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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • Hi Everyone...

    I have just purchased a black 2000 Mustang GT this week. Living in the cold and snowy Great White North, I have been told that it would be best to purchase a set of snow tires for the vehicle. Here is where my problems start!

    When I was test driving the car, I went to a highly respected tire shop in my area and asked them about snow tires for the vehicle. They told me that, for this vehicle they would put P205-65-15 tires on my car along with new 15 inch steel rims. However, when I called them back after purchasing the car (about 3 days later), they informed me that they were out of steel rims right now.

    Armed with the tire and rim size, I went to my local Canadian Tire Shop. When I asked them about the 15 inch rims and tires however, they told me that the tires wouldn't fit on my car. When I went home, I then called the customer service people at "The Tire Rack", and they told me the same thing, that 15-inch steel rims would not fit on the 2000 Mustang GT because of the sixe of the brakes/calipers. It this true? I mean, I have read alot about the tire rack, and the gentleman I spoke to sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I just wanted to know if anyone out there has any suggestions on what Tire size and rim size to buy, and also if anyone else has had problems trying to fit 15 inch steel rims/winter tires on their vehicles. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Oh yeah... one last thing... the tires I currently have on my vehicle are Goodyear Eagle ZR 45's -- 245-45-17. When I called Ford Canada to ask them about compatible snow tires they were absolutely clueless... the dealer told me to call Ford Canada and Ford told me to call the dealer!!

    I did however find out that the Base Mustang comes with the P205-54-15 sized tires on an alloy rim (this is the exact tire and rim size that I want my snow tires to be). When I asked them if the brake system was any different from the Base model to the GT, they said no. So I then asked them if it was possible that a 15-inch alloy rim would fit, while a 15-inch steel rim would not, and they said that, yes, this was possible. They said that alloy rims and steel rims are totally different, and while a 15 inch alloy rim might fit, a steel rim might not. Please help!
  • Correction... the base mustang comes with 205-65-15 sized tires
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    Congrats on your Mustang purchase and welcome to the board.

    I don't have any personal experience with Tire Rack, but I know many people here have. In fact whenever someone has a question related to winter driving, other Stang owner recommend going Tire Rack for a set of Bridgestone Blizzarks.
    I went to and searched for your car, and only 16 and 17 inch alloy wheels and tires came up. So perhaps you can't even put steel wheels and 15s on a GT. I have a V6 so I can't help you there.
    Others will probably have more info for you.
    - Jeffer2
  • Definetly forget about those 15's. It'll look awful as well. Just keep the stock wheels and throw on the Bridgstone Blizzacks. They are amazing and will do you fine, well, as good as that car is going to do.
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    *Pushes to front of line* MOVE OUT OF CANADA EH?!


    But seriously, Blizzacks are nice. And if you strike out there, I can sell you a few links of chain...

  • you tell 'em. If they want the bubble stuff, there are a zillion cars with that styling out there, don't bring down the Mustang.
  • they don't fit our models and Zues said they are not a good idea. I emailed Mobil 1 to get their perspective and they said they think the K&N is the best air filter on the market. That's a pretty good endorsement!
  • NSORICNSORIC Posts: 33
    click on the following link to read about my experiences with swapping out my factory 245/45HR17's for a set of Blizzak MZ-01 225/55-QR16's...
  • Personally, I have quirky tastes.

    I find the 5-door Saab 9-3 hatchback a very cool looking car. I like the looks of the Passat station wagon, and think that the new Mazda RX-8 and 6s are tres cool...

    With all my sissy platitudes out of the way (couldn't resist) I must say that the new Mustang is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE design Motorica Americana has given us in a long, long time.

    This car is instant classic and might give me a reason to buy American again, something I never thought I would do.

    Then again, the proliferation of 18-year old trust fund swags who tool around the beaches in Mustang converts might ruin a good thing. Guilt by association is a tough thing. Accords and Jettas may not have the sex appeal of the new Mustang, but anonymous driving does have some advantages.

    At least Ford didn't drop the ball on this revisioning of the Mustang. They somehow distilled everything good about the classics and infused that raw look with a serious shot of modern automotive technology. Way to go Ford!

    Personally, I am not sure a coupe is my best choice for everyday transport. Not sure what a Mustang gets for mileage, but I wanted to go up, not down, with my new car purchase.

