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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • dnycednyce Posts: 1
    Hello I am considering purchasing the G35 a few months down the road but I am also wondering how you were able to move this far from Invoice? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Just what does OEM stand for? Excuse my ignorence. :blush:
  • I believe it's Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  • I've had my G35 for several months and haven't bothered with the manumatic shifting. I've driven automatic all my life but recently I've been playing around with it trying to get the "fun" factor out of shifting gears myself. On the 2003 review by Edmunds (the only full test I could find here) I read that turning the traction control off and using the manual shift will get you a slightly quicker 0-60 from standstill. I've never driven stick shift but it seems that my gears seem to get stuck more often than not as I try to keep my two hands on the steering wheel and perform a quick getaway. Any suggestions on improving my skills? Perhaps I should learn to drive a real manual trans. first. Thanks.
  • mallen1mallen1 Posts: 1
    I'm looking a getting a G35 in Kansas City and woould be interested in the details around the deal you mentioned. Thanks.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Thanks, I first thought it was some sort of chant. :P
  • kxhkxh Posts: 7
    Going to order a new 6MT in September. I want an '06 and want to sell my Mustang GT Vert on my own. SO here is the dumb question i have. Does the G35 6MT Coupe get better gas mileage in real world driving. I know its not something that we think about but with the way the price of gas has gone up, and the bad mileage my Stang gets, i was hoping for better than 15 MPG with the coupe. Has that been most peoples experience?
  • Better than 15 mpg... has been my experience. However, not a lot better 16-18 on mixed use tanks. Good luck.
  • kxhkxh Posts: 7
    Good Thanks! Thats still better than the random anywhere from 11 to 22 (mostly like 14) I am getting currently.
  • tom197tom197 Posts: 9
    I have a 2005 G35 Coupe with the Performance tire package. The rear tires are one size largewr than the fronts. We bought the performance package because my wife liked the wheel style better. When it is time to replace the tires can we install the same size on all four wheels? Is the rim width different?
  • niceg35niceg35 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if the 2006 coupe can be purchased thru VPP? Looking to purchase soon, but will wait for 2006 model and order it if I can get VPP pricing? By the way VPP price quoted was 34500, plus taxes + fees. For a 2005 coupe Blk/Blk, 6mt, premium package and aero package. Is this normal for VPP? :D
  • What's VPP?
  • yangstayangsta Posts: 1
    Hi, i found a
    05 coupe g35 black/black auto
    with just splashguards.
    hassled the dealer and came down to $31,208. Good price?

    Also i found another
    05 coupe g35 diamondgraphite/black 6MT
    Sports Pckg
    Splash Gaurds.
    hassled the dealer and came down to $32,400. Good price? Ty
  • Ok I am one who will be getting the 2006 35....what do you think would be a good deal....3 or 4% over they will probably not be making many deals with the 2006 coupe.
  • I will also be purchasing a 2006 coupe 6mt under the VPP. It is really up to the dealer whether they will honer the VPP, but NNA usually does not exclude any models. I was quoted 33,500 for 2005 6mt with premium but no Aero package. Keep us posted on your pricing if you order a 2006. Have they raised the prices? What area/dealer are you purchasing from?
  • If I was you I would look for something with the premium pkg but if you dont care about luxury go head it is a good deal ..
  • Yes the width is different. Back to front that is why when they rotate the tires they go from side to side not front to back ! You should need replacements about 17,500 to 25,000 miles in depending on driving style and yes different sizes will need to be bought. Infinti will take care of that for you .
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,191
    Hi, folks,

    This topic is intended for discussing the features, attributes, ownership issues, etc. of the G35. There's an active discussion for exchanging advice on dealerships, pricing and buying this auto here:

    Infiniti G35: Prices Paid & Buying Experience


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  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    Check out for latest confirmed changes to the 06 coupe and sedan. Pictures are under the "photos and multimedia" section.
  • Looked at the new features on the G35 Coupe and I am thinking about going and trading my 03 coupe in it only has a year left on financing so i should get money back ! Anyway the new headlights and taillights look awesome I love the new spoiler and intell key ! I gotta to have it since my wife will in a month or so ! I just ordered her the FX45 ! They are also changing that around too. Kind of mad the dealer didn't say a word !
  • niceg35niceg35 Posts: 6
    I will most likely be purchasing through the infinit dealership in San Jose, CA. I recently called them and asked them if I could possibley receive VPP on the 06' , the dealer said he'd get back to me once he spoke to the manager and and they did not get back to me????
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    Yeah good luck on getting VPP on 06 coupes at most dealerships, some dont even honor them on 05s. Try Grubbs in Dallas, if anyone would honor VPP it would be them. The FX has had the most changes than any Infiniti model, cept of course the M which is all new for 05.
  • Well good for u guys, VPP n all, I didnt have the oppurtunity for that... still 06 model doesnt sound great, its gettin new rear lights n minor things that dont change the car much. Anyone know what the new lights look like? I dont know how infiniti would achieve a better look
  • 4444444444 Posts: 8
    I traded my 2003 G35 coupe Ivory in for the 05' PKG's I put on are sport suspension,premium,aero$550,splash guards,trunk carpet. The difference between the 03' and 05' is as follow no cassette deck, seats do not automatically go back when put back down(very bad), no 12v on right, No willow color,(wheat is nice) and the cup holder breaks all the time those are the minuses.
    The plus 19" rims & tires, incredible handleing control sucking the road right out of your eyeballs, telescopic steering wheel, flat mounted mirror knob, and the best thing the dealerships are dealing on these cars. if they bought in Jan. and have them around they should have a sticker price of 37860 new one's are 38250 can save right there look around I found one at 37860 and walked out total 33500 now the state I live in cars are only taxed 3% that is better then most. Good Luck.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    What the heck is VPP??? :confuse:
  • VPP = vehicle purchase program.. mainly for Nissan employees and suppliers. All dealers I talked to honored the VPP on the 2005 coupe and I already have a dealer who will honor it on the 2006 coupe once they have them in stock. Any dealer who is feeding you the "we do not honor the VPP" is surely feeding you garbage.
  • I will be puchasing mine in Orange County. Infiniti of Mission Viejo has been really straight forward about the VPP. The already gave me pricing on the 05 and now I'm waiting on the 06's to arrive.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Thanks for the info! :shades:
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    Yeah the pics of the new lights are on
  • klei14klei14 Posts: 9
    i am considering purchasing an 05 G35, but do you think i should wait for the 06?
    will the dealer work on the price with an 06?
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