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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • madridjoemadridjoe Posts: 28
    Both my 89 S-15 and my 95 Sonoma have fitttings on the ball joints, so that seems strange that your 91 did not. Anyhow, I sold the 89 with 120K and the original ball joints, still have the 95 with 70K and have not had any problems with the joints on that yet either, so I guess I'm not much help. Maybe someone else will have more information on this.
  • The extreme package has a roll pan vs. a rear face bar type bumper, perhaps you could look into adding an A/M hitch, or swapping extreme rear bumper for step bumper.
  • newton75newton75 Posts: 2
    I bought my 95 s-10 4.3L/standard cab/short bed about a year and a half ago for about $6000. I've been very happy with it & feel like I got a good deal. It's got about 112,000 miles and it's running strong. A couple of issues that I would check before buying would be to see if the previous owners have had to replace the intake manifold gasket yet (almost guaranteed to blow at around 100,000 to 110,000 miles on the 4.3L engine - it's about a $500 dollar repair), and see if they've had any problems with the EGR valve (Chevy is notorious for having EGR valves that clog - not as expensive to fix, but a pain to clean out when the engine starts acting up). My gut reaction to the two offers is that stephenjohn99 is getting a pretty darn good deal. Hwcoach might want to see if there's any room to negotiate - I paid the same for a newer truck with a bigger engine (granted there were more miles).
  • rob129rob129 Posts: 8
    I have 1998 zr-2 S-10 (4wd) 65,000 miles.Trans. started shifting hard from 1st to 2nd after driving for 35 miles or so. I took it to a MC dealer to check it out. They put a diagnostic deal on it and it said tarns. problem.(exactly what I told them) I was told they changed a celonoid and was going to do a test drive to see if it had solved the problem. Told me to come back tomorrow (may 11). Anybody taking any bets? Two years ago with 35,000 miles ,same problem. Guess what, it was the valve body I. had 1000 miles then left on warranty luckily. Now ,no warranty,same problem. I called M assistance number and told them it was probably the same problem. They called the GMC dealership and then told me that if it was the same problem they would give me a generous discount on the repairs.After seeing this website for the 1st time I see I am not the only with this problem!!! Stay tuned for part two.(by the way,I showed them the receipt from the 1st repair).
  • milanjmilanj Posts: 9
    I have a 97 LS that I just had fixed for the exact same problem. (See Chevy S10 problems link).I have 54,000 miles so my repair was covered by my extended warranty. My repair was the valve body also, so I agree with your bet. Mine's been fixed for about 3 weeks now and I have not had the problem re-occur. If your's isn't under warranty, please post the repair price. I'd like to know what it is if this happens again.
  • I have a 2000 Chevy s-10 ZR2. I've noticed recently that while driving with the air selector turned to "Off" and all the way to "Cold" heat pours into the cabin onto my feet. It has to be the most miserable problem to drive any distance with that I can think of. I brought my truck in and Chevy claims that the truck is designed to allow airflow into the cabin even when the selector is off. This is understandable but fiery hot air?

    Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and can offer some solution (or if you'd like to complain like me, that'd be fine too).
  • wally00wally00 Posts: 7
    Thanks Parrotfish, I'll check into both those options for my xtreme
  • rob129rob129 Posts: 8
    Check #465 for part 1 of this story. GMC dealor where truck is being repaired ordered a valve or some type of plug which is suppose to relieve pressure and allow shift normal from 1st to 2nd.Part is on back order and should be in next week?It is a part in the valve body,not the whole valve body. No transmission removal is required. Mechanic said 2-3 hours to replace?? Stay tuned for part 3. To milanj; I will let you know the cost of repairs.
  • caddyshackcaddyshack Posts: 6
    I've got a '96 S-10, extended cab, 4x4. LS package (buckets, console, upgraded interior), 5-speed manual, manual transfer case lever, V6. I bought it new in Dec. '96 as a leftover on the local lot. Window sticker just shy of $22,000, I got it for $18,500.

    It's been a good truck. Consistent 21mpg each time I check. I drive it a lot off road, rocky terrain in eastern California, Nevada and Death Valley. The truck has currently 97,200+ miles.

    Troubles have been few. 18,000 - cracked water pump housing (warranty). 34,000 -leaking top seal on transmission (warranty). Now, the AC is gone. Estimate is $1,500 to replace compressor. Anyone else had their AC go south?

    I replaced stock Goodyear RTS ("really thin spare") at 19,000 for BFGs, now on 3rd set of tires. No flats since switching to BFG. Factory serpentine belt replaced at 70,000. Factory shocks replaced at 85,000. Front brakes just replaced three weeks ago, factory set wore just fine and was not critcal yet (I use the transmission to aid in braking on the road and transfer case in low range off road to control truck's speed). I requested mechanic to do rear brakes also, but they called and said I had at least two more years left on them. Can't complain.

