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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, thanks for this owners club! I need a favor, though. I started a thread in "Pickups" for "OLDER S-10s," and it has been archived. Could this thread be re-activated and pulled into this owners club?

    I would like to have a discussion specifically for those of us who own the older S-10 pickups, like from 1993 on back. I am picking that model year simply because that was the last year for the old body style.

    It's nice to compare notes with others who have high mileage older S-10s and see what repairs they have had to make, and how many miles of service they are getting on their trucks.

    Whatcha think, Karen?


  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    glad to see you back, tom. and i too miss the older s-10 room, for what its worth...maybe more "signatures" can get it back.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Apparently, Bob has re-activated Older S-10's. I would still like to see it moved over here to the S-10 Owners Club, but at least it is active again.

  • nate66nate66 Posts: 4
    I just got a new S10, couldn't pass up the $3252.00 rebate, on top of the Option 1 discount. I got a stripped down 2.2, since this is just a commuter, and I'll do a little hauling.

    So far, I love the truck. It's nice to get back into a truck. I used to have a 99 V8 Sierra, but I had to trade it in for a car based SUV, when my wife and I had a baby. The only problem is the cheap steel wheels. Anyone have any suggestions on some really cheep alloy wheels?
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Sister's Blazer had a leaking intake gasket (internal) and needed to replace the engine with a GM crate motor, since rebuilding the existing one would be almost as costly, besides new motor has a 3yr/50k warranty. So word of caution, notice of loss of coolant over a short period of time, have an oil analysis done since it was an internal leak. Leaking intake gaskets in GM vehicles doesn't seem to be uncommon. A service advisor commented a few years ago when my GM truck had a external intake gasket leak that they don't design the engine components to fit as well as they should and use of liquid gaskets is used to fill the gaps. Wouldn't suprise me if this is true.
  • sab7sab7 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying a 94 s10 ext cab 4x4 with v6 and 133K miles as a third vehicle/work truck. Anything in particulkar I should watch out for?

  • doggitdoggit Posts: 1
    I owned a 1984 with a 2.8L and it was a tough little truck. Didn't have power steering thought and without it steering was really hard. Since bought a new 95 S-10 v-6 ext cab. Most trouble free vehicle I ever owned. Now looking at a 2002
    ZR-5 4wd crew cab package. A little concerned
    about them being discontinued. Any thoughts on the 2002?
  • joe1969joe1969 Posts: 4
    The current S10 has another year to go until the '04 replacement, I plan on buying a '03 and then see what this new Colorado looks like the following year.

    Now if Chevy would only put the I6 in the Silverado......gotta see what that thing looks like with its redesign in September.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    The owner's manual for my 2WD '97 recommends CHECKING the differential fluid level at certain intervals. I'm at 41K miles. My dealer told me today that I should have already changed the fluid. I've taken several non-GM vehicles over 100K miles without changing diff fluid. Any recommendations?
  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    The dealers charge a ton for this, and they use the same petroleum lube that came from the factory. Buy some synthetic fluid from Autozone or Pep Boys, get a new gasket, and do it yourself.

    I'm gonna do it on my 2000 S-10 with 32K on it very soon.

  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    The dealer wants $50, but I would probably do it myself. Why are you changing at 32K? What does your manual recommend?
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I was cautioned by a Quaker State tech rep to stay with "dino" gear oil if you're near or above 50,000 miles.
    It has something to do with the additives being compatible with the seals and so forth, over a period of time and miles. Just a word of caution to you all.......
  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    Converting from regular to synthetic oil from the engine to the rear end should give about one more MPG. As for the wear factor, the synthetic has clearly been shown to be superior.

    I've talked to shop owners that replaced valve cover gaskets or timing chains on 200K miles engines run on synthetic from new, and they all had NO sludge, and were still running strong.

    By the way, if you have been reading some of the other forums, the S-10 is looking more and more like the 'little engine that could.' The 'new' engines in some Silverados and Yukons have problems, and now there is a forum saying the 4L60E transmissions are not holding up well. Yet, when you go over to the 'Older S-10" forum, there are a lot of these trucks easily running well past 150K miles or more.

  • joe1969joe1969 Posts: 4
    I've seen lots of full size Chevys with well over 250,000 on em and never had the valve covers off. That engine in a S10 geez almost as good as a I6!
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Well you can buy a base 03 chevy Cavalier with the 140 hp ECO-TEC 2.2 but the 03 S-10 still has the 120 hp 2.2.I think the S-10 needs the extra HP more than the Cavy.Sometimes I can't figure out GM.
  • ok, I put my other message in the wrong spot. Does anyone have any experience with pulling an RV Trailer with an s10. I have a 1995 s10, 3.08, 47,000 kms and I'm wondering what if anything I can pull. Friends are telling me the truck is too small.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    To ask for towing data you should state type cab & bed size 2 or 4X4 WD,engine and transmission.

    2 WD,Std cab,short box,4.3L, 3:08, manual trans is rated 4000 lbs max.

    I will not tow more than the payload on my Sonoma that is 1000 lbs and its tow rating is 3200 lbs.
  • My S10 is 2WD, Auto Trans, short box, 4.3L engine, 3.08. I believe the truck is rated to tow 5400 lbs. I was hoping that I could handle one of these hybrid RV trailers rated at 2500 lbs and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I think you need a 3.42 ratio for 5400 lbs,3.08 is kind of tall.
  • I am shopping for another S-10 used. My last had a 2.8 engine V-6 - EXTREMELY reliable. Almost 200,000 with NO engine repairs. That's no longer available. I'm having a hard time finding a 4.3; almost all seem to have the 2.2 4 cyl. Any experiences with these engines? I have heard the 2.2 is underpowered. Is it durable?
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