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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • It looks like the rear window on my 2000 mustang convertible was pushed in about 1/3 inch on the top by someone trying to break in or it just decided to not fit right on its own. Is there some way to adjust this? The seal between the side window and rear window just don't touch anymore.
  • first is : the drivers window controls the passengers window will go down but it won't go up, how do i fix this?

    second: why am i averageing such bad gas milage (15 according to last count )

    my car is an 03 mustang v6 with auto and only 45k miles it just hit 45k like a few days ago
  • Have a 99 mustang with a flashing anti-theft light and the car will not start with origianl key or secondary key. Hve tried to reset the alarm by removing the negative battery cable. What next?? :confuse:
  • Well I finally got around to taking the car to a local shop and water is getting via the rear window so we decided to get a new top instead of just replacing the advice is to be sure and check around before you buy....The car is a triple white and if you have a white top then you know how difficult it is to keep clean...decided to go with a dark blue Electron top...One shop wanted almost $2400 and was like a car dealership, no discount, $75 hr for labor etc etc...I am having it done at a small shop that has been around forever and it's only $1075....Same top etc so do your homework before you buy. I don't think you'll find another white 2000 Mustang with white leather seats and dark blue top around so it will be unique....Thanks to all for their input.
  • dcls6dcls6 Posts: 13
    can't retreive the CD from the player of my '98 'vert. It plays just fine but won't eject. Any thoughts??
  • I was just wondering if anyone has any information on recalls that were never made on the back seat belts of the 1999 Ford Mustangs, Has there ever been any reported failure of the sholder strap not catching on impact?
  • I have a 98 GT, had the same problem a few months ago. Waited a couple days, tried it again, and it ejected no problem. Haven't had any issues since. Try it when the car is running, not when the engine is off (with key on accessory). I think there's more juice that way.
  • dcls6dcls6 Posts: 13
    Thanks, tried that last year, but now can't get a CD out under any circumstances - yet!
  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    Check out you may find some info there.
  • Hello,
    Does anyone in this chat room own a first generation mustang? Or maybe I am in the wrong place? I have a borderline 1965 convertible. I wish to chat with others who have a similar interest. If so, please reply.
    Happy Crusin,

  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    I would try a google groups search here

    Good Luck!
  • I'm Restoring a 86 Mustang GT and I am looking for intirer parts. Anybody have parts or know anybody that has parts. Please forward to my Email Thanks.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    here ya go:

    You may consider front disk brakes, if you do have them, and the modifications on gas tank, or a plate between trunk and passenger compartment. If you do a search of Mustang clubs, there is always one near you. Enjoy the ride! - Loren
  • I've read other posts with leaks around the rear window. Mine is very small, like the a few stitches in the lower right corner of the rear window of loosened. I read where people replaced their whole top. For such a small leak, isn't there something like a patch I can do inside the car at that corner? :(

    I also have a problem with my headlights. I don't think the dashboard switch is staying clicked in place. The headlights go out, and I have to push the switch in then out again. Is this something I can replace to save money on garage labor? :confuse:

    Thank you.
  • I have a 2001 that started leaking in October. We have been trying every remedy since to cure the problem, if it is the stitching, marine shops sell a water repellant for canvas. The good stuff is about $22. I originally thought the problem on mine was the stitching. We used that and it did in fact repel the water and caused it to bead up, but there was still water leaking in. As it end up down in the bottom corner, where the rear window is, there is a hole and severe deteriorate. My car is garage kept with the exception of going to work, Obviously this is seems to be a defect with the top. I have contacted the dealer and they informed me that if they determine that it is a manufacturer issue, they will contact ford to see if they can replace the top although the car is out a warranty. Another interesting thing is all complaints seem to be about the back window. Another thing that I have found while searching for replacement tops is that aftermarket companies will warranty for 5 years, but ford doesn't unless you buy extended warranty. Sounds fishy to me.
  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    ditalia...Good Luck and keep us informed as to what dealer says...thanks!
  • Hey guys, I have an '83 GT convertible. My recent problem is a short somewhere in the intstrument cluster and I need some input from someone who is familiar with the wiring. Here's what's happening. Intermitantly when I turn on the headlights, the instrument cluster does EXACTLY the opposite of what it's supposed to do. The cluster lights are off, the hi beam indicator is on when the lights are actually on dim, the turn signal indicators are always on except when it turn on the blinker on, and the door ajar buzzer remains on. I have a feeling it's a relay that is stuck and from time to time I could band on the top of the dash and it would return to normal. But I think I have wore out that method cause it won't work now. When the short is happening, like I said everything happens in reverse. The headlights are on dim but the indicator for high beams is on. When I switch to high beams, the light go to high and the indicator goes off. When the turn signals are off the indicators are both on. But if I turn on a signal, when the blinker outside lights up, the proper indicator light turns off. Any clues? Like I said I think it's a relay that is stuck but I'm not sure and would like some help. If you think you know, let me know and let me know where exactly the relay is. At first I thought it was the headlight switch (pull kind) so I replaced it. That didn't remedy the situation. Let me know and I appreciate your help in advance.

  • Thanks, ditalia! I'll try the water repellant, although I'm not sure how that plugs up the hole made by loose stitching?
  • There are tons of interior parts available from a number of different parts companies. Catalogs are free in most cases. Buy one of the Mustang magazines available or join the Mustang Club of America and check the ads in the magazines and journals. If you have the frame you can BUILD a Mustang from the parts catalogs it seems.
  • I took the car to the dealer with no luck. It is hole caused by the back window separating from the vinyl. I have checked the prices of replacing the top and in Delaware it is about $1,400. The includes the top and the new back window with glass and defroster. I have elected not to replace the top right away it since I do keep it in the garage most of the time. My dad did put a small rubber tube in the boot where the water sits with silicone around it and ran it through the trunk to drain. It has rained once since he did that and when I checked the back, there was only a small drop of water left. I don;t know how long that will hold up, but hopefully long enough for m to save for a new top.
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