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Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair



  • Actually i found that buying a Haynes manual and i little DIY is pretty easy for the 2003 g35 and I was quoted from a Midas almost 600.00 to do a tune up and change the belts. I did it myself with no car knowledge and only spent 130.00 Make sure to get platinum or iridium plugs as the manufactures call for a double platinum iridium plug thats 20.00 a piece they are the best and you will tell a difference also make sure that they are a high temp plug also. If this helped let me know if there is anything else that i may be able to help you with just let me know
  • I'm looking for parts to my 2003 g35 as i have been in love with this car forever and finally got one but the body is really bad and has some bondo on her i have found numerous parts but need to know if they will fit thanks any help at all
  • Looks like it will.

    If you go to and put in your year, make, and model, then the part you're looking for, then search all of the US, you will get results for all of the available parts of that type that fit your vehicle.

    For example, if you put in the 2003 G35 Sedan instead of the coupe, and search for "hood," you get only a parts list including 2003-2004 model years. This indicates that a 2005 would NOT likely fit the 2003.

    If you change it to coupe, you get results for parts from 2003-2007 model years, indicating that any of those should fit the 2003.

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  • kja21kja21 Posts: 4
    Infiniti has Premium, Elite1, and Elite2 Maintenance Plans. Premium “exceeds” what the factory requires and covers additional recommendations. Premium follows the owner's manual under "optional upgrades". Elite1 follows service schedule 1 in the owners manual (oil every 3mo or 3750 miles) and Elite 2 follows service schedule 2 (oil every 6mo or 7500 miles), both Elite 1&2 “meet” the factory requirements and cover the intermediate and major service every 15k and 30k miles. So my question is do you think the Premium (costs more of course) is worth it?

    Also, are any of these plans worth it at all? How much are you paying without them? :confuse:
  • watash50watash50 Posts: 1
    Your oil leak is the gasket above the oil filter. Remove the filter and you'll find a hex looking nut under where the filter screws onto the cooler. Loosen the nut and pull housing down. The "O" ring is right there. Replacement ring can be purchased thru your local Nissan dealer for about $8.00. Real inexpensive repair and easy to do.
  • I found that my trunk was leaking at the rubber seal. The seal was damaged by the emergency trunk release which fell on to the seal depressing it enough to allow water to seep into the trunk when the car was washed. So beware of this problem. New seal and snipped off the offending portion of the release.
  • nice5nice5 Posts: 2
    2003 Infinity G35 sedan engine will stop running while being driven. Twice when driving 70 mph and once at 30 mph 6 months ago. Now engine is stopping when coming to a stop and hard to start. Engine will only start if gas pedal is pumped a few times. The Service Engine Light, VDC Off & Slip all come on. VDC Off & Slip will turn off after a while. The dealer said my car VIN number is not on the ITB03-072 recall list and recommend I do not change out the crank position or cam position sensors. No codes coming up when using an OBD2 OEM Enhanced code reader. Any suggestions?
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    Last winter I replaced the motor on the driver's window and it worked fine.
    Now, when I close it it rolls all the way up then rolls down about 3 inches. Does the same if I hold the switch until it is fully rolled up. To close it I have to hold the switch in the up position until it is closed for 10 seconds or so. The automatic window adjusting function (when the door is opened and closed) and anti-pinch functions works properly.
    Does the limit switch on the motor just need to be reset?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Does the limit switch on the motor just need to be reset?

    That's what I would try. Here's an short article on how to do that on a Nissan. Your Infiniti should be similar.

    Artcile Here
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    I now noticed that the anti-pinch is not working. This is recent, since my last post.
    Is it still worth trying to reset the limit switch?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I would try it.

    I believe the reset does more than just reset the limit points. It actually resets the tiny microcontroller that controls the drive motor for the window. So you have to go through a learning sequence of some sort for it to re-learn where the up and down stop points are, for instance.
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    I did. But when I pressed the button I found the motor assembly to be loose. I reset it anyway and afterward the window wouldn't go all the way up. So I figured it had to have something to do with the loose motor. I pulled apart the panel, leaving the motor attached just to peer behind it. I didn't see anything obvious. Put it back together and the motor is still loose. Then I got interrupted.
    Next step is to pull it completely apart to find out why the motor would be loose.
  • arramarram Posts: 2
    i had a similar issue ..took the car to dealer and i was told to get new TCM to start with (1800$)..please help do you think it just a AT fuse issue? Dealer wants to make money from me ?
  • arramarram Posts: 2
    I have a G-35 that will not start after sitting for a week. Well it will start once the service engine soon light and the car preforms poorly. Once it is shut off it will not start again. I had it towed to the dealer and i was told that they want to replace TCM to start with which cost about 1800$ and not sure if that fixes the issue either.Please help me dont want to spend so much money without knowing the real issue ..

    I would Appriciate the help
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    It turns out the motor was broken. I installed a new motor (it has a lifetime warranty so it cost nothing for the motor) and all is well.
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    Have you checked the condition of your battery? A bad battery will lose a charge quickly. If the battery is OK look for a drain on the battery.
  • emtxemtx Posts: 1
    I am having this same problem with my 2003 g35 coupe now. How did you get this problem resolved?
  • stef1974stef1974 Posts: 8
    i had this stalling problem when RPM was low... and a few times at around 50 mph... dealer changed cam position sensor and I have no stalling problems since. This was the code returned, so easy enough to diagnose. Not too expensive to fix
  • My 2004 G35 sedan did the same thing,dealer had to replace the TPS sensor,though I would think that IF you have your own mechanic you can order this part on line and have your mechanic install it!!,instead of the dealer which charges:$110.00/hr!!, it's your choice :)
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