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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • niceg35niceg35 Posts: 6
    I will most likely be purchasing through the infinit dealership in San Jose, CA. I recently called them and asked them if I could possibley receive VPP on the 06' , the dealer said he'd get back to me once he spoke to the manager and and they did not get back to me????
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    Yeah good luck on getting VPP on 06 coupes at most dealerships, some dont even honor them on 05s. Try Grubbs in Dallas, if anyone would honor VPP it would be them. The FX has had the most changes than any Infiniti model, cept of course the M which is all new for 05.
  • Well good for u guys, VPP n all, I didnt have the oppurtunity for that... still 06 model doesnt sound great, its gettin new rear lights n minor things that dont change the car much. Anyone know what the new lights look like? I dont know how infiniti would achieve a better look
  • 4444444444 Posts: 8
    I traded my 2003 G35 coupe Ivory in for the 05' PKG's I put on are sport suspension,premium,aero$550,splash guards,trunk carpet. The difference between the 03' and 05' is as follow no cassette deck, seats do not automatically go back when put back down(very bad), no 12v on right, No willow color,(wheat is nice) and the cup holder breaks all the time those are the minuses.
    The plus 19" rims & tires, incredible handleing control sucking the road right out of your eyeballs, telescopic steering wheel, flat mounted mirror knob, and the best thing the dealerships are dealing on these cars. if they bought in Jan. and have them around they should have a sticker price of 37860 new one's are 38250 can save right there look around I found one at 37860 and walked out total 33500 now the state I live in cars are only taxed 3% that is better then most. Good Luck.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    What the heck is VPP??? :confuse:
  • VPP = vehicle purchase program.. mainly for Nissan employees and suppliers. All dealers I talked to honored the VPP on the 2005 coupe and I already have a dealer who will honor it on the 2006 coupe once they have them in stock. Any dealer who is feeding you the "we do not honor the VPP" is surely feeding you garbage.
  • I will be puchasing mine in Orange County. Infiniti of Mission Viejo has been really straight forward about the VPP. The already gave me pricing on the 05 and now I'm waiting on the 06's to arrive.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Thanks for the info! :shades:
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    Yeah the pics of the new lights are on
  • klei14klei14 Posts: 9
    i am considering purchasing an 05 G35, but do you think i should wait for the 06?
    will the dealer work on the price with an 06?
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Folks, this topic is intended for discussion of the features, attributes, owner experiences, etc. of the G35. If you'd like to talk about purchasing or pricing, please take it to the Infiniti G35: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. The folks there aren't just talking about the prices they paid; they're also sharing advice on getting the best deals on 05s and 06s.



  • Does anyone know what Infiniti did to change the clutch on the '05? The clutch is so much better on the '05 model year. I am doing an early term on my '04 lease (lease began 10/03) to get into an '05. My early term fee is only $2,100 and I am saving $45 a month on lease price over 36 months.

    I was able to negotiate from sticker of $38,080 to $35,978. It seems like a good deal to me. My lease price went from $563 a month with $0 down to $518 a month with $0 down and the '04 car did not have the aero package.
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    It depends on which dealer, but you should get it somwhere below full msrp. How much? no idea, you just have to shop around. Earlier this year I bought a New Jetta a week after it hit the lots, but paid about a 1000 less than the msrp. Invoice pricing was unavailable then and I havent checked it after that.
  • area123area123 Posts: 22
    I have noticed a strange noise in my engine, usually only happens in the morning (or first time of the day I drive it). It sounds almost like a clutch is kicking in but it happens even w/ the ac is off, it is kind of a click and then a swooshing noise. After it is warm it doesn't happen anymore or even later in the day. I plan to take it to the dealer but not sure when I'll have time and wanted to see if anyone had a similar problem, maybe it's a normal sound. I don't recall when it started and it may have always been there but I didn't notice before.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    the first step. I actually visited a dealer today & picked up a couple of brochures (Sedan & Coupe), plus making sure I can fit into the coupe. The sedan doesn't fit into my future, as I need a fold-down seat to accomodate my bicycle.

    What I'm looking for is a red manual (premium). The brochures show a really nice (non-metallic) red, while the actual colour choice page shows what looks like a metallic red.

    I'm of the opinion that metallic colours are there to hide defects. I want pure colours, and it's difficult to find them. Interestingly enough (to me, at least), BMW still offers Electric Red. Mostly I don't like what the Huns (I'm one myself -- calm down Pat) offer in terms of reliability, but the colour does matter. Plus which, the BMW (3) will get far better fuel mileage.

    I'm finally in the serious shopping mode, having driven my Lincoln LS (marketed falsely in '00) most of 90K miles. I'm an old-school Nissan fan -- bought a '73 240-Z & drove it off the lot to a 223K mile future.

    I'm shopping the G35 manual coupe against the BMW 3, as well as a couple of other contenders, but the G is the baseline.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I agree that color is important, you have to look at it every day. I think the red is not the best color, but it is nice and not metallic at all. I believe that the G35 looks best in black, and I am not a big fan of black cars, but I have to admitt the G35 coupe looks very hot in black. :P
  • Ooohhhweee of course the coupe looks best in black. Mines black on black wit 19's babeh! Got the 6MT of course and its the most fun a 19-yr old hispanic kid will have on the streets! Haha
  • just leased the 2005 coupe with 6 speed manual. it's unclear to me whether that automatically includes the 19" wheels and sport suspension. can someone give me a quick answer because the only option pkg this black beauty has on then sticker is the premium pkg. thanks in advance!!!!
  • Haha man u didnt even check out your car before you leased?? YES the 19s come wit the 6MT, yours will be jus like mine! Black on black maybe, I hope youre not from SoCal_
  • no, i'm not that much of an idiot -- lol -- and thanks for your quick response! i just wanted to make certain that it was the WHOLE pkg as standard on the 6 speed and not just the wheels. i wish it had the black interior, but there were only two black 6 speeds left in my part of connecticut and both had the sand or tan or whatever the hell it is interior. i got it with the premium pkg for 33 and change.
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