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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    thanks for the sites... I don't plan on putting big tires on if I do go with an S-10. the farthest off road I've been is my drive-way!
  • greg116greg116 Posts: 116
    I am considering buying a brand-new S10 or Sonoma, hopefully before the 2001 MY runs out. I want a V6 4x4 SLS Extended cab, sportside, offroad (not ZR2) model with lots of luxury. I work hard and I deserve it. any longevity tips from the seasoned owners? Its gonna be seeing a fair number of highway miles and taking me and a friend or two skiing.
  • Does anyone know if the ext. cab S-10 will be available with four doors in the 2002 model year? I really like my '98 GMC S-15 but will be trading it for a - pardon the expression - Ranger if I don't see four door extended cab S-10's in the showrooms next fall.
  • Apparently just a crew cab.
  • i just bought a 2000 S-10 2.2l Vortec (dual fuel) ext. cab ls. after 2 days of driving it, the head started leaking coolant. they have told me it was defective from the factory. i'm in the process of arguing with
    the dealership to have the truck replaced, instead of having the head, seals and whatever else is damaged rebuilt. my brother owned one of these also and had nothing but problems. his was eventually bought back under the lemon law. i bought this simlpy because my 1991 S-10 tahoe
    2.8l v-6 was a dream (with the exception of paint delamination that i found about too late for warranty work). are there others out there having the same problems with this engine? my aunt & sister-in-law own 4.3l vortecs and have not one problem.
  • brydonbrydon Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 reg cab 2.2L 4cyl 5 speed 56,000 miles if i decelerate in 5th gear it will pop out of gear and once in a while it will do it in 4th gear any buddy had the same problem and or have a fix for it.
  • fjulfjul Posts: 1
    I have a 97 S10 SS, L35 V6, Automatic, 50k, When I drive for a few hours and the trans gets good and hot, the SES light comes on and the trans shifts very hard. When I stop and shut the truck off then re-start it the trans shifts fine. The SES light will go out in time. Dealer says its typical for that GM trans. Recomends a $2,000.00 rebuild!!!!!! But can't provide me with an explanation.
    What the hell.....appreciate any input on this...especially from GM Service Techs.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I just picked up my 2000 S-10 LS with everything you mentioned with 1300 miles on it for $10000. I think you might be a little high at $9000 for a 1997. With the closeout rebates GM was giving at the end of 2000 a brand new one was in the high 11a and low 12s.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    If your problem can be related to transmissions in general, it seems as if your shifting fork is bent and not allowing the gear to fully engage or the teeth are rounded on the 5th gear, thus not fully engaging. A fix for it is a tranny rebuild. If the syncros and other gears are not bad maybe you could get by with just replacing the 5th gear and the fork. Hey, Chevys trannys are cheap and plentiful. I would check a junk yard.
  • jdaniojdanio Posts: 1
    I'm going to be buying an S10 in the next few days. I'd appreciate hearing what people have been paying for their S10's in the last couple weeks of 2000. You can email me @ or post it here.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Could you install a trans cooler? Dont know if it would help but it would be worth a try.

  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Like I said in my previous post, I picked up a Space Blue 2000 S-10 LS, with sliding rear window, chrome bumpers, body side mouldings, CD, Air, 4 cly, 5 speed, mats, etc. for $10,000. It was used, but had only 1300 miles on it. The private party even paid the registration and half the taxes on it also. Looking in the paper the same car closed out in the low 12s to high 11s. Its retail price was 15,777, but Chevy also gave a rebate on that price reducing the MSRP to the high 13s.
  • the 2000 s-10 i bought had a 2.2L L4, 5 speed, ext. cab, ls pckg, full size spare, bed liner, 8 miles on the odo, and an engine with a defective head (see post above). all this was had for $13,500 before financing. btw, the dealership refused to take the truck back until the owner of the dealership heard about it. he told them to take it back. i'm now waiting the 8-10 weeks for my new 4.3L v-6 w/5 speed LS ext. cab to be delivered. whatever you do, stay away from the 4 cyl. i've found more people in the last several days that are much happier with their 4.3 than the 2.2 (power & reliability wise). my personal favorite is the 2.8L v-6, great little engine, too bad the don't put it in s-10's anymore.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Sorry about your bad lemon luck. I checked Edmunds before my purchase and they rated the 4 cyl. 5 out of 5 stars for the 2000. The 1999s and below had engine troubles, but supposeably they were fixed on the 2000 model. Maybe you got one of the 1999 motors in your 2000. I just drove it into the mountains, with my wife, and only had to shift down to 4th a couple of times. Going back home it remained in 5th the whole time. 23-29 mph has some sacrifices and power is one. With 2500 on the odo it runs great, doesn't knock when cold, doesn't shift hard into 2nd, and stops on a dime. For what I got, Vortec 4 and all, I am quite pleased. The ride is far superior to the small Fords and Dodges and for what you get for the money is well worth it. I know a guy that had the old iron duke 4 in his S-10 and got 200K+ miles without a problem. Maybe the 2000 Vortec 4s can be this same engine.
  • somehow i completely missed that board. thanks for the link.
  • Hey, I have a 1987 chevy s-10 pickup. It has a 2.8L v-6 4 spd auto(700R-4) I have some 14 inch rims with p195/75/r 14 tires on it. I want to put some "big meats" under my truck without having to deal with a lift right now. What size could I put under it and at what costs? Thamks for your help. Wishmaster350
  • You're welcome. Thanks for you participation. ;-)

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  • I have a 1998 Chevy S10 truck. Overall the truck has been pretty good to me with a few exceptions. Every so often the "service engine soon" light comes on. It has been doing this for the past year or so and each time I have brought it to the dealer they tell me its the light itself and not a problem with truck. Also the handle for the extended cab door broke off while I was trying to open it one day, and the handle to raise / lower the seat back came off as well. Either I don't know my own strength or GM uses cheap plastic. Other than that its been pretty good. Starts up no problem, drives no problem either.
  • mdecampsmdecamps Posts: 115
    Am I the only one that is getting the knocking when cold on the 2.2L in my '98 S-10? Mine started when the engine had about 25K on it. It's noticable in cold weather until the engine warms up.
  • the5carthe5car Posts: 26
    What do you mean by knocking? My motor makes
    some noise in the morning, but it disappears
    after about 5 minutes. And what do you mean
    by cold? How cold are your mornings? I've
    been dealing with lows in the teens for the
    last 3-4 weeks, so I expect some engine noise
    on startup until the oil can begin traveling
    throughout the motor. BTW, my engine now has
    126,000 miles on it ('97 LS 5-speed).

    I also posted earlier about some drivetrain
    noise that I heard...turns out it was the
    universal...when did GM start injecting plastic
    into the driveshaft yoke in order to prevent
    the joint from moving? What a pain in the tail
    that replacement was. I tried to do it the
    old fashioned, proper way by using a vise and
    some sockets, but it wouldn't budge. Ended up
    having to beat the thing out with a hammer.
    And why doesn't the factory joint come with
    a grease fitting like the replacement did?

    Sometimes I feel that car manufacturers are
    in cahoots with the parts dealers...
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