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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • I've always wondered about this, as I am a fairly tame driver. How hard on a car is it to drive it fast, revving it out, quick shifts, hard acceleration? I don't mean is burning the tires hard on the rubber, but what about engine life and health, transmission and clutch life, etc?
  • great thread, i'm looking at a red 2002 mustang convertible 6cyl, has all options, leather, power seat, i can add nice rims later, it has 5k miles and i can purchase for 15k... do i buy? thanks for your responses...
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Price sounds about right, maybe even low (based on what I see where I live)...sounds like a good deal. If it's in good shape (i.e. if those 5k miles were done right), and not a rental car, I'd say snap it up. BTW what wheels does it have on it now? The bright aluminum 5-spoke ones with the exposed lugs, right? I've always thought those look good, and very appropriate to the car. I'd say keep the wheels, just get better tires. -John
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    with reference to the V6 Price. Pick that thing up man!

    With regards to driving a car hard...As long as you know HOW to drive a car and it's done in a safe place (track, course, ect) under the right conditions, the only thing you'll have to worry about replacing are tires and brake pads. When driven correctly (which I've yet to master myself) and smoothly, the car should not take any kind of abuse. A good driver is a smooth driver. You shouldn't feel anything but acceleration and braking. Never should shifting or clutching be jumpy.
  • I checked out the Bullit exhaust sound track on and it sounds great. I have just picked up a new 02 Gt and I'd really like to install this system. I've been to the local ford dealer and these pipes and mufflers are available but his information resources seem to be limited. Please help? Will this system bolt on to the H pipe the same as the original system without modifications, will it be a suitable installation with the stock 4.6L V8,(don't want to do any other mods right now) and will it effect the emisson standards. thanks
  • on and I agree it sounds great. However, the Mustang specialists in town here have said that in reality the Bullitt exhaust does not sound that much better or different than other aftermarket exhausts. For this reason, I am considering an X-pipe with some type of turbo syle mufflers instead of just adding the Bullitt mufflers to the existing exhaust. I understand that the X-exhaust system raises the perfomance and horsepower of the car significantly, and it should sound good too. Also, I understand it is high quality, stainless steel or chrome or something and should last as long as the car. Total cost on the system including X-exhaust and mufflers should be about $600. I don't have the answers and am still learning, I love the Bullitt exhaust sound in the movie but I believe I will probably end up going with the X-exhaust and flowmasters or something similar. Good luck.
  • Bassani makes the best quality x-pipes. Dr. Gas is another reputable company. I have a BBK x-pipe on my 93 GT and I love it. I am running a flowmaster catback with 2 chamber mufflers and it's definetly a great sound w/o being obnoxious. should be all of your best friends!
  • I was thinking of getting an '03 Mustang next year, should I wait?
  • so if you like the design, you should go for it. I am a little concerned, often as not they mess the cars up as they "evolve". Look at the Camaro, the Z cars, etc. Maybe the price will go up. Also, it normally takes several years for a manufacturer to get a new model "right". Look at how the current generation kept getting better in terms of looks and performance, and have peaked with the 02-03's. Yes, I am prejudiced.
  • Has anyone gotten the $300 interior upgrade option from the factory? I was just wondering what you thought of it.
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    is the $300 interior upgrade?
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I'm with 'Flag on this one. Also, it might depend on what you want out of your Mustang. The new one will undoubtably have better performance, handle better (standard IRS?) and probably continue the retro look in some fashion. It'll be a great car that will keep the Mustang tradition going strong; I can't wait to see it.

    But I love my 2002 GT because it is such a dinosaur: the live rear axle, the truck-like shifting, the musclecar, "floaty" feel to the handling...not to mention that pull-out light switch! But I admit to being in the minority as an enthusiast who values feel/driving experience over total performance. I bet the new Mustang "upgrades" a lot of things I like about mine; I'm glad I got this model while I could. An odd p.o.v. perhaps, but not totally unreasonable I think.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I think he means the package that gives you the Bullitt edition shiny things (shift bezel and knob, pedals, etc.) It's a 2003 option, right?
  • DOnt buy it. Get a GT. You will never have as much fun in a V6. Its a fact. V8 is the ONLY way to go. The V6s are slow and not very fun to drive. And if its an auto, forget about it...
  • a 2003 GT, but I think there is an interior option available, which can be installed by the dealer, it looks like it might really improve the look of the interior, that is what I was inquiring about.
  • There is an interior trim that has four parts. Guage cluster, door trim around power windows and locks and a piece that surrounds the heater control and radio. It comes in wood grain (ugh), brushed aluminum and carbon fiber. I will probably opt for the carbon fiber as the interior needs something, I think. Aluminum may be a little to much. Check out the Bullit pedal accessories. I just put some on and they look great.
  • Did you get the Bullitt pedal accessories from the Ford dealer? I heard that they were hard to install, were there any problems? What about cost? I have seen pictures, they look great!
  • I found a Ford Accessory parts catalogue on the internet (that the local Ford Dealer didn't even have) and found the part number for the bullit pedals directly from ford. The part #9G757 is for the gas pedal assembly which is held on by two small bolts and the brake and clutch pedal covers. The cost was $153.00 (Cdn). Ford didn't offer the Bullit foot rest pedal with this kit. I saw on that they have a kit that looks exactly the same but has the four pieces for $80.00 (US). They do look sharp!
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    the burled walnut dash with faux cheeta seats. See if you can find that one in your Ford Catalogue :-)

    Seriously...would be cool if they had a few more options. I'd pay another 2-3 Grand for a sweet interior. Would you?
  • Thanks for the info guys. I guess if everything goes well, I can go ahead and get that '03 sometime next year, and if I like the '04 model, maybe I could do a trade in, eh?
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