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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • So, here's the new Mustang -- opinions?


    More images at

  • Have not read anything from Zues lately? I just wanted to thank him again for his expert advise. It was probably a month ago we had a discussion on Waxes. He recommended the Maquires Mirror Glaze (in the tan bottle)Great stuff ,it was 70deg. yesterday so i waxed the True Blue Stang up "Again" and that mirror glaze is the best shine i have ever had with no build up or dust!!
    You guys were right again!
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Don't like it. Can't stand the interior, the front end seems to replace the best of the Mustang with the worst of the departing Cougar, although the rear isn't too bad.

    Hmm. Sorry, I just don't like it.
  • I like the gas cap though, and the blinker lights on the hood. It also has too much of a Ford Thunderbird look and feel.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    That's not the new Mustang, its a concept. Apparently the production car is significantly different, especially the rear end, and the people I've talked to at Ford say they like the production a lot more than the concept.
  • Well, I have to agree with the consensus. I think this design is very bad. When I first saw the front end, I thought they had mixed up the Mustang with some sort of truck/convertible crossover vehicle.

    If this is just a concept, then I hope the production vehicles is more like the semi-retro concept pics from the magazines. I usually don't like "retro", but I thought the earlier Mustang concept looked pretty sharp...
  • I sure hope the production model looks better then what I'm seeing.
  • and I think you all are crazy:)
  • And I'll fight to the death you're right to have freedom of speech (or is it freedom of thought?), but it doesn't mean that we're crazy.
  • your opinion on the link I posted under the Mazda 6 vs Mustang debate thread, for newcomers I post it here: I think all will agree (except our friend Wishnhigh) that this is a beautiful design;)
  • 2005? Mustang redesign. But I would ask you to recall a forgettable vehicle called the Probe. Do you remember what the original purpose of the Probe was? (To replace the Mustang.) Do you think the hot girlfriends would have ever posed for pictures with the Probe? And even if they had, would anyone have cared? Do you think some guy out there would have gone to all the time and trouble to design a website about himself and his
    car called, "Brad's Probe Site"? And again if he had, would anyone have cared? I doubt it.

    I'm just glad I bought my 03 now rather than waiting for the redesign.

    This being said, I think that this SVT team Ford has asembled, beginning with the Bullitt edition, has really helped get Ford on track by saying let's look at our history and try to bring the best of what we have done back.

    When the Mustang was introduced in 64 that was a big thing for Ford and I believe really helped turn the company around. I think the new generation Mustang also helped Ford a lot. I know this is no secret but there is a lot riding on this redesign. The problem is the temptation is to try to go all cutting edge like the horrible 350Z, when I think the real key is to go simple and cheap and true to the original Pony car ideal. There is an old saying dating from the Bauhaus period of architectural design in the 1930's, "Less is More".
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    but the true test is seeing one in person.
    - Jeffer2
  • americanflag wrote:

    Do you think the hot girlfriends would have ever posed for pictures with the Probe? And even if they had, would anyone have cared? Do you think some guy out there would have gone to all the time and trouble to design a website about himself and his car called, "Brad's Probe Site"?

    Funny you should ask:

    But I do agree it would have be a mistake to replace the 'stang with the Probe...

  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I understand what you are saying, but bear in mind that not all of us are as enthused about retro. I don't like Nike's modern aerodynamic shoes, but I don't want 1970s style sneakers either. I don't like what Ford's doing one bit. Ford has always been a modern company. The Mustang was never "retro" - it was always a thoroughly modern, forward thinking car. Ditto the Thunderbird. Ditto classic Ford lines like the Taurus. Suddenly it seems like Ford is afraid to try anything modern, for fear of getting sucker-punched, so they go back in time and dredge up the past. That's fine, in moderation, but I don't want every future Mustang to hail from the 1960s. I don't want portholes in the Thunderbird. I don't want fins on my car. I don't want excessively orthogonal interiors. I want Ford to be making cars like the 350Z - something that, good or bad, sets the design cues for the next thirty years.

    I'd rather the stang age like the Corvette - a similar theme, but never a regression at any point along the way. Chevy has done an incredible job of keeping the Corvette fresh and modern without losing touch with its stylistic roots. Ford has similar investment in the Mustang, and should aim for similar effect. I think the current Mustang design does a great job of accomplishing that. That's the reason the Mustang still makes money for Ford. If they dig too far back into their past, a la the new Thunderbird, their sales will disappear within six months.
  • Allot of talk on when this car is going to be released which according to sources the Mustang will be on sale in 2004. This is to go along with the 40th year of the Mustang which is why Ford is on the spot to get this done for the big Anniversary. But according to the contact it will not be out in 03 like previous models ex: the 03 cobra was selling in June 02, this is because of the complete redesign of the car, and of course when you do this you then have to have all the molds to be completed, spare parts available for the dealer, user manuals, tech manuals for the mechanics, R&D of the car before it gets the seal of approval to even be built. I know this because the company I work for we produce products that go in many new vehicles and this is one of them and the product we will supply to ford will take us a minimum of 6 months to build if they were to call us today and say build it, which they haven't come to grips on the final design for us to build. (Can't say what that is for legal reasons) anyhow I am waiting like everyone else I have owned many Mustangs in the past and eager to get one again. I hope like I have read from some of the other readers that Ford does not Retro this thing into the ground. They need to stay modern like the Z350 no matter what your feelings are on it when you see it you realize it is modern, some cues from the past Z world but 98% new. I don't really want a car that looks like it came from the 70's if I did I would find one and buy it, I want modern interior, white gauges etc, not something that looks like it came from a 65 fastback, not that anything was wrong with the interior in 65 but 40 years later I want something new. Because the major percentage of people who purchase this type of car will be in the age group of 18-35 and this person did not grow up in the 60's and I would rather not go back in time.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I agree with Sphnix re the design...I've posted several times about how endless "retro" is self-defeating. The Corvette is a great example of how to incorporate modern versions of classic design cues into a fresh design. Retro can serve the purpose of bring a straying design back to its roots (e.g. the new T-bird), but that's not needed with the Mustang.

    And as far as the Probe goes, 'Flag I know you're infatuated with the Mustang, but the Probe was a fine car. While it *was* a mistake for Ford to think that it would be a suitable replacement for the Mustang, the car itself was a good all-around performer in its own right. The handling was great (they make good autocrossers), it had good power, and the design was attractive. I for one was sorry to see them go.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Happy New Years to everybody here! I enjoy these boards immensely, and as a new Mustang owner I've found them invaluable for helping me better understand and appreciate my car. Thanks guys!

    As for Zueslewis, from what I've seen, he's busy getting into fights on other Edmunds boards... ; )

  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    "Suddenly it seems like Ford is afraid to try anything modern"

    Focus. The new F-150. Pretty much every car except for the Mustang/T-Bird and GT (40).

    'Ditto the Thunderbird."

    The T-Bird had become a slow, ungainly 2 door family car with bland styling, so I'm not really upset to see it go.
  • I dont like the mustang because it is retro, but more because I like the design. Anyone who knows me KNOWS that Im not one to get stuck on nostalgia or history.
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    Is Ford fixing the gas tank safety issues with this new design? See if you're not sure what I'm talking about.
    I wasn't old enough when the Stang first was produced, and now I don't have the $ or mechanical ability to own a classic Stang, so that is the reason this "retro" look kinda appeals to me. I save my final judgement for when I see one and at least sit in it.
    Hopefully Ford will put a good, fast Hybrid engine in the new design someday. I just read that GM is planning that for some of their vehicles. Ford can't be too far behind.

    I'll be hanging on to my 03 regardless. Love it too much. - Jeffer2
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