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Infiniti G35 Care and Maintenance



  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    Thanks for the response. I'm not a pedal pusher. I typically milk my mileage and always use cruise control. I was beginning to think I was the only one interested in MPG or Octane. What kind of mileage are you getting?
  • cpranger22cpranger22 Posts: 21
    I too am interrested in fuel economy mostly because I don't like going to the gas station every 300 miles. I'm hoping fuel economy will improve once the engine is broken in and I get tired of showing off. ------
    I was told you shouldn't have a problem going to a lower octane as long as the G35 doesn't have a knocking sensor. Anybody know if the G35 has one?
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    Most new cars have a knock sensor, G35 included, that will retard the timing if knocking is detected. So using a low octane gas is fine, but the trade off will be less performance, and lower gas mileage.
  • sjredsjred Posts: 18
    I've been averaging 20-21 mpg so far, with my wife driving easy and myself driving harder and making shorter trips (any excuse to take it out will do). The same driving in my 2 Maximas averaged 24 mpg over 220,000 miles. Nothing to brag about, but the engine is still young and the extra performance is worth the extra cost!

  • Being big powerful discs all 4 corners, the wheels tend to get dirty pretty quickly. Any effective wheel care product or brake dust repelling agent that anyone care to recommand?
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    I have used the Porsche stuff and I just bought some Sonus. The ads say just spray it on blah blah blah and spray it off, all's done. No way. If you want to pay $7-$15 for something to make cleaning the wheels a LITTLE easier (it does loosen the stuff up some but you still have to get down and dirty) then go for it. Otherwise it's like throwing money out the window. Stick with muscle and sweat. Working hard to keep it clean is half the fun!
  • pcoatespcoates Posts: 15
    Like many of my fellow G35 owners I got tired of lacerating my fingers on the brake system clip.
    To save my hide I hot glued a couple of 3x5 kitchen sponges to the end of a paint stir stick. It works pretty good at getting the brake dust and road crud off the inside of the wheel when used with a "reasonably" priced wheel cleaner and doesn't damage the wheel.
  • zbest855zbest855 Posts: 13
    The lower trim under the doors is some sort of plastic.
    What kind of product would be good to put on there so wax doesn't
    turn it white over time?
  • Got a new G on order - Wondering how easy it is to change oil yourself on this car - Always have done it myself but with some of these new cars it is like trying to thread a needle with a truck
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    There was a recent post on the main G35 board in which someone commented that, after removing the "G35" cover under the hood, the oil filter was right there.

    However, I don't know about the oil drain. It might be under the car or be like a M-B and use a pump through the dip stick tube??

  • cpranger22cpranger22 Posts: 21
    Just tried regular unleaded gas and experienced no performance degradation whatsoever.
  • dabush2dabush2 Posts: 9
    I am considering a G35 and was curious as to the maintenance schedule for this car-what is recommended, how often, how much, etc. Currently have a BMW which goes in about every 6 months (10-12K miles) based on my driving style (the computer tells you when it's time for service).

  • steve_g35steve_g35 Posts: 5
    Once you remove the plastic cover, you can't miss it. It's basically adjacent to the oil filter. In fact, there is a cut out in the plastic cover that allows you to drain your oil without removing the cover. Why someone would want to change the oil, but not the filter is a mystery to me.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Then you need a pump attachment to get the oil out, correct?

    I agree that changing the oil without changing the filter doesn't make much sense, especially with the price of good filters today.

    Is anyone using the 7500 mile schedule for their oil changes? I'm going to get an oil analysis on my next oil change to see how well the Schaefer oil I'm using is holding up and see how far I SHOULD let it go.

  • dabush2dabush2 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the printout, Randy. Looks pretty cut and dry to me. I suppose that I can extend the oil change intervals since I'll be using Mobil-1 synthetic. Does K&N make an air filter for the G yet? I use one in my 540i and I feel they are worth the money.
  • I've got just over 1200 miles on my G35. My earlier fill ups revealed that I was barely getting 19 mpg. This is with heavy AC use and mostly non-highway driving. So that is at the bottom of what they advertise (this was
    with premium fuel).

    I recently took a long trip and drove at excessive speeds with the AC in constant use and got 22 mpg (this was with regular unleaded 87).

    In reference to what octane should be used.....
    When in doubt, check the owner's manual:
    Page 208 -
    Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 AKI (RON 96)
    Page 208

    HOWEVER on Page 209 -
    Use unleaded regular gasoline with an octane rating of at lease 87 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) number (Research octane number 96).

    For improved vehicle performance, INFINITI recommends the use of unleaded premium gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 AKI number (Research octane number 96).

    So it sounds to me that if you want all that the engine has to offer, go with 93. However, using 87 would be o/k (as long as you do not experience knocking, which I have not).
  • I fall into the group that likes to change my own oil. By the time you get to a dealership and have them do it, it is quicker to change it yourself.

    The G35 sits so low to the ground, I'm wondering how this group is able to change their own oil? Car jack / stands / ramps?

    Does anyone have any lessons learned from this do it yourself activity? Perhaps it is better to let the dealer do this maintenance with the G35..

    Thanks for any information.
  • 4grandpa4grandpa Posts: 7
    I use ramps. But, I also had to get ramp extenders because of the car being so low. This allows very good access to the panel that is over the oil drain plug and the filter. Remove the panel the rest should be a piece of cake. The fliter is the same as for the Maxima.
  • 4grandpa (or anyone else) -
    Per message #39 / 40.
    I took a look (online) at the ramps with the extentions. This fit seems very tight. What is company / model of what is successfully being used?

    Also, is there a problem with all the oil draining out, since the of the car is higher than the rear?

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