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Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi, I recently got my infiniti 2003 g35 checked by the mechanic and was told my radiator had broke, and so I went ahead and replaced it myself. However, now when I try driving my car I see that the same issue is re-accuring before I replaced the radiator. My COLD-HOT gage keeps going up and I'm afraid my car may over-heat. When I try turning my heater on, it stays cool and never warms up to the temperature desired, for instance 76 degrees. Any suggestions/help on this one?????
  • Hi, I just recently purchased a g35 sedan with 131,000 miles. I was wondering since the mileage is so high I'm going to take it to a mechanic for a tune up. My question is what should a tune-up include and any suggestions on how much I should be charged. Thank you guys!
  • Sounds like the water pump. If the thermostat was stuck in the closed position it would overheat. In the open position it would never get to operating temperature as the coolant would keep circulating. If the thermostat is working properly but the water pump isn't, when the thermostat opens the coolant doesn't move from the engine to the radiator. The heater cools the coolant in the heater core then runs cold. Check it out.
  • Today's vehicles don't need tuneups. You just replace spark plugs and the air filter. The plugs should have been replaced at 100,000 miles. You can pull one and check it yourself. You can also check the air filter yourself. Or have your mechanic check it.
  • hey, i am having the same problem if anyone can help here is my deal: my car is an 04 coupe 95k, i have oil coming from bottom of car. so i changed the oil and filter and wiped everything down and it seems to be leaking again.

    now i removed cover and can see oil around the filter and oil pan gasket but everything is tight and not leaking at pan or filter do i need to replace this hex nut o ring above oil filter too ?

    some have told me to replace the oil pressure swith that screw into the block located above the oil filter

    is this an o ring problem or what ?

    please help dealer told me it would be $1200 to fix this leak
  • is there any chance you "double-gasketed" the filter---a common error, when the gasket from the old filter sticks to the engine block.

    Also, any chance you're tightening the filter too much?

    Just checking the basics first.... :)

    the oil pressure regulator valve attached to the oil pump so that would require removal of the oil pan.
  • the filter and all is ok, no double gasket old on came right off. i cleaned the area well and replaced filter hand tite
  • what do you think is my problem ?
  • so you are 100% certain the leak is around the oil filter itself?

    If so, the next thing I'd do is get an oil filter from Nissan. They have built-in pressure relief valves.
  • no its not leaking from the oil filter its comong from some where else that is my problem ?
  • Ah okay. Well the identity of the leak will determine the next step so I'd say we'd have to get the car on a lift and positively identify the source. Then I could come up with a cost estimate or maybe a way for you to tackle it.

    a good repair shop can also put a dye into the oil and use a black light to find the source of the leak.
  • Isolate where the oil is coming from. Start with the easiest, the dipstick hole. As Infiniti makes the thinnest, flimsiest dipsticks possible and puts the hole in a tight and very inconvenient place, it is hard to get the sticks seated right if you don't "wiggle" them all the way in tight. Look for old oil around the hole and below it. Try that first, then check for a loose filter, or maybe an old filter washer that was mistakenly left on from the previous filter change. If leakage is on the opposite side from the dipstick, it will most likely be a filter issue or a bad oil cooler O-ring right above the filter. Most oil leaks found on these cars are simple dipstick leaks.

    Other possibilities...........loose bolts on oil pan, failed oil pan gasket, failed head gasket, but this last one is very costly to fix, so cross your fingers that it is only the dipstick!
  • tblandtbland Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 G35 and, in addition to the seat airbag harness recall, have had to replace both front seat air bags again. Now I have a door air bag fault. Do others see a number of issues relating to air bag circuitry?
  • Its the thermostat easy fix
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