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Infiniti G35 Care and Maintenance



  • Ok, so I called Infiniti this morning for my 7500 mile service. The service guy tells me, very nicely, that they will change the oil, rotate the tires, and "inspect" the brakes...all for the low, low price of $112!!!!!! I couldn't frickin' believe it. Soooooo.....I went to Pep boys, bought the recommended Nissan oil filter(5 of them) at $3.99 a piece, bought 2 cases of Mobile 1 synthetic at $28 a case(6 quarts), went to the local exxon garage(they've worked on all of my other cars with great success), and told him to replace the oil and filter with the ones I bought, rotate the tires, and inspect the brakes. Well, after spending a total cost of around $70, which included the cost of the synthetic, which I would NOT have received at Infiniti, I figured it was worth the trouble. Now I have filters for a while, and enough oil for my next change. I will never pay Infinitis' high prices for routine service ever again...I don't care if they do give me coffee and cookies when I walk into the service dept.!!! Matt
  • The route you took is definitely one way to go. You can save some out of pocket vs. the dealer. That is true for ANY vehicle.

    However, there are a couple things you have not factored into the "cost" of your oil change/tire rotation.

    1. "Free" hand car wash ($10-20).

    2. "Free" loaner car ($20).

    3. Cost of your time to stop by Pep Boys to get the products, including travel time and "wear and tear" (~$10-20). (Of course, you probably won't have to do that again for at least one more oil change.)

    4. Your time waiting at the Exxon station for them to finish your service (at least $10-$30/hour, probably one hour minimum).

    So, to "save" money, you probably spent more. It just wasn't obviously "out of pocket".

    On another note, you should consider using an oil other than Mobile One. While it may be "factory fill" for some high priced performance cars ("cheap" non-synthetic oil is used for others), it does have some problems, especially in its latest formulation. Personally, I believe that Schaeffer's oil is better and it is about $1.00/quart cheaper (delivered) AND you can buy it over the internet. You can learn more about it at:


    PS. I have no financial interest in any of the companies or products mentioned. I have also had the Schaeffer's oil tested after ~4000 miles and it was holding up exceptionally well. I plan to standardize on 5K mile intervals after the engine is fully broken in (say about 15K miles, at 10K+ now).

  • Scott- I had to kind of chuckle when I read your post.

    1) I wash my takes about 30 minutes, and I do a great job. Infiniti did a LOUSY job when they washed my G35 the first service. Do you really think they're going to get into the nooks and crannies of the wheels? Everyone that owns a G knows what I'm talking about. I think not...that requires work.

    2) For routine maintenance, a loaner car is a moot point. I'm talking about 1 hour or less. I can spare that...some people can't.

    3) Pep boys is 6 miles from my house...the Infiniti dealer is 34.

    4) I get paid for my days off, so the waiting around and not making money point is wasted on me.
    It took them 1 1/2 hours. Same time Infiniti said it would take.

    5) As for the Mobil oil each his own I guess. There is plenty of documentation around that will tell that Mobil One Synthetic is pretty good stuff. I'm not saying your stuff isn't good, but come on!

    I respect your point of view Scott, but you have to admit, they stick it to you at the dealer. Also, I have to say your argument was rather weak. Of course I will go to them for repairs covered under the warranty, but I will not overpay for something that I have the clear choice not to. There are a lot of people that feel the same way I do. Bottom line: $112 bucks for an oil change, tire rotation, and brake inspection. Highway robbery.
  • I was only pointing out (should have made it explicit) that it wasn't an apples to apples comparison. Some people do not have the time. You do. That is great. Also, the distance to the dealer is another (and previously unnoted) point. As for getting paid for your days off, that doesn't apply as you are not counting the opportunity cost, which should be calculated at your working rate because you are not out enjoying your life... as we all should during our time off. :)

    As for getting into the wheels, the Infiniti dealer here in Memphis has done so the last two times I've been in. If they had done a slipshod job, I would have let them know as what they charge IS higher and I would expect to get my money's worth.

