts: 17
    I just bought a brand new Zr2 extended cab and it is awesome. It has everything you want and need. The problem is that the tires are so big that it gets dirty real fast. I asked about mud flaps but they dont make them for this model because they would rub on the tires. I was wondering if anyone knew about or had flaps on thier Zr2. I think im going to by chrome siding to protect from chips and scrapes and it will provide a good look. Id just like to say that if your looking for a compact pickup that can go anywhere but also be stylish this is it. When i see so many heads turn as i drive by it makes me feel like it was well worth the money. Oh and by the way if you buy one they have and alarm. I didnt know and i set it off and didnt know how to dis-arm it. Well anyway im going for a spin. If anyone knows what i could do for mud flaps please right back. Thank You. RYAN
  • i have 3200mi on my 99 s-10 and the camshaft is toast. i got the 4.3 v6. it's already been 6 days since i've sent it in for repair. they had to sublet out the repair. if you hear a "tick tick tick" in quick succession while your engine is running, watch out. has anyone else had this sort of problem before?

    by the way, the rental was free but enterprise is charging me 11.99 per day on liability insurance. is there any way to circumvent this charge?

    other than that, i absolutely love the's appearance, ride, response, interior, so-on-and-so-forth. but this has really got me concerned.
  • i would like to know where you find the $2000 rebates too. i'm thinking of getting an s-10. a review says the S-10 has low seats and I'm not very tall. anyone out there who's short and driving an s-10? what's your opinion?
  • giffgiff Posts: 10
    I am probably what you would call a short driver. I am about 5'7". I have a 99 s-10(see posting #1). I do not have a problem with the seat being too low while I am driving. The only problem is that the seat backs are too high to see around when you are backing up. I am not sure that physical stature is an issue with the seat back, I am sure that even taller drivers have difficulty seeing over it in a 99 s-10. The seat backs in the 98s were shorter than the 99s as for as I know.
    Your best bet will be to test drive one yourself and see what you think.
  • hpkhpk Posts: 1
    I just got a new 2000 ZR2 and I am only getting 15 miles per gallon on the highway and only 12 in town. What are some of you getting for mileage? Also does anyone know why they don't come with the ZR2 sticker on the back like the big trucks have the Z71?
  • giffgiff Posts: 10
    I am glad to see someone has mentioned this. My S-10 has just over 2000 miles on it and it is getting about 20-21 mpg. on the highway. I have a two wheel drive regular cab with an auto transmission and the 4.3L V6. I know we are comparing 2 different weight 99 S-10's here but I do not think even 20-21 is that great. Of course this is my first new pickup and I am use to the gas mileage of my old car.
    I don't know what your mileage is but you may have to put a few thousand miles on the truck before you are getting a better average. Can't help you with the sticker thing.
    Not to get too far off of the subject, but what about the accuracy of your gas gauge. Mine reads empty with about 4.5-5 gallons in the tank. Anyone else this far off with the gauge?
  • Yes I have never put more that 18 gals into my "20" gallon tank in my '93 S10 Blazer. I don't mind because the fuel in the tank is also the coolant for the electric (in-tank) fuel pump. I've heard of them burning out when run low too much. This might be idiot-proofing by GM, or just an inaccurate level sender. I don't mind stopping 40 miles earlier either way. One thing to watch out for, when your on Empty and you happen to really hit the brakes hard, you'll stall the engine when all the gas goes to the front of the tank and the pump loses suction. Only happened twice but...
    By the way, I get 20-22 highway and 15-17 city. All time high of 24.5 in florida in summer all interstate. I have the 4.3L V6 and 4wd. But I also have tall 3.08 gears. 3.42's usually get 5-10% less mileage on the highway and the same around town. (120,000 miles and still humming!)
  • lemoilemoi Posts: 2
    I just traded in my 97 S10 V-6 for a 2000 ZR2.. I was getting about 236-miles on a tankful before I would fuel up.. Thats pretty near 17-miles per gallon on a 16-mile commute (mostly highway) everyday.. I kinda expect the same from the ZR2.. I had a 95 S10 with the 4-cyl 2WD back a bit and that got about 27 mpg.. Huge difference, but it could not climb an incline without downshifting, especially with the AC on..
  • cab5cab5 Posts: 1
    The 1999 S10 has a $2000 cash incentive till Sept. 30, 1999. The 2000 S10 has a $1250 rebate starting Aug. 23, 1999 till ? in Erie, Pa area. Looking into offer carefully.
  • biker3biker3 Posts: 1
    Concerning the gas mileage of the chevy S10. I
    recently bought a 99 model with manual
    transmission. Driving around town(only) with the
    A/C running almost constantly (west texas heat)I
    got 19.6 MPG. On the second tank, it went to 20.9
    MPG. The truck has just over 500 miles. Is this
    comparable to what others are getting with manual transmission? I would be interested in hearing
    from others on this subject. Also, any problems
    that have come up.
  • 70575537057553 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 S-10 ls extra cab with the 4.3 V6. My truck is two wheel drive and it has the Tiger Paws on it and they do just that, perform poorly in any weather. I also had problems just after my warranty expired, the fuel sending unit died leaving me stranded and about $400 less in my pocket. Then the drivers power window motor burnt out. Another $200 out of my pocket. Now my a/c is working when it wants to, the dealer says it's my compressor and wants $750 to replace it. Has anyone else had any of these problems? I only have 49,000 miles on this truck, and they word Chevy is starting to give me second thoughts.
  • giffgiff Posts: 10
    I have a '99 S-10 with 4.3L. I took it into the dealer for some minor things. It had a rattle on the passenger side cowl cover. The service dept. re-attached a clip and tightened a bolt. They also reprogrammed the trucks computer to calibrate the gas gauge correctly. This took the dealer about 45 minutes total. They informed me that Chevy knows of a problem with the gas gauge for the S-10. So far so good!
  • I have a 1989 S10 Extended Cab with 160,000 miles on it, & it's been an excellent truck.
    In fact, I'm starting my search for a new one.
    Not a thing wrong with the one I have ... just reday for a new truck after 10 years with this one.
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