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Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans



  • odessitodessit Posts: 140
    900 for a brake is kind of high by itself. What is included in the service (besides brake job)? Is it just visual inspection of thing or it is actual change of spark plugs, wires, etc.?
  • draknaddraknad Posts: 39
    not sure what was included, but I think it'd be interesting to know how service and maintenance works.

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    The TL handles just fine, just how fast do you want to take turns maniac? :P
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 495
    Sounds like you should only lease BMWs (and probably all the other German makes), not own them.

    And that $900 bill is probably not as high as repairs and maintenance jobs go.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    What do they mean by "Entrey-Level" ?
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    The low end of a luxury manufacturer's offerings. E.g, Infiniti G series but not the M series, BMW 3 series but not the 5 or 7 series, Audi A3 or A4 but not A6 or A8, etc.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Yeah, I know, but I think these "lower end" cars are often superior to the higher end cars. For example, the RL is not $15,000 better than the TL. In fact, I think the TL is superior in fit and finish, looks etc. The BMW 3 series is better than the 5 and 7. And the infiinity G35 coupe is the best car they offer. :P
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    think it all you want, these cars are the introductory models for the line-up. the 3 series is basically the toyota echo of the bmw line up.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I think the term "entry-level" is a demeaning at best. I bought a TL because I like the car, not that I couldn't afford an RL. From the side, the RL looks exactly like an Accord. I am considering buying an Infinity, and the G35 coupe is the only Infinity I am considering, I think the M is big fat cluncker. The "entry-level" cars tend to be much more sporty.

    toyota echo ?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    All he is saying is that the 3-Series is the bottom of the BMW line just as the Echo is the bottom of the Toyota line.

    "Entry-level" may be a "demeaning" term to you, but it's a fairly widespread term used to describe a level that is a cut above average and perhaps a cut below the highest level, at least (in this case) in terms of cost. I don't believe that most folks see it as a demeaning term.

    You chose the TL and you are very happy with your choice even though, as you say, you could have purchased something more expensive. The reality is that the the TL competes with vehicles in a "class" that is a cut below the more expensive offerings of the same manufacturers. That is not an insult, it's just a reality.

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Who am I to argue with a host ;)

    However, just because a car is cheaper, does not make it inferior. In fact, the TL is probably superior in most respects to any American car, regardless of price. I have test driven the RL and thought the luxury of the TL was it's equal, and roominess was the same. :P
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The point I was trying to make and evidently did not is just what you said - because a car is cheaper does not make it inferior. And there is nothing about the term "entry-level" that implies inferior in my estimation.

    But the reality is that there is a more expensive class of vehicles. That fact does not mean this class is inferior.

    Okay? :-)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Agreed Pat. :)
  • tootsie1tootsie1 Posts: 27
    If the 3 series is the toyota echo of BMW then what does that make the Mini?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    The Mini is to BMW what Saab is to GM. While the Mini has won many awards and people who drive the car like it, it is not a BMW by heritage, just like a Saab is not a GM by heritage.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    my god this is turning into an SAT exam. Dog is to cat as...
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,207
    It's definitely a "bleachers & popcorn" series of exchanges.

    I learn a lot from some of the boards -- others are mostly for entertainment.
  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 336
    "Entry level" is really a term made up by marketers, who really would like to see you "move up" to their next higher and higher (read "more expensive) models the next time you buy. It really does not cost all that much more to manufacture say a 5-series over a 3-series, but since the price tag on the 5-series can be a lot higher, there is a lot more profit in it for the company. That's also why the car companies are in love with selling $50K SUVs -- that's where most of their profits come from.

    But keep in mind that, for many of us, one person's "entry level" car is another person's "ideal" car. I am quite happy with my 325i and am also still living in the "starter home" that we bought 23 years ago! ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    "Entry level" as a marketing ploy, yeah, never thought of it that way before. But you are correct, I am sure. However, I can afford a much more expensive car, but as soon as I saw, and test drove, the TL, I was hooked. ;)
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