    As for Mobile One, the additive package for the new SuperSyn is not as good as the one that was included in the older (and no longer available) Tri-Syn. This has something to do with emissions control and the lastest "SJ" (SL?) classification. Schaeffer's did not need to modify its additive package to meet the new standards (which were as good or slightly better than the Mobile One Tri-Syn product's additive package).

    My point was that you could have a better product for about $1.00 per quart less and not have to go to Walmart to get it (delivered to your door, tax free). The "bob is the oil guy" web site is pretty darned good if you want to learn more about oils, especially more than marketing claims.

    Anyway, I understand why you want to have the oil changed at the local gas station. Just be sure to contact the dealer to let them know you did the oil change and tire rotation and at what mileage so they can put it into the computer for warranty purposes and, of course, keep your receipts.

    Have a good one.

  • I don't know if you follow Bob's message board, but Bob took back his previous statements about the new Mobil 1 Supersysn formulation. It appears that the new formulation does in fact contain Moly, and did about the same other oils on the Timken machine. Recent oil analysis reports with the new M1 SS seem to show that it indeed does a very good job. Schaeffers may be just as good or even better for a lower cost, but the new M1 certainly is a good oil as well.
  • Thanks for the update. I have been lurking there periodically, but not in detail. Had not seen that change regarding the M1 SS. Good to hear. I wonder if Mobile changed their formulation?

    Thanks again.


    PS. Removing foot now... :)
  • I was very intrigued by your response to me about the Mobil 1 formulation, so I e-mailed Mobil about what you said, and this was the reply. No animosity, just curiosity!:) Thanks...Matt

    Thanks for your request. The additive package in the SuperSyn formula of
    > Mobil 1 is superior to the additive package in the Tri-Syn formulation.
    > Mobil 1 was reformulated, not to address emission requirements, but to
    > address fuel economy requirements as called for by the new American
    > Petroleum Institute (API) SL and ILSAC (an automobile manufacturers'
    > association) GF-3 specifications. Mobil took this opportunity not only to
    > improve fuel economy and fuel economy retention over the drain interval (a
    > new requirement for SL and GF-3 versus SJ and GF-2), but also to improve
    > wear performance beyond already excellent performance. Mobil 1 will match
    > or exceed the wear performance of competitive products.
    > MJRoe
  • I am on the verge of pre-ordering a G35 Coupe which is due to arrive to my dealer in the very first shipment of G35 Coupes in late October/early November. This particular car is therefore one of the first ones that rolled off the production line in Japan in September and this fact has me concerned. Has anyone had a good or bad experience purchasing one of the first vehicles of a new model line from Infiniti? The Sedan has been out for a while, the 350Z has been in production for a few months. Should I worry about being one of the first to get a G35 Coupe?
  • Any first year model will have bugs to work out. The G sedan has minor rattles, A/C noise, slight movement of the driver's seat and a dim clock light as the most common complaints. there is also a recall on some G35s to check a fuel-line clamp (NO reported accidents or injuries from this). Infiniti is second only to Lexus for initial quality and 5 year quality. Infiniti is second only to Saturn for dealer satisfaction. I have the seat travel problem but am very pleased with the fit, finish and quality of my car. I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy this car again; the same should be true of the Coupe. Good Luck!
  • I have read Mobil 1's marketing position about the SuperSyn vs. TriSyn. However, over at the forums, there were many conversations about the SuperSyn and some oil tests that indicated that it did not perform as well as the TriSyn. The guestimated reason was that better additive packages increase emissions, something the latest API standards are supposed to reduce.

    However, and I have not read the latest, it appears that, for some reason, Bob is now saying that the current Mobil 1 is performing at the same level as the TriSyn oil did. It COULD be that there was a running formulation change or just that there was a streak of bad oil or oil/vehicle combinations.

    I have been studying for my comprehensive exams so I can get started on my dissertation (in production and operations management) and have not had time to go through the forum (or ask Bob directly) about the change. However, it is still my understanding that Schaeffers (and Amsoil or Reddog(?)) oil performs better than any formulation of Mobile 1 (non-racing) and will save you money at the same time.

