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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    Yellow and Roll - what's the status on your buy backs? Have the deals been completed? If not, what kind of time are they talking? Infiniti has sent my case to their arbitrator for review. Another red 2005 G owner has contacted me with the same problem. He is from NY. The woman from my area is still waiting as well. That's 5 red 2005 G-35s with the exact same paint problem - and that's all we know about! Anybody else out there with the same problem?
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    We confirmed yesterday that our transaction will take place Wednesday of next week at our dealer. The Dallas agent for Infiniti Consumer Affairs will handle the turnover. We will sign a limited power of attorney for the title transfer and receive a check for our equity at that time, a couple of days later our bank will receive the funds for the loan payoff.

    I will post a follow-up note next week with additional details.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    My case went to the arbitrator on Monday. I am to get a fax with details of the buyback. I suspect, like Jim, they will follow the lemon law here in Ohio, but I am only guessing based on Jim's comments. So meanwhile I wait.

    I will get another Coupe, I love the car. My only complaint was the paint. Of course the question is what color. Looks like red is out as much as I liked the red. Thinking Athens Blue/Wheat. Silver is smarter but wife won't let me bring a silver car home.

  • dmarcus48dmarcus48 Posts: 139
    Friend of a friend has a lakeshore blue with wheat. Nice combo.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Infiniti made their offer for a repurchase. They refer to our lemon law, (in my case that’s Ohio) and constructed the offer according to the law.

    I am satisfied and will accept. According to the law they pay all my upfront costs, cap reduction, deposit, fees etc and in addition refund all lease payments I've made to date. My obligation is for any damage to the vehicle, (there is none). So I will be in a position as if I had never leased the vehicle. There is no consideration for the maintenance I invested but I have no complaint given the offer they have made.

    This is the solution I hoped for since I had invested considerable cap reduction and also turned over the largest deposit they would accept (this effectively bought down the money factor and was fully refundable). Of course I never dreamed I would have a problem and then, when I did, feared they would keep my deposit to repaint the car when I turned it in.


    Ohio law does not provide for a use charge as far as I can tell. And Infiniti has not mentioned a use charge in their offer letter. Can you say....does Texas law provide for a use charge and/or did they request reimbursement for mileage driven by you in their offer letter?

    This is a big ticket item for me. The car had about 8300 miles on it when I first brought the problem to their attention; it now has about 11000 miles.

    I’m in shopping mode now but still plan to stick with the Coupe. I like the Athens Blue but do have concerns over a strong color and if I will again have paint chips. The Lakeshore blue is an idea although it is a bit pale for my taste. I’ll check it out; thanks dmarcus.

  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    This is a great update and I am really pleased for you.

    Regarding the usage fee: it is a provision of the Texas law and was cited in the initial offer letter we received from ICA. The formula for the calculation was also cited. Although I cannot recall the specifics, it appeared to be based on a total useful life of the vehicle of 120,000 miles.

    Also, consider this: when our car was inspected by the field engineer, we immediately surrendered it and obtained a service car for routine use. They later moved us into a '06 sedan demo which we are still using. We were not going to risk an accident or other event that would potentially wipe out the deal. We have not driven the beautiful red coupe since early February. My wife had it for all of 90 days. :cry:

    Now that you have an offer in hand, consider working with your dealer to get the car off the road ASAP. With your commitment to remaining with Infiniti, they might work with you on interim wheels.

    Best regards and good luck with the process.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Good. I have their initial offer letter and there is no mention of a use charge. Which seems to track with the Ohio Lemon law; I just wanted to be sure.

    Thank you for a great idea. I have been concerned worrying about having an unfortunate accident that damages the car and spoils the deal. I think I will turn it in as you did. The dealer has already offered me the use of a car while they find a new one for me. Apparently what I want is not available in the US. (Good grief)

    Got to say; these posts have been a huge help in getting me to this point. Thanks to all and especially Yellowcar. :D
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    BTW... yet another parallel in our stories: I am an Ohio native, born in Dayton but have lived in Texas since age 10. My Dad's family is from Darke County, SW portion of the state.

    Moderator - please be patient with me, no intention of turning your forum into This will be my only comment on this topic. ;)
  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    Great news Roll. Congratulations! Hopefully I will hear something similar this week as well. Good idea about the loaner car Jim. I too have been worried about someone hitting me and throwing a monkey wrench in the works. I will ask my dealer for a loaner today. I have been driving it since Feb when I first made them aware of the problem. I'll keep you posted when I hear something.

  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Very encouraging to hear these cases settling this way. Even though I'm no longer in the market for the coupe (decided I liked my car too much to part with it, so I bought it out), it's good to know there is accountability at Nissan. Keeps them in the picture for the future, frankly.
  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    Now I'm furious. I called Infiniti Consumer Affairs for a status update on my case. They have rejected my buy back request! I cannot believe that they can reject my request and approve two others when we all have the exact same car, same year, same color and the SAME PROBLEM. I have been very patient with Infiniti. I bought the car in Oct 05 and first brought the problem to their attn in Feb 06. Once again, I have requested my dealer to intervene on my behalf. I will give it one more try before I am forced to go thru the BBB Autoline or my attorney.
  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    Roll & Yellow -

    Is there any additional info you can give me that I can use to help me with my case? Can you provide your case number or the name of the dealership you bought through? I don't want to jeopardize your cases, just gather some additional info to get mine to the same resolution.

