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Infiniti G35 Care and Maintenance



  • I personally use the synthetic blend oil in my performance G 35. If you drive your car on the extreme side you need to change your oil a little more often than your normal Joe. YES, even if you use the pure 100% Mobile sytec oil. Synthetic oil shines if you drive your car normal. LIKE GRANDPAW.After your high speed drive you should let the machine cool for a bit and before covering it for the evening give the dip stick a check just to keep an eye on things. My suggestion is the change your oil after 4000 miles regardless :shades:
  • I had a new battery installed yesterday and after I left the mechanic's, I experienced difficulty starting my '05 G35 sedan. I have about 44,000 miles on it. Today it was considerably better with only two bad starts. For almost 6 years the car started on the first crank of the starter without giving it gas. Yesterday at one point I had to turn the key back to off 3 times before it started. Not today. I took it to another mechanic today who told me that when the battery is disconnected, the computer resets and has to learn your behavior all over again. Can any one tell me if this is accurate? Thanks.
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