    However, in many ways, oil seems to be like politics. Once someone has decided that they will use a particular product, they are going to use it. I was only mentioning that there are some alternatives. Mobile 1 appears to be a good choice and I commend you on your desire to take care of your new G35!

  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    I was was one the first to take delivery on March 2/02. I have about 10,000 miles on MY G and have been back to dealer for two oil changes. The car has been virtually problem free. I have not experienced the AC noise or problem with CD player that I have been reading about. The only issue that I do have is that when I brought the car in a couple of weeks ago for my second oil change and inspection, the dealer advised that the front brakes were 70% worn and the back brakes 60%. Not very impressive for a car with 10k miles, however this is not my first infiniti, I had a Q45 about 8 years ago and had the same problem, with premature wear. I will be looking around to find some better quality pads that will last longer and also reduce brake dust which is abundant on this vehicle. Aside from this issue,I have had no other problems and I would be confident to advise you not to worry about first year production of Infiniti models. The coupe looks amazing and I am sure that you will enjoy it. Good Luck.
  • I know that *I* would be telling them they had better replace those brake pads gratis! That is rediculous. 20-30K yes, but 10K is totally unacceptable, unless you do a lot of racing (ie. driving well beyond just being an aggresive driver). Also, with that wear, you can easily expect to see the rate at which the brake pads wear accelerate as there is less brake pad material to help shed the heat that is being built up. Oh, if they say, "No one else has this problem", then tell them even more reason for them to replace the pads as they must be from a bad batch... :)

    We picked up my wife's G35 on 4/2/2002 and also have 10K++ miles on it. Fortunately, the last (2nd) oil change (7800 miles), they did not say anything about brake pad wear. However, I WILL make sure they do check them this next time.

    With that wear rate, I hope that some of the better brake pad companies DO come out with high wear/low dust pads soon. While I feel for you, I hope this is just an isolated incident.

  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Until a couple years ago, I had used AMSOIL exclusively in all my cars since 1974 with fantastic results.
    You could eat off the inside of the engine after 200k, they were that clean. No mechanical problems, ever.
    But AMSOIL did something to their marketing system, and here in Socal, it's really a hassle to find it or a dealer. If I was in Iowa, it would not be a problem, because farm people love the stuff. But here in the car culture capital of the world, it's hard to find. Go figure.
    So it's alot easier just to go down to Costco and pick up a case of Mobil 1 10-30 even though the price jumped from $21.99 to about $24.00 for six quarts.
    So far, so good. It would be very hard for me to go back to Dino oil or anything with Dino oil in it. Sort of like going back to dial-up after having a cable modem for 5 years.
  • Hey,
    I picked up my Desert Platinum G on April 15th. Have only 4.5k miles on it. I did not do a lot driving in this car this summer, but when I have it has been a total blast to drive. Had the AC noise issue and had a bad CD changer. Infiniti fixed the CD problem with no questions and I understand there is a TSD pending for the AC noise problem. \

    I have had several "first run" vehicles in the past 10 years; 1992 Mazda MX6 v6, 1995 Millenia S, 1999 Chrysler 300M, and now the Infiniti G35. All of the above cars provided great driving experiences and were somewhat unique when I bought them because there were few others on the road each time. Only the Chrysler delivered mechanical headaches as a first run car (bad fuel pump, bad transmission solenoid, burned out window motor, crappy dealer experience).

    So, long story short, go for it and enjoy the ride, I'm sure the Infiniti will not disappoint.

    Happy Driving
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Has anyone done any research yet on the correct
    tire size for winter tires? I have spoken to 2 dealers, one is recommending 225 x 60R x 16 and the other 215 x 60R x 16. There is also the possibility of getting a 17" Winter but I am not sure that I want to use my 17" Mags for the winter.