  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    Our transfer is scheduled for Wednesday and I will post an update after that, probably Thursday. Be patient.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Mine is about to be scheduled. I'll report back after the deal finalizes.
  • plummy2plummy2 Posts: 6
    I am considering purchasing a G35 Coupe. I have a question I want to throw out to the current owners of the G35 Coupe first...

    I live in the Northeast which means many days of the year with snow and ice. Will the rear-wheel drive be able to handle the poor driving conditions adequately? Many years ago (late 80's) I had a rear-wheel drive Pinto and it spun on hills because of the rear-wheel drive and lack of weight.

    I know the G35 Sedan comes in all-wheel drive but I really prefer the Coupe model. Will I have poor driving traction in bad weather conditions with the rear-wheel drive or does the limited-slip rear differential and traction control system make handling in bad weather much better?

    Thank you!
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    :) The coupe is fine in the winter if you buy a good set of winter tires. The summer rubber that comes with the car makes you think you are driving a hockey puck in the winter.

    I have an automatic coupe with the sport-tuned suspension, which comes with a limited slip differential. I bought Dunlop Winter Sport M3s and the car was fine. :)

    Blizzaks have also gotten positive responses on this board. I live in the Detroit area, and we only had one heavy snow fall this past winter, but it was over six inches and the coupe was fine with the snows. One other caveat, you may have a hard time finding the snow tires in 19" sizes if you get the sport suspension. I had to buy a set of 18" wheels, because I could not find the snows in a 19" size.
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    First the emotional part:

    It is done! The turnover to Infiniti took place yesterday as planned. We received a check for our equity and the bank will receive payment for the loan balance in a couple of days. The beautiful red coupe we owned for less than 6 months is no longer ours. Looking back, the wait during the special order process lasted longer than our period of ownership. After completing the paperwork at the Infiniti dealership yesterday, we drove a short way to the same organization's Lexus dealership and took possession of a 2006 Breakwater Blue IS250.

    Will we ever look to Infiniti again for new car? Perhaps. We continue to be a fan of Nissan due the overall reliability and low cost of ownership of their cars. I can guarantee that if we do go back to Infiniti it will only be with a clause in the purchase agreement regarding a minimum thickness of the paint. My wife waited years to get her red sports car, that need has not yet been met.

    Now for the factual part:

    For anyone needing a case citation, the file # at ICA is 5284388 and the VIN is JNKCV54E46M700718. Please keep in mind, each case is specific to it's situation and unique circumstances. The fact that our car was repurchased should not be construed as an automatic approval for anyone else. As I said in previous posts, our relationship with the dealer paid huge dividends in getting this quickly resolved.

    Here is some information we have obtained regarding the paint on Infiniti vehicles:
    - The tolerance for the paint thickness is 3.5 mils to 6.5 mils
    - This is a total thickness for all paint above the metal; the primer, the color coat, and the clear coat
    - Most Infiniti's coming from Japan are running at the 3.5 mil thickness
    - A notable exception in the Infiniti line is the QX56, which is assembled in the US and typically has a paint thickness of 6.5 mils.
    - Measurement of the paint thickness is a common procedure with a device called a paint meter.

    For comparisons, the typical paint thickness on a new Lexus is 5.5 mils.

    I hope our experience is informational to others experiencing problems with paint quality.

    Best regards to all,
  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you very much for sharing your info with me (us). Where did you obtain the info on the paint specifications for Infiniti? It would be nice to have "official" info. I had an auto paint distributor test my car. He tested a total of 12 areas on my car. 4 areas are under 3.5 mils - 2.3, 2.5, 3.3 and 3.4. 4 others are at 3.5 - 3.7. None were greater than 4.5 mils. By contrast, he tested a brand new Dodge Charger in his lot. The Dodge ranged from 4.5 to 5.0 mils in the four locations he checked.

    Thanks again for the info and help Jim. Good luck with the Lexus!
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    You will just have to trust me on this one - the information is good. I will not compromise my source with a disclosure.
  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    I understand Jim.
    I forgot to ask in my last post, do you have any pictures of the paint chips on your car you can post? I am curious how many and how big they are. I have over 100 pencil point chips on the front of the hood and about 15-20 chips elsewhere ranging up to the size of a pencil eraser (probably a little larger). I can pick additional paint off with my fingernail!
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    No pictures available. My wife tried when she took the car in, did not know about macro mode on the camera. We had only 1,200 miles on the car when I spotted the problem in January during a routine wash job.

