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Ford F-Series Care and Maintenance



  • I have a 1990 F-250, 5.8l 4x4. It usually starts with no problem, however this morning after it started, the engine died. I tried re-starting it, but the engine would just crank until I pumped the gas (this is fuel injected). The whole front end bucked, and when I took my foot off the gas, it died. It had a very rich gas smell also. A friend said I probably need an IAC valve. Does this sound right, and if so, is this something I can do on my own (where is it located?). Thanks
  • I have a 95 ford f250 4x4 that i just bought and in three months i have busted three steering gear boxes.on two of them i blew the seal on the little cap with the two bolts that sits on top.and on this last one i broke that same little cap in half.all three times it happened when i had the wheel turn all the way till it stoped.i have no idea what it could be.any help welcome thank you.
  • Is there any way to tell if my '95 F350 had a keyless entry remote at one time?
  • What is the proper torque for the oil drain plug on a 2006 4.6L engine
  • I just bought a 1993 F150 XLT reg. cab pickup. Can someone tell me where the reset switch for the fuel pump is?
  • It's in the front passenger footwell behind the right side kick panel. You've got to unscrew the door sill molding and then you can take off the kick panel. There's a module with a button on it.
  • Thanks for that.
  • What is the recommendation (and experience) of F250 (gas) owners/users on oil changes for transmission, transfer case & rear differential?
  • What year is your'250? The newer Triton engines have longer oil intervals (7.5K miles) than the older 5.0 and 5.8L engines (5K miles).

    I've got an '01 F350 V10, and a '95 F-150 - outta habit I usually change the oil at 3-4K. The F-350 Tranny interval is every 30K, but I tow, sometimes over 10K lbs, so I've changed the fluid more often. I've inadvertently overheated the tranny, gauge read about 275 degrees F, once when I got stuck in mud, and another slowing backing the trailer up a long steep hill. Changed the tranny fluid a couple days later to prevent any damage from degraded/burned fluid.

    Forget the rear and differential intervals, but they were moot for me. I managed to be stupid more than once and get stuck in water that turned out to be deeper than I thought, where water was even with floor of cab and bed. The air outlet on the rear end pumpkin was obviously submerged. Changed out the differential fluid to prevent any water damage.

    For normal use, follow the recommended intervals in the owner's manual. If you stress the vehicle like I have on occasion, change the fluids more often, it's much, much cheaper than a new tranny or rear end.
    My '350 has about 50K with virtually zero problems. My '150 is approaching 200K with original engine - no rebuilds, it's still makes good power - but tranny was rebult at 120K and is starting to bet squirrely again.
  • I have a 1998 F-150, It has a class 3 hitch w/ 7 pin wiring harness..I have are my running lights and that is it. I have checked my fuses, and they are all o.k. Does anyone know if there is a seperate fuse box for the wiring harness? Thanks for the help! :mad: :mad:
  • The lights going to your plug will be with your lighting fuse in the fuse box unless someone has installed an inline fuse.

    I would think that you have a problem in the wiring of that harness, I would take it loose and make sure there are no bare wiring and check the lights and the lights should work fine, then when I re installed the wiring I would use insulted crimping items to reinstall with to keep the wiring in good shape.

    If this is factory done, Then you would just take a test light to the rear and check that plug, usually when you have something added that is usually where a problem begins.

    If I am wrong I apologize but from my experience this is correct and I work on vehicles every day.

    Thanks Friend and hope I helped you if not reply again and I will try to help further.
  • ray70ray70 Posts: 18
    I have a Subaru Forester. The Subaru folks recommend changing ALL FLUIDS every 30,000 miles. It sounds like a good way to maintain a vehicle, but expensive. I started using MOBILE ONE in my pickup engine at 10,000 miles. My 03 is coming up on 30,000 and I am thinking about draining and replacing all fluids. I have also been thinking about putting MOBILE ONE in both differentials and the automatic transmission. Is the added expense worthwhile??????

  • i have a86' 150 super cab. wondering if any one has an exhaust diagram or scematic of the system so i can figure werwe my leak is comming from...302, 2 wheel drive..
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Is there a problem with simply listening to the vehicle to see where the exhaust is leaking?? :confuse:
  • nrqlls7nrqlls7 Posts: 1
    I get a five tone code that repeats five times every 30 minutes. What does that indicate?
  • mriosmrios Posts: 1
    My F250 has a 7.5 gas engine but I don't see it listed on the page you referenced. Actually, the only choice that comes up is a 6 cyl. If I choose "Don't know" for body type then the 5.8 comes up as the only choice. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm trying to find the engine oil capacity for my truck. Is it 5 or 6 qts. if I change the filter as well?

    Thank you very much for any help or advice.
  • betardbetard Posts: 1
    we are trying to find the right fuse for the windsheild wiper for a 2002 F_350 superduty. for it is raining and we cannot drive anywhere. on the fuse cover it gives numbers. if some one could just tell me the number in which it is located it would be greatly apperciated.

    signed betard :confuse: As Soon As Possible the answer to this request.
  • timbo101timbo101 Posts: 1
    I took my 04 f150 supercab xlt in today to have the shimmy checked, i was told to bring it back next week to replace two rotors and pads, there is a TSB on this from Ford, so if you got the shakes take her in i got 24,500 on mine and it been shaking for about 5000 now, anyway its a warrenty issue
  • hi this is bard i owen a 2002 7.3l in the little bit of time that i have owned it. i devloped a vibration around 30mph and won't go away. and is it comon for the sway bar link pin bushings to go out. one more thing should a person put a cold air intake on it
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