    Would appreciate any comments from you tire experts. One last thing, should I be paying any attention to the speed rating, given the fact I already have two speeding tickets and am close to loosing my license.. Thanks
  • the G's willow is the first car i've had with a light colored interior. any tips for keeping the floor mats in good condition? i've been very careful about what i drag in on my feet but the mats are already to the point where a good vacuuming doesn't get all the stuff out. frequent shampooing is something i'm hoping to avoid.
  • Bought the wife the willow interior and the first thing she mentions is the likelihood that the color-matching floor mats will show dirt! Duh! My suggestion was to buy new mats every year but she preferred to buy the clear plastic floor mats from Infiniti and overlay them on the carpeted mats. This is dreadful to me - like the people who put slipcovers on a new couch, but I guess it depends on whether you grew up in the city (me) or in the country (her).
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Had willow mats in my G. Found that a product called "greased lightening" here in the SE did wonders to spot clean dark stains, including asphalt and grease stains. I bought a small tan rubber mat to place where the driver's feet rest most of the time. It was the size that would go in the back floor board. Cost 1.97 at Wal-mart. Saved a lot of Headache. I didn't have any trouble with color leaching with the product.
  • gxxxvgxxxv Posts: 1
    has anyone tried scotchguarding the mats?
  • jtbmn1jtbmn1 Posts: 10
    i have a BLACK AND DECKER STEAM BUSTER. it's used for steam cleaning small areas of carpet. it works great on floor mates when proceeded by a pre cleaner.( just water in the machine.)

    the machine is the size of a hand vac. it delivers steam and hot water, when done, it vacuums moister up.

    follow with white towel to assist in the drying and as a tool to see how dirty or clean your carpet remains. you originally may have to clean 2 or 3 times, but once clean every other week will keep your mats clean in 15 minutes time.

    the cost is 70$ @ target. can't find it? check b&d web site. great around the house too.
  • pcoatespcoates Posts: 15
    We have applied Scotchguard to the mats and it seems to be doing a pretty good job. The proof of the pudding will be when I track some real nasty stuff on them and have to deep clean them.

    I was pretty sure when we got the car with the willow interior that the mats would be the first thing to look really bad so I bought an extra set of mats just in case Infiniti quits carrying them in a few years.
  • I generally assume that anything they try to sell you other than the car itself (extended warranty, scotch-guarding, paint protection, rust proofing) is a ripoff. But they did at least get my attention when they claimed that the dealer applied paint protection makes waxing unnecessary. It's supposed to have teflon in it.

    Anyone research their claim? Anyone buy the paint protection and therefore plan on never waxing?
  • Had the same concern several of you have mentioned. I found some "all season" mats on Sort of expensive at $76.00 for the complete set, but they match the willow pretty well. The factory mats will stay in the trunk until summer.

    '03 Emerald Mist, Willow, Prem. Winter, Xenon, Wood
  • So far as I know, there is NO "paint protection" that will never require waxing. The "best" you can hope for is for it to last a year. My experience is 2-3 months. However, I do not think the "shine" is equivalent that of the higher end waxes, which tend to require reapplications every 2-4 weeks.

    Just my opinion...

  • I love my Garnet Red G 35. I just heard of the recall to tighten a fuel line. Also read that it will be Motor Trends car of the year- and well desreved.
    Anyway my question is what is that "thing" on the passanger side left knee -opposite the cigarettew lighter on the driver side right knee? No one seems to know - what it is or what it's for??
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    It is not anything in particular. It is just an extra map pocket.
  • faenorfaenor Posts: 99
    Its been confirmed in the Japanese instructions for the japanese version of the G35 and by several others on the board that the small triangular pocket underneath the lighter socket is for packets of cigarettes in the right hand drive model.

    For me it works fine as a holder for my FastTrak sensor for toll bridges :) and once my wife stuffed her nylons in their just to spite me LoL! but the pocket has been confirmed and identified as indeed being a cigarette pack holder.

  • Did you ever get the headlight upgrade done (the PIAA Superwhites)? A curious mind(s) wants to know... :)

  • Hi, Is anyone experience that the G35 door is very easy to scatch by other vehicle? I'm looking to add a thicker door molding. Do you guys can suggest me where to buy it? My G is silver color.

  • Unfortunately, the entire PAINT is very easy to scratch. It's not just limited to the door.

    I swear, I have small chips all over the hood and two on the roof...and this is after six weeks. I've had Toyotas go 2 or 3 years with no chips.

    Read all the threads at Fresh Alloy, there are plenty that address this.
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