    I am awaiting the BMW 1-series, being a fan of Tuetonic precision and understated designs...but I could see myself in the new Mustang, which for a Euro-hag such as myself, says quite a bit. At least, I think so.

    Keep the faith, ignore the happy that you aren't in love with the new Cadillacs...yuck, what is wrong with GM?
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    What's the groups opinions about how many winter tires to mount? In the olden days (you know...back when we didn't know that a rear wheel drive car was death in the snow), we would just put a pair of snows on the back of the car and be done with it. Now, everyone seems to want you to put 4 tires on the car when you change over to winter driving.
  • It's best to do all 4 for maximum control. I mean, it doesn't do much when you are getting some traction in the rear when the front can displace the snow at the rate needed.
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  • about the new Mustang being great.
  • Well from what I can tell when it comes to the look of the new stang people seem to either love it or hate it. For the new people that just aren't getting why Ford chose to make the mustang look the way it does in the 04 needs to watch "Gone in 60 seconds" and tell me that Elenore is not the most beautiful car that they have ever seen. However I will go so far as to say that they fell a little short of capturing that Classing Muscle car Mustang in the new concept. For me the car looks great until it hits the front end. They tried to bring back the aggressive front end of the 67-69 stangs, but then they had to go and bastardize it by putting a big fat bumper on it and then angling the hood down to the point where it looks like a low rider. Part of what makes the mustang look great is that high front hood with the grill and the headlights jutting out. Also the front end should be longer in general and slightly raised in the front so you HAVE the room to put a big ol blower on the front and have it still look cool. I mean if Ford is going with the retro look they shouldn't half-a*$ it, they should go all out and make it look like the aggressive classic muscle car that we all know and love.
  • It is all a matter of what you get used to. My first car was a VW Rabbit, diesel no less.

    I have never been able to associate myself to the American-Muscle-Car attitude. Nor have I been able to understand the Japanese-Lo-Rider-High-Tail-Coffee-Can-Exhaust attitude.

    For me, 0-60 isn't nearly as important as a car that holds together and feels taught in a curve. I like brisk acceleration, but I don't plan to race people, unless it is that guy trying to cut me off in heavy traffic...I gotta get ahead of him!

    That is the surprise. Given my tastes and requirements, I look at the new Mustang and see a beautiful car. I may not own one, but I may have Mustang-envy for those who get one.

    Here's a cross-shop for you, I have been interested in the Mini Cooper, the Mazda 6, the BMW 1-series (if they would ever give out some info) and now might have to add a Ford to the list.

    I am a style/design a ripping engine means less than a good looking car. And looks are subjective.
  • "Here's a cross-shop for you, I have been interested in the Mini Cooper, the Mazda 6, the BMW 1-series (if they would ever give out some info) and now might have to add a Ford to the list."

    I think Ford may win a lot of non-Ford buyers over with this car. I've been looking into both the Mini and the VW GTI (20th Anniversary Edition should be nice), with the Focus SVT and Honda Civic Si thrown into the mix as well. I've decided to put off any car purchases until the new Mustang comes out, however. My family hasn't owned an American badged car since before I was born (despite owning several American-made cars), so if I do end up buying an '05 Mustang, it's a big win for Ford. I get the hunch that there are plenty more people who would otherwise buy a non-American car that are interested in the new Mustang.

    The front end of the new Mustang is incredibly aggressive and powerful in person, though I could understand some negative thoughts on it based on pictures. Heritage or no heritage, the car is just a well-done, eye-catching design.

  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Don't mind AmericanFlag...he's a born-again Mustang fundamentalist! I'm just kidding of course 'Flag... ; )

    I'm very much like you Harlequin1971...I appreciate a wide variety of automobiles. What I really like are cars that strive to approach as closely as possible their conceptual ethos.

    I love my Mustang because of that (a modern interpretation of a classic musclecar), but I also would love to have a new Mini (a new version of the oringinal econo-performer)or an S2000 (a great purist sportscar) for the same reason.

    I've always thought to get caught up in one type of performance car or another is to unnecessarily deprive oneself of a lot of automotive pleasure, if only in appreciation. Life's just too short!
  • I like the current Mustang styling if for no other reason that it doesn't look like all the other cars on the road.
  • The problem is that on your car you have the traction in the back but the weight on the the front tires are snow shovels basically. Anything you can do to give them some help is a good idea.
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