    The hood had about a dozen 1/16" to 3/32" chips with primer showing across the nose, just above the grill. We also located numerous very small chips (less than 1/16") spread all over the car in random and unexpected locations. This is what drew the interest of the dealer service manager and the regional service manager who was on site that day.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Wow, yellowcar, what a shame! I sure hope
    that Nissan/Infiniti will resolve this issue
    in regard to the paint/mils in future
    vehicles. This must be the same problem I've
    had with my 2002 Nissan Maxima. The only
    thing on this car that I have not been happy
    with over the four years is the amount of
    paint chips. It's been bothering me for the
    better part of the last two years. I thought
    maybe some of it was my fault for not catching
    for instance, bug gunk in time before getting
    it washed or whatever. I bet it was hard
    turning over your beautiful Red G-coupe. I'm
    interested in how you like or would compare
    the IS250, as I have been eying these two cars
    among others, when my lease is up soon. I say
    this because the G35 coupe is the only
    two-door I would consider at this point, and
    I look at the IS250 just like a two-door
    because it is quite small in the back. Let
    me know how you like the IS. Good luck!
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Good information Jim, thanks.

    I have done a bit of informal checking looking for chips in other Coupes and poking around the wash bay of the dealership. These guys wash the cars day in and day out. The reds have been the most sensitive to chipping. Some chips show up on other colors but the guys say the reds were the worst. The later model reds, they say, don’t seem to show chips, they think the factory has fixed “it”. This is their opinion.

    I examined three Coupes in the used lot, none red. They were 2003’s and one 2004. Silver, a bright blue and a black. A few chips on the blue but not many and probably would not get my attention if I wasn’t looking for them. No chips I could see on the silver and maybe one or two on the Black. My red on the other hand has so many, some of which are large, that you can’t help but notice them within moments of looking at the hood.

    I plan, and have agreed, to take another Coupe (but it won’t be red this time). I love the car and have not yet had my fill of what I think is the perfect combination for spirited driving/daily commute and when absolutely necessary, picking up groceries. And, (this is the priceless part), I smile when I look at it in the garage. I think that’s saying something since I came out of a Boxster (6years). I’m not counting the FX35 since there is no comparison.

    This one will be Ivory with wheat and it will have a clear bra. Silver would be the best choice but the wife unit won’t allow a silver car and I’m interested in keeping the seas calm for smoother sailing. (My RC helicopter hobby drives her nuts.)

    I want to add a comment regarding the cooperation of the dealership. I could not agree with Jim more. My dealer went out on a limb for me and in my opinion, was the reason Infiniti agreed to repurchase the vehicle. They (dealer)jumped to my side early in the process and continued the fight even when I was distracted by other things. I think this is the key. If you don’t have the dealer backing you up, you will probably have a much tougher time getting a buyback offer out of Infiniti. That’s my guess anyway.

    Oh, the dealer wins too; I go there for all my maintenence even if I can save two bucks going somewhere else.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I checked the information from my paint guy regarding the thickness of the paint on my Red car. It was 4.5 mills more or less all around the car.

    He claimed my problem was delamination caused by the color coat not bonding to the sealer in production.

    I wonder if my problem is really different than yours Jim. Maybe I will find out more when we settle.

  • georocks22georocks22 Posts: 6
    I own a 2006 Red G35 Coupe Sport. The number of rock chips I have is awful after only 400 km. I have taken it to the dealer and complained to Nissan Canada and they are saying it is "road hazards".
    I do not believe this, there are far too many chips on it for that. More than my older vehicles with far more kms.
    Any suggestions for me?
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    I can only suggest you look through this forum extensively for the discussions by others on this topic, especially on the issue of dealer relationship.

    You might consider getting "on record" with your dealer with a warranty complaint.

    Also, look over the discussion points regarding an independent appraisal of the problem by a highly qualified paint shop. You must build a compelling factual (not emotional) case if the dealer and corporate organizations are not receptive to your complaint. Rollbar was successful in getting his complaint reopened with such an appraisal.

    Does Canada or your province have lemon law provisions or similar? If so, acquaint yourself thoroughly with the details of how they work.

    Good luck.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I surrender the 05 Red Coupe on the 17th. The new car likely won't be in; the Dealer offered a loaner until the new Coupe arrives.

    I'll let you know how it goes after the ceremony. :blush:

  • bigairnutbigairnut Posts: 15
    One more day for you Roll! I am still waiting on a decision from Infiniti. After receiving no satisfaction from Infiniti Consumer Affairs, I escalated my case to the corporate/executive office. I will keep everyone posted.
  • ivorypearlgivorypearlg Posts: 53
    Hey about the paint chips .... I own a 03' Ivory Pearl G35 Coupe loaded if that makes a difference, and I have several LARGE chips on my bumper... I know that there are stones on the road and what not, but both previous cars (2000) SAAB 9-3 Viggen, and a (2002) Lexus GS430 never had any paint chips on the bumper, or along any other place... I'm told thou that SAAB has some of the best paint on there cars... So be careful about Ivory Pearl G's ...
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,716
    Everyone is apparently trying to recalibrate to the "green-friendly" water based crap paint.

    Some are more successful that others. Some colours are better than others. Bottom line -- they're all bad, in terms of durability and finish.

    I had a '73 240-Z painted with real oil-based paint at the factory that would knock your socks off in terms of shine (no orange peel) & lasted well. I had it repainted (with Ditzler oil-based paint) at ~205K due to collision damage, and that too looked brilliant. Neither chipped.

    That was then. . .
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