    I was a bit leary of buying another Chevy, as I've had two one lemon Chevy truck (Silverado 1981) and a lemon Chevy car (1980 Citation). I'm more of a Ford man (350,000+ trouble free miles on a '70 F-100 4x4; 285,000 trouble free miles on a '87 Tempo; 202,000 trouble free miles on a '88 Taurus [my daughter still drives it]) , but I hate those pushbutton transfer case activation switches, the Ranger and large trucks did not have available manual activation when I was looking for a new truck. Everyone I know that has the electronic activators (all brands) have had troubles with them.

    I'm putting the truck into the shop soon for a thorough check up on hoses, belt, drive line and repair the AC. Big 3,000 mile trip this summer, mostly 4x4. Love it!
  • gaston3gaston3 Posts: 4
    I am looking at a 2001 S10 4x4, not the zr2, just a regular ls model, with 3.73 gears and 4 speed auto. It is rated at 15/18 for mileage. Can anyone tell me if this is as good as it gets, or what type of gas mileage you are getting with one.

  • spacecadetspacecadet Posts: 4
    I have a 97' S-10 with V6,4 wheel drive,3.42 gears and the 4speed w/o.d. Before I modified it I pulled about 14/19 if I was easy on the pedal, just runnin' regular 87octane. After a 3" exhaust and a performance intake I pulled about 18/26.
    The truck has alot of power but Chevy makes every thing too damm restrictive to see any decent mileage.
    If you do get the truck best of wishes, I had mine for about 3 years now and had no problems,(bought it used with 12K on it)-----I keep up with the daily maintenance and have 40,000 miles on it. Anyway check out they have some really cool stuff.
  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    I recently got my first look at the 02 Trailblazer, which was pretty damn sweet. Is there any news about the S-10 being revamped soon? It would be a nice lead to follow
  • rob129rob129 Posts: 8
    Part 3,Check message's #465&#469.Got truck back from GMC dealership here in town Fri.6/1/01.Service adviser said to drive and see if it is ok.I have to drive to K.C.Missouri (270)miles Sunday and then drive home Friday. Should know if problem has been corrected by end of next week? Service advisor said about $500.00 in parts so far. Don't know about labor? Stay tuned for Part 4, hopefully the end!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gaston3gaston3 Posts: 4
    Well since they gave me such a good deal on the 2001 I decided to get it. Can you give me an idea as to how much you spent you your 3" exhaust and performance intake (as well as what kind) you put on your truck?
  • rdminirdmini Posts: 2
    I've recently found an '88 S10 in my area. I'm looking for a truck specifically, don't know what kind, just to play around with. The truck that i found was an S10 extended cab, the interior is in excellent shape, but the exterior is rusted in the usual areas around the fenders, the rocker panels, and the bottom of the trunk. This is not my biggest problem as i can fix that easily. The problem is the 4.3L V6 has 245,000km on it. How much longer will it last? What are common problems that occur with a motor with this many km's on it? Is the truck worth buying for $850.00? I know that's not a lot but i've got other places to put my money and besides i'm already restoring another car, so there isn't that much money to be thrown into the vehicle. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • rdminirdmini Posts: 2
    Another question for anyone who would like to answer, how much can a 2WD '88 S10 with the 4.3L V6 and the trailer hitch built into the bumper tow? I'm looking for it to tow an 18' boat. Any replies are appreciated.

  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Automobile Mag. note

    CHEVROLET will call its new pickup the Colorado.The truck,which replaces the aged S10, is slated for launch in the first quarter of 2002.A companion model will supplant the GMC Sonoma.
    Looks like at about 2005 it will be safe to buy one.
  • edk6edk6 Posts: 2
    I have a 93 S-10 Blazer that I originally purchased brand new. It's the 4.3L "W" motor that's on its way out after only 110,000 miles. After just replacing the water pump, intake manifold and the precious fuel injector, the local dealer and another trusted mechanic inform me that the main bearing is knocking and it's time for either a new motor or new vehicle. Talk about a disappoinment! For a vehicle that was mostly dealer maintained with regular tune-ups and oil changes and never saw "off road" terrain. Anyone else experience this with this motor? I've been reading a lot of the other articles here and yes, ball-joint replacements....I'm there twice over. Oh, and I've replaced 3 alternators on this too.
    A big hats off to the guy with the 410K miles on that vehicle. I guess some of us get lucky. I certainly expected more out of my Blazer, I don't think I'll be purchasing another one.
  • tkostkos Posts: 4
    This may seem like a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. I am looking into a 2001 S-10. Looking at dealer stock on I was surprised to see the limited stock of 4wd extended cabs. It's obvious there is a decent price difference between 2 and 4wd. I am assuming this is the reason for the limited offering compared to it's 2wd counterpart. I am trying to decide if the 4wd is worth the money. I live in the Northeast and have owned front wheel or four wheel drive my whole life. Is the 2wd as bad in the snow as I have heard? Can anyone lend any insight?

  • milanjmilanj Posts: 9
    I have a 97 S10 and would not do without 4WD. The truck is very light and won't go very well if at all in a decent snow. I even use it in the rain to try and maintain good traction.

    I think you would be sorry living in the Northeast with a 2